Homestay Da Nang is diverse with many beautiful and sparkling designs, giving visitors many interesting experiences. In particular, homestay is always an ideal place for young people who like to "live virtual" when one square meter here produces more than 100 beautiful photos. Join Dong Travel to take a checklist of 40 most unique homestay Danang addresses!

Top 40 beautiful and cheap Homestay Da Nang

1. Posiki Dorm – Homestay Da Nang

Posiki Dorm is always the first name mentioned when visitors search for  homestay Danang. This property is designed to be comfortable but equally beautiful. In particular, Posiki Dorm also combines hostel and coffee, serving guests breakfast and live music on the weekends of students.

Address: 4 Le Dinh Duong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Price: 100,000 - 120,000 VND/person/night.

Posiki Dorm is a unique combination of hostel and coffe - Source: posikidorm

2. Mộc House – Homestay Da Nang

Moc House impresses visitors with its genuine and rustic beauty with white, yellow-brown tones as the main color. The design at Moc House mainly uses wood materials to bring a sense of peace like at home.

This place owns many rooms with different areas to meet all kinds of customers' needs from dorm room, muse private room, tranquil room,... The rooms are fully equipped with amenities including irons. , reading light, hair dryer, air conditioner, fan,...

Address: K35/50 To Hien Thanh, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.

Price: 300,000-450,000 VND/room/night.

Moc House owns clean and airy rooms

3. Memory Hostel – Homestay Da Nang

If you are a lover of nostalgia and antiquity, then Memory Hostel is the perfect choice for you. The whole building is designed with deep brown tones and dotted with black windows, evoking the feeling of the past and the present. Here, there are many types of rooms to choose from including 4-bed room, 8-12 bed, double room, 6-bed female room,...

Address: 3 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Price: 180,000 - 360,000 VND/room/night.

Memory Hostel gives a feeling of nostalgia - Source: Memory Hostel Da Nang

4. The ’90s Hostel Da Nang

The’ 90s Hostel Da Nang is located in the city center, suitable for travelers who are lazy to go far. In particular, this place is also impressed by the classic and simple architecture but still fully equipped with amenities. Here, the rooms are equally diverse with dorm, triple room, deluxe double room,...
Address: 63 Tran Khanh Du Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City.

Price: 145,000 - 600,000 VND/pax.

The’ 90s Hostel Da Nang owns a diverse system of rooms

5. Rose Homestay Da Nang

Rose Homestay is located near the beach, it only takes 5 minutes to walk, so it is visited by many tourists. This place owns a variety of room types including couple's room, friend's room, family room, ... with full facilities, free laundry, kitchen support and spices for parties, BBQ. In addition, Rose Homestay grows as many roses as the name itself, so you can take selfies as you like.

Address: 30/7 Ha Bong, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Price: 99,000 - 150,000 VND/pax.

Rose Homestay is the ideal choice for young people who like to live virtual

6. D – Green Hostel – Cheap Homestay Da Nang

D-Green Hostel is an ideal destination for those who love nature and trees. This hostel owns a peaceful, honest beauty with wooden materials as the main theme. At the same time, from here, visitors can move easily to attractions in the city.

Address: 37 Mai Di Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Price: 110,000 - 300,000 VND/room/night.

Immerse yourself in nature with immense greenery at D-Green Hostel - Source: dgreen.hostel

7. 5D Upper Dorm – Homestay Da Nang

5D Upper Dorm is comfortably furnished in the living room with picture frames, musical instruments, TVs, game consoles,... The colors here are designed in harmony with gray, fawn, and white tones. religion, bringing a peaceful, rustic feeling like at home. Because it is a dorm, this place owns a variety of bunk rooms such as 6-person rooms, 4-beds for female guests, 8-person rooms,...

Address: 155 Million Nu Vuong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Price: 150,000 VND/room/night.

The unique combination of coffee and homestay at 5D Upper dorm - Source: 5dupperdorm

8. Like Backpacker Hostel – Homestay Da Nang

This is a homestay designed in a simple architecture but still as luxurious as a high-class hotel. In particular, this place combines bar and coffee service with many good books. The main color in the homestay is deep brown, bringing a clean and cozy feeling. In particular, the homestay is located on the main road near the airport, train station.

Address: 22A Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang.

Price: 150,000 - 500,000 VND/room/night.

The design here is simple but still luxurious - Source: agorooms

9. Packo Hostel – Homestay Da Nang

Packo Hostel takes the main design inspiration from old containers and repaints it with vivid colors such as orange, yellow, red, etc. Room amenities are fully equipped, using insulation materials and energy systems. Solar energy to bring open space, close to nature.

Address: 44 Lam Hoanh, Son Tra District, Da Nang. (A 1-minute walk from My Khe beach).

Price: 180,000 - 520,000 VND/room/night.

Packo Hostel is inspired by containers - Source: packohostel

10. Minh House Danang – Homestay Da Nang near the sea

Minh House uses wood as the main material, so it evokes a luxurious and cozy feeling like at home. In particular, each apartment here is designed with its own garden at the back, bringing visitors to mingle with nature. It is the modern architecture combined with the botanical garden that helps Minh House score points in the hearts of visitors.

Address: K30/H01/03 Ha Bong, 2 minutes walk from My Khe beach.

Price: 180,000 - 400,000 VND/room/night.

Minh House is designed with a unique garden architecture

11. Barney’s Danang Backpackers Hostel – Homestay Da Nang

Hostel takes unique design ideas from foreign beer shops, giving visitors a very "chill" feeling when they first step in. In particular, Barney's Danang Backpackers Hostel combines coffee service, full room amenities, and a toilet inside the room.

Address: 169 Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Price: 8USD/night.

Barney's Danang Backpackers Hostel is designed like foreign beer bars - Source: barneyshosteldanang

12. Meraki Hotel – Homestay Da Nang

It would be remiss not to mention the name Meraki Hotel in the unique checklist homestay Danang.. As soon as you step foot here, you will feel the life and daily activities of Vietnamese people through the design and decoration. In particular, Meraki is equipped with a smoking area and a game room which is very convenient.

Address: Le Lai Street, 1.1km from Han River Bridge, 4km from the airport.

Price: 125,000 - 350,000 VND/room/night.

Meraki Hostel from the outside

13. Hanigo Homestay Da Nang

Hanigo Homestay Danang  takes advantage of the old doors to put on new colorful clothes, decorate with Teddy bears and good books. This is also considered an ideal space for girls who like to live virtual. In addition, this place is located near the beaches, just a few minutes walk.

Address: 1 Duong Tu Quan, Da Nang.

Price: 100,000 - 300,000 VND/room/night.      

Rooms at Hanigo homestay are very clean and airy

14. Kong Ciêng homestay – Homestay Da Nang

As the name of the homestay itself, Kong Ceng is inspired by the wild but genuine and rustic Central Highlands mountains. The main decoration uses wooden materials, combined with brocade motifs, creating a warm feeling for visitors.

Address: 45 Ha Dac, Da Nang.

Price: 150,000 - 200,000 VND/room/night.

Kong Ceng Homestay brings the breath of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands

15. Crazy Camp Homestay – Homestay Da Nang

Crazy Camp Homestay is located 25km from the center of Da Nang, hidden among thousands of green trees, immersing in the sunny and windy nature. Moreover, the design is in a neat style. Discipline with items from the "grandparents" period, evokes a sense of nostalgia, something is wrong with the true Trai Crazy quality.

Address: Hoa Trung Hamlet, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District.

Price: 70,000 - 350,000 VND/room/night.

Crazy Camp Homestay regularly organizes live music parties - Source: beulegram

16. Homestay Da Nang piggy bank

Homestay Da Nang - Heo Dat is an ideal place for people who love backpacking. The owners are extremely friendly, ready to support services to bring the most comfortable rest. In addition, the geographical location near the city center is also an advantage of this Heo Dat homestay!

Address: No. 32 Dao Cam Moc, Da Nang City.

Price: 150,000 - 350,000 VND/room/night.

The piggy bank is suitable for those who specialize in backpacking

17. Homestay sea kite danang

Homestay Sea Kite serves guests with fully equipped rooms such as wifi, air conditioning, television, small refrigerator, kettle,... The hotel's reception is open 24/7, so it can serve all visitors. anytime and anywhere. In addition, there is a shared kitchen, a shared minibar.

Address: Lot 21, An Thuong 32, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang.

Price: 150,000 - 500,000 VND/room/night.

Homestay Sea Kite is located near My Khe beaches - Source: lovely_ri_zz

18. Homestay 1986 – Homestay Da Nang is full of nostalgia

Homestay 1986 is equipped with a variety of room types such as single room, family room, dormitory room, ... All rooms are fully furnished with comfortable equipment in a clever way to create accents. In particular, this place also has a shared kitchen and a terrace, which is very convenient for cooking and playing activities.

Address: 201 Chuong Duong, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang.

Price: 120,000 - 400,000 VND/room/night.

Homestay terrace with the best view of the Han River - Source: homestaydanang1986

19. Little Flower – Homestay Da Nang is as beautiful as a fairy tale

Little flower is known as a miniature flower garden in the heart of Da Nang with the most poetic and beautiful scenery in fairy tales. Although this place has just been established not long ago, it has attracted a lot of young people because of its clean rooms, location near the Han River, modern European design style,...

Address: 72 Hoang Duc Luong, Son Tra District, City. Danang.

Price: 150,000 - 400,000 VND/room/night.

Little Flower is close to nature with small flower pots

20. Vitaminsea – Homestay Danang has the taste of the sea

As its name suggests, Homestay Vitaminsea is designed in the style of the sea, giving visitors a cool and comfortable feeling. Moreover, the rooms here are also equipped with an airy balcony, planted with beautiful small pots.

Address: 82 Thach Lam, Son Tra District, Da Nang.

Price: 130,000 - 500,000 VND/room/night.

Vitamin Sea- Homestay is located near the beautiful beaches of Da Nang

21. Ms. Thuong Homestay – A nomadic homestay

This is  Homestay Danang with a nomadic feel with white Macrame Wall Hanging carpets or fancy brocade motifs. Moreover, the unique yellow light space is also an attractive feature of Co Thuong Homestay for many tourists.

Address: 03 Ngu Hanh Son, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang.

Price: 300,000 - 400,000 VND/room/night.

Ms. Thuong Homestay - A nomadic homestay - Source: berrybingo__

22. 5D Upper Dorm – Quality Homestay in Da Nang

5D Upper Dorm is the perfect choice for those who love to move. The space here focuses on small details such as picture frames, decorative vases with yellow and white as the main colors, bringing a sense of peace like home.

Address: 155 Million Nu Vuong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.

Price: 150,000 VND/room/night.

23. Dream House – Homestay Da Nang is located near the center

Dream House is highly sought after by tourists thanks to its location near the center of Da Nang, near Dragon Bridge, Han River. Despite the prime location, the space here is very peaceful, a suitable place to rest away from the hustle and bustle.

Address: K126/20 Nguyen Huy Dieu, Son Tra District, Da Nang.

Price: 100,000 - 300,000 VND/room/night.

Dream House - The house of dreamers

24. Aloe Garden – Homestay Da Nang near the sea

Aloe Garden owns a system of comfortable rooms with flat-screen TVs, air conditioners, private toilets, ... along with ecstatic sea views. In addition, the terrace is also quite carefully invested by the owners, providing a play space for visitors.

Address: 103 Xuan Dieu, Da Nang.

Price: 640,000 VND/2 people/night.

Aloe Garden has unique shooting angles

25. Loving Homestay – Homestay Near Da Nang Beach

Loving Homestay Danang is located near Pham Van Dong beach, very convenient for tourists to walk on the beach. The system of rooms here is also highly appreciated with a variety of room types, fully equipped, suitable for many objects such as couples, families, groups of friends, ...

Address: 41 Son Cu 7, Son Tra district, Da Nang.


Loving homestay clean rooms

26. Meraki Villa Hostel Danang

Meraki Villa Hostel is one of the  homestays in Danang with a narrow area but still impressed by its rustic and genuine features. In particular, the design here gives visitors a feeling of peace at home.

Address: 140 Le Lai, Da Nang.


27. DUNU homestay – Book House in Da Nang

For book lovers, DUNU homestay is the most ideal destination. This place not only owns many good books, but also attracts visitors by its design style with the taste of the sea, blending with nature.

Address: K34/20 Le Huu Trac, Son Tra District, Da Nang.


DUNU homestay owns a unique design

28. An Nhien's homestay Da Nang

An Nhien's Homestay gives visitors a feeling of peace at home by its free-style design. Visitors are natural, self-catering, and active after 10pm. In addition, this place also integrates coffee service for guests.


  • Facility 1: An Nhien Digan: K320/5 Hoang Dieu.
  • Facility 2: An Nhien Hippy: 10 Mai Xuan Thuong.


An Nhien's Homestay brings a sense of peace like home

29. Fish Market Da Nang

Fish Market is one of the  Homestay Danang  with the least number of rooms. With only 3 rooms, this place is often full if not booked in advance. The design style is inspired by the ocean world, with decorative items and motifs such as beautiful little fishes, blue sea and yellow sand.

Address: K259/15 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau district, Da Nang.


Fish Market Da Nang homestay has a fun and unique decoration

30. Denim House Da Nang – The blue house of the sea and the sky

Denim House is a brand new homestay in Da Nang. Coming to Denim, visitors will feel the art and playfulness in each design, decoration, and objects in the room. Not only that, this place uses wood materials, so it evokes a cozy feeling.

Address: 31 Vu Ngoc Nha, Son Tra District, Da Nang.


Denim House is emerging among young people thanks to its unique design

31. Funtastic Hostel Da Nang

Funtastic Hostel is an ideal destination for backpackers or backpackers who love to move. The advantages of Funtastic are modern architecture, clean and airy rooms and reasonable prices.

Address: 5 Ha Bong, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.


Funtastic Hostel is the ideal stopover for West Balo

32. Pura Vida Homestay Da Nang

Pura Vida takes white as the main design color, bringing a clean and decent feeling. Moreover, the garden is beautifully decorated with green trees and a variety of flowers, suitable for young people to take virtual pictures.

Address: 22 Pham Kiet, Da Nang.


Pura Vida is the ideal destination for young people who like to live virtual

33. RUBY Homestay Da Nang

This is one of the  homestays in Danang near the sea, suitable for walking on the beach, relaxing after hours of tiring work. In particular, Ruby owns a system of fully equipped rooms, beautiful sea view.

Address: 455 Kinh Duong Vuong, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang.


A room for couples at Ruby Homestay

34. Baobab Homestay – Homestay View Beautiful Da Nang

Baobab uses wood mainly in the design, evoking a cozy feeling at home. This homestay is also highly appreciated for its ecstatically beautiful view rooms, overlooking the green beach. Fully furnished rooms with TV, wifi, terrace,..

Address: 02 Bui Huu Nghia, Da Nang.


A beautiful view of Baobab Homestay - Source: bao.bab.concept

35. Duha’s homestay Da Nang

Duha's homestay promises to drain your battery with beautiful shooting angles, so please fully charge your phone when you come here! And if you want to find a place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle, this is the most suitable place.

Address: 72 Hai Ho, Hai Chau district, Da Nang.


Duha's homestay is the ideal place for you to stay away from the hustle and bustle of work

36. Mint Homestay – Cheap Homestay

Mint Homestay uses mint green tones as the main color in the decoration, bringing a fresh and airy feeling to visitors. In particular, this place is only 3km from the city center, convenient to move to attractions.

Address: 55/25 Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.


37. Lucky Bee homestay Da Nang

The most special feature of Lucky Bee Homestay Danang is the location located just 3km from Hai Van Pass. Visitors can just cross the pass, stop here to rest and then continue to move to convenient attractions.

Address: 453 Kinh Duong Vuong, Da Nang.


Mint Homestay takes mint green as the main design color

38. Mun House Da Nang

Mun House is located in the center of Da Nang but the price is affordable. In particular, the design of the rooms is modern but still shows the artistic features with special motifs. The owner and staff are extremely hospitable, enthusiastic to help at all times.

Address: 72/34 Nguyen Van Thoai, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang.


Mun House owns a system of clean and airy rooms

39. Sandy Homestay – Where to stay in Da Nang

Sandy Homestay is an ideal place to stay with fancy wallpapers, clean rooms, full facilities, decorated with trees close to nature.

Address: 43 Le Lo, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang.


Where to stay at Sandy Homestay Danang - Source: henik.setyorini.hs

40. Tango Hostel Da Nang

Tango Hostel is located near the center of Da Nang, easy to move to attractions such as Da Nang love bridge, Cham museum,... The hostel also has a terrace, serving visitors for sunbathing needs.

Address: 99 Cao Ba Quat, Son Tra District, Da Nang.


Tango Hotel is located right near the center of Da Nang

Frequently asked questions about homestay in Da Nang

1. Which homestays in Da Nang have good breakfast?

Some breakfasts at  Homestay Danang  are highly rated such as Shiny, LAM, Carol's,...

Shinny Homestay has breakfast that is popular with diners

2. How much do homestays in Da Nang cost on weekends?

The average price on weekends ranges from 425,000 VND/night.

3. In which area is the best in Da Nang?

Three areas with good location: City center, near My Khe beach, Han River.

4. How much do homestays in Da Nang cost?

On average,  Homestay Da Nang  costs 515,000 VND per night.

5. Which homestays in Da Nang are suitable for families?

Family-friendly homestays such as May Home, Banana Flower homestay, Sundrop Corner & Coffee.

Banana Flower homestay is suitable for families

6. What are the best homestays in Da Nang near Dragon Bridge?

The three best Homestays near Dragon Bridge: May Home, Nang House, Siro House.

7. Which homestays in Da Nang are suitable for couples?

Couples should look for the following homestays: Khai Lam 30 homestay, May Home, Nami Home Da Nang,...

8. What are the best homestays in Da Nang near Da Nang International Airport?

Homestay near Da Nang international airport: Tile house, Wings house, Homestay Halley.

9. What are the best homestays in Da Nang?

May Home, Homestay Halley, Wings house are the best homestays in Danang.

Wing House is one of the best homestays in Da Nang - Source:ko_mihyunn

10. How much is the homestay in Da Nang for tonight?

On average,  homestay Danang  costs 410,000 VND.

11. What homestays in Da Nang have nice views?

The  homestays in Danang  with beautiful views include: Sena home 4th Terrace Overlooking Da Nang Dragon bridge, Sundrop corner & coffee, Bobo house House Da Nang.

Above is the Top 40 Homestay Da Nang with a beautiful location, cheap price that is sought by many tourists. If you are wondering if Da Nang has a beautiful homestay, hopefully this checklist will help you find a stopover that suits your interests and budget.

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