Marble Mountains - a place that is always in the "top hot search" attracting a large number of tourists when coming to Da Nang city. The majestic and poetic natural landscape with many temples, spiritual and mysterious natural caves attracts all visitors. Let's "pocket" some useful Marble Mountain - Da Nang travel information below!

1. Introduction to Marble Mountains - Da Nang

Marble Mountains (also known as Non Nuoc Mountain) is located at 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, in Hoa Hai Ward, Marble Mountain District, Da Nang City. Located on the tourist route of Da Nang - Hoi An, about 8 km from the center of Da Nang city to the Southeast.

Previously, this place was called  Non Nuoc or  Non Nuoc Son, the name Marble Mountain appeared later and in addition, it has many other names such as:  Ngu Uan Son,  Ngu Chi Son. The landscape here is covered with mossy mountains, along with many ancient architectural works, bearing cultural and historical imprints that will last forever.

A corner of Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains consists of 5 unique limestone mountains on coastal sand: Moc Son, Thuy Son, Tho Son, Kim Son, and Hoa Son. Each mountain has its own mysterious beauty with famous temples and caves.

On March 22, 1990, this scenic area was recognized by the Ministry of Culture (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) as a National Historical and Cultural Relic.

2. The right time to travel to Marble Mountain 

Marble Mountain - Da Nang has a cool fresh climate, charming scenery all year round, suitable as a tourist destination for you in all four seasons.

It's great isn't it? As long as you are ready to "pack your bags and go", this place always welcomes you with unparalleled natural scenery. However, the most ideal times to travel will be: Tet, summer, winter.

3. How to get to Marble Mountain

There are 3 easy ways to move to Marble mountain:

Golden Bridge, Ba Na Tourist Area, Da Nang

♦ Motorbike: This is the most convenient means of transportation, it is very easy to rent a motorbike at an affordable price in Da Nang for you to "vi vu" all day. There are 2 routes for you to choose from (each route takes about 15 minutes on average)

  • Take Vo Nguyen Giap - Truong Sa - Non Nuoc road
  • Take Le Van Hien - Non Nuoc street

♦ Taxi: There are many taxi companies for you to choose from:

  • Tien Sa - 0236.
  • Han River - 0236.
  • Dana taxi - 0236.3.815.815
  • Hương Lua - 0236.
  • Hai Van - 0236.

♦ Bus: There will be a bus to the stop every 20 minutes

  • Route 1 (Da Nang to Hoi An): departing from Da Nang City Center Bus Station and going down at Marble Mountain point

4. Visit Marble Mountains - Da Nang

Thuy Son:  also known as Tam Thai mountain because it has three peaks located on three floors, like the three Tam Thai stars at the tail constellation Dai Hung (folklore known as Sao Cay). This is the largest, highest and most beautiful mountain, with many stalactite caves and ancient pagodas: Linh Ung Pagoda and Tam Thai Pagoda attract many tourists to visit.

Linh Ung Pagoda

The temple is located on a hill in the shape of a turtle facing the vast sea, leaning against the primeval forest with thousands of animals and birds. The temple has an ancient beauty that is very spiritual and modern.

The gentle Mother Quan Am statue, Linh Ung Pagoda (Photo: collection of hearts)

Famous for the statue of the gentle Mother Quan Am, from 67m high, overlooking the sea, it looks like it is sheltering the children of Da Nang from the storms of the East Sea. Zooming out, you will be overwhelmed with the majestic landscape of the mountains and the endless green coast. A beautiful scene that is hard to find anywhere.

Tam Thai Temple

As a very sacred and mysterious temple, it still retains many ancient Buddhist architectural features after all this time. Overcoming the rain of bombs and bullets, the pagoda has been restored many times but still retains many ancient Buddhist architectural features. The structure consists of 3 doors: the main door is for monks in the temple, the right door is for women, the left door is for men.

Ancient features of Tam Thai Pagoda (Photo: collection)

Huyen Khong Cave

Huyen Khong Cave is a spiritual attraction that attracts many tourists with its unique structure. The cave has a circular arch structure, exposed to sunlight through 5 holes in the dome ceiling, making the scene here even more shimmering and fanciful with smoke, dew and sunshine. Not only come to visit, visitors also immerse themselves in the scenery and sacred space to receive a relaxed and calm spirit.

Explore Huyen Khong cave (Photo: collectibles)

Underworld Cave

One of the big caves in Marble Mountain cluster - Da Nang. True to its name, the cave is quite murky and goes deep into the ground. Reformed by humans, recreated images like the layers of hell with the aim of helping people change their dispositions towards the good. Visiting Hades Cave will give you an unforgettable and mysterious feeling.

In addition, visitors can also visit other cave complexes in Marble Mountain: Lang Hu cave, Linh Nha cave, Van Nguyet cave,...

The mysterious beauty of Am Phu - Ngu cave (Photo: collectibles)

Kim Son

It is located in the southeast, on the banks of the Co Co River. Unique shape like an upside down bell, sandwiched between two mountains Hoa Son and Tho Son. There is an ancient  Quan Am  temple famous for its mysterious Quan Am cave lying on its back. In the summer, the lotus flowers here bloom, giving off a fragrant aroma, dispelling the sweltering sun.

Jade Buddha Statue (Photo: collectible)

Moc Son

Located parallel to Thuy Son mountain. This mountain is very sparse with trees, although there is no temple located, it has a white marble block and is called Ba Quan Am or Co Mu by the people.

At the top of the mountain about 10m, there is a wide stone line running across to the south. In the mountain, there is a small cave, in the past, there was a woman named Trung Tu, so it is now called Ba Trung cave.

Xa Loi Tower, Marble Mountain Da Nang (Photo: collection)

Hoa Son

Hoa Son is located opposite Kim Son island. This is a double island, consisting of a Yin island and a Yang island, connected by a natural stone line that rises sharply. Trees grow thickly between the rocks. In the middle of this road there is Ung Thien Pagoda and many beautiful caves.

(Photo collection)

Tho Son:  Folks call it "Da Chong mountain" located in the Northwest. Tho Son is the  lowest but longest mountain, shaped like a dragon  lying on the sand. On the mountain, there is a cave facing southwest, located behind in the mountain, so it is called Coc Cave (Bo De cave). The entrance to the cave is very narrow, the distance of the cave is only enough for one person to pass through.

Non Nuoc stone carving village

It is a very attractive tourist destination. Stone in Marble Mountains is mainly marble, with many different colors and stone veins. Rocks in Moc Son are usually white; rocks in Thuy Son are usually pink; rocks in Thuy Son are usually red; Stones in Tho Son are usually brown and rocks in Thuy Son are often water-color.

This place is rich in this stone source, so a fine stone-making village was formed and developed at the foot of Marble Mountain mountain. You will admire the talent of the artist here through the extremely artistic sculptures and carvings on the unique and beautiful rock background. The statues from small to large are carved very meticulously and delicately, it can also be a meaningful souvenir for you.

The corner of the display of fine art products in Non Nuoc Stone Village, Marble Mountain (Photo: collectibles)

Non Nuoc Beach

A poetic corner of Non Nuoc beach

Located right near the Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc beach is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches today. It still retains its wild, idyllic and fresh beauty. The long straight white sand beach, casuarina trees whispering in the sea breeze and cool blue water will be a great place to relax for your family.

5. Where to stay near Marble Mountains- Da Nang

Hemera Hotel:

Luxurious interior inside the hotel Hemera Hotel

  • Address: 91 Ho Xuan Huong, My An Ward, Marble Mountain District, Da Nang.
  • Hotel: 3 stars

Hemera Hotel has a prime location in Marble Mountain district, very convenient for moving and visiting many landmarks in Da Nang city. Hemera Hotel is designed extremely luxuriously, elegantly, with a large outdoor swimming pool and very professional Spa, Gym, and restaurant services, bringing the best experience to visitors.

Le Manoir Premier Da Nang:

Elegant and elegant room space

  • Address:  378 Vo Nguyen Giap, My An Ward, Marble Mountain District, Da Nang.
  • 3 star hotel

Le Manoir Premier Da Nang has an extremely convenient location and easy access to the major sites of this city. Only 2.9 km from Dragon Bridge, 3.8 km from Phap Lam Pagoda, 4.13 km from Non Nuoc Beach. The hotel also suggests recreational activities to relax during your stay. Le Manoir Premier Da Nang will be a great choice when coming to Danang.

6. Eat well at Marble Mountain

6.1. Quang Noodle

It is a famous specialty of Quang Nam - Da Nang. There are many types of Quang noodles: chicken, frog, shrimp meat,.. A fragrant bowl of noodles combines a large, long noodle with a rich broth, served with a little crispy rice paper to create an unforgettable taste for visitors. guest.

Suggestions   for you some famous and delicious Quang noodle shops with prices from only 18000 VND on the way to visit Marble Mountain: Quang Ba Mua noodles - 40 Marble Mountain - Da Nang, Quang Ba Vi noodles - 60 Marble Mountain - Da Nang, Quang Phuong Noodles - 06 Phan Tu.

Specialty Quang Chicken Noodles, Quang Nam - Da Nang (Photo: collection)

6.2. Seafood

Located along the coast, Marble Mountain - Da Nang is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood at very affordable prices.

Some recommended restaurants for you: Be Man restaurant - Hoang Sa street, Cu Nhat - 23 Marble Mountain,...

(Photo collection)

6.3. Pancakes - spring rolls

Specialty pancakes - nem lui (Photo: collectibles)

The food here is undeniably attractive. Crispy golden pancakes with meat, shrimp, and eggs sandwiched between. Served with green vegetables and a cup of sweet and sour fish sauce that is hard to resist. The shop is usually sold with fragrant, soft spring rolls, grilled meat, what a great combination.

Some famous restaurants: Spring pancakes - 04 Phan Tu, Co ten - 23 Chau Thi Vinh Te.

6.4. Seasoned vermicelli with fish sauce

Noodles with seasoning sauce (Photo: collectibles)

Coming to Da Nang without trying the seasoned vermicelli noodles is a waste. Delicious fresh vermicelli served with boiled meat with raw vegetables, especially the seasoning sauce is mixed very richly, just to the mouth with crispy peanuts. The price of each bowl is only from 17000 VND, it's worth a try, isn't it!

In addition, Da Nang has many delicious dishes that you can try such as:  Da Nang sandwich, Thai Lien tea, rice paper rolls with pork,... Please save and enjoy!

7. Notes when traveling to Marble Mountains - Da Nang

♦ You should dress politely and neatly such as: shirt with sleeves, pants, knee-length skirt when visiting Marble Mountain because this place is located a lot of ancient temples.

♦ Should wear low shoes, comfortable shoes when visiting caves and temples. Because most of the terrain here is steep and steep, it will be difficult and dangerous to choose high heels.

♦ You should ask the price before ordering, getting in a taxi and learning how to pay a little price to be able to buy souvenirs at a cheaper price!

♦ You can bring drinking water or snacks in case you are hungry when entering caves or temples. Any preparation is not superfluous, because it can save you a lot of money.

♦ If traveling to Marble Mountain in the summer, the girls should equip themselves with adequate sunscreen. Because Marble Mountains in particular and Da Nang in general are located parallel to a long coastline, it will make our skin prone to darkening quickly.

♦ Before traveling to Da Nang, you should learn a few local languages such as: chi, tissue, tooth, rua, now, mi, ta, ni, numb,... so as not to be surprised when asking questions. the way!

Here is the information we have gathered. Hope this information will be useful for your upcoming trip. Wish you and your family have a fun and safe trip to Marble Mountain - Da Nang!

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