Why choose Dong Travel?

    » For organizer:
    A lot of work to do, we are here to share with you, we can be your main contractor to take care the booking of the venue, the booth setting up, the electricity,....Can be your official travel agent to take care the transportation, accommodation, techinical tours, logistic....

    » For exhibitor:
    Participating in an exhibition is an issue of cost, time and effectiveness. The key to achieving your goal is to do the right thing at the right time with the right person.

    Our relationships with many industry associations; with a depth of knowledge in travel, meeting, conferences and events operations allow us to help you to manage your time, costs and effectiveness in exhibition activities through:

  • Updated information of exhibitions and industries
  • Pre-scheduled appointments
  • Business-to-business matching
  • Conferences and exhibition-night events
  • Accommodations and transportation
  • Booth designing and contraction
  • Tours relaxation after exhibitions