Why choose Dong Travel ?

» Our approach 
    A successful event is one that has been tailored to a specific audience. That’s why our services are all focused on you and your requirements, not a set formula. When you brief us, we try to understands exactly what you’re looking for then do our utmost to deliver you results

» Our experience
    You might have an exhaustive list of venues available with you. You need someone to help you to arrive a satisfactory decision. 
Having organized events for many Vietnamese and abroad large companies, we are experience of using the sort of venue and location in Vietnam suitable to your program.  

» Our creativeness:
    Dining in fancy hotels and restaurants with good food no longer has the enchantment it had some years ago. The important thing is the décor and entertainment that will win you accolades for an excellent function.
Decor and entertainment distinguish your function from others and it would definitely be the most-remembered aspect of your function.
Our team is committed to deliver a very special theme and entertainment, as well for your parties, gala dinner, or ceremonies…

» Our professionalism
    The company is managed by professional, dynamic, enthusiastic and a committed team who are highly skilled in areas of product knowledge, customer service and operations.
We are pro–active about your proposal, suggesting alternative venues and different forms of entertainment based on any local knowledge we have.
We are prompt in our replies to your queries, and we ensure the replies to the mails via email/fax are replied within 24 hours

» Dong Travel Events services 
    Gala dinners; heart-pounding entertainment; cultural masterpieces; delightful cuisine and an exotic atmosphere…
    We have the professional experience to make any event memorable. Let us help you to celebrate your achievements or to uncover the beauty and mystery of Vietnam's hidden charms for your guests