Why choose Dong Travel?

» Who is Dong Travel?

  • Dong Travel is a professional company in situation simulation of the business, managerial, and decision-making environment.
  • Dong Travel gathers experts in training, instructing, counseling, and activities coordination as well as situation simulation. The experts used to work for and with professional organizations in the aforementioned areas.
  • Dong Travel also incessantly receives training, instruction, and learns new methods for improving the training, service, and simulation to serve customers more effectively.

» Dong Travel team building services

  • Dong Travel develops environments that model ideas and creative solutions through outdoor activities. From an outside perspective, these are just trips to visit famous landscapes of the country or entertaining lively games in meetings, but the Dong Travel experience is much more than that. These are purposely-designed events to instill company culture, promote unity in a team spirit, and present proven financial models and management philosophy.
  • Dong Travel helps their clients to look at their environment from different vantage points. This not only helps managers, but also staff to imagine the whole working process, enabling each person to envision the impact that they have as an individual to the success of the entire team and mission.
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