Son Tra Peninsula is located about 10km from the center of Da Nang city to the northeast. Famous for natural tourist attractions such as: Chessboard Peak, Centennial Banyan Tree, Tien Sa Port, Obama Stone Beach,... and many beautiful beaches and diving beaches. Therefore, it is likened to the "Precious Gem" attracting every visitor coming here.

A corner of blue sky and clear water of Son Tra peninsula - Da Nang

1. What time of the year is suitable to travel to Son Tra Da Nang?

The most ideal time to travel Son Tra Peninsula is in the spring and summer (from March to September). When the weather is sunny, there are not many storms, as well as less fog, which is convenient for moving and relaxing. This is also the best time for you to feel the youthful, abundant and intense vitality of the flora and fauna here.

2. How to move from Da Nang  to Son Tra peninsula

The poetic beauty of Son Tra peninsula in the early morning

Son Tra Peninsula is located 10km northeast of Da Nang city center. Very easy to move with many vehicles such as motorbikes, taxis, cars. And there are many convenient routes for you to choose from:

  • Moving in the direction of Hue to Da Nang: follow Nguyen Tat Thanh street - over Thuan Phuoc bridge is to Son Tra peninsula.
  • In the direction from Hoi An: Truong Sa – Vo Nguyen Giap – Hoang Sa – Son Tra Peninsula.
  • Or follow the road Han River or My Khe beach to Pham Van Dong to reach Son Tra peninsula.

For tourists from far away to Da Nang, for convenience and freedom to admire the surrounding scenery, you should rent a motorbike for yourself. There are many modern motorbike rental locations here with affordable prices, so don't worry.

3. Places you can visit when traveling to Son Tra peninsula

 3.1. Top of the Chess Board

Have you ever wondered or questioned Why is this place called  Top of Table Bottle ?

In fact, this name Top of the Chess Board  did not appear spontaneously, hidden within it is a famous legend and is handed down to this day. Once upon a time, there were two fairies who were friends. They often played chess and enjoyed together. One day, the two men played chess for a few days and still couldn't win or lose. Yet in a moment of neglect to watch the fairy descending made a fairy lose that chess game. Out of anger, he threw away the text of the chessboard and flew to the sky, leaving the other friend to sit and contemplate the scattered chessboard. Since then, folk often call this place Ban Co Peak. And the place where the fairy landed becomes one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam today, Tien Sa beach.

Welcoming the dawn on the top of Ban Co with Tien Ong

The road to the top is winding, winding with a mixture of sunlight, fog and the green of the covered forest. Like a picture of a blurry, mysterious scene that touches people's hearts.

3.2. Thousand-year banyan tree

Thousand-year banyan tree as a symbol of Son Tra peninsula, you should once admire. This great tree has been around for 800 years with a height of up to 20m and luxuriant green branches like covering the ground. During the day, golden rays of sunlight pierce through the luxuriant branches, creating streaks of light but penetrating the forest. An extremely beautiful scene so it is a wedding photography location that is being chosen by many couples.

A thousand-year-old giant tree stands tall in the mountains

The thousand-year-old banyan tree has been recognized as a natural heritage of our country and attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Located on the same route to Ban Co Peak, it is also a place for young people to "check in, live virtual" or a rest stop for tourists after a day of wandering and enjoying. Looking at this thousand-year-old tree, you will feel how powerful and heroic the natural vitality is?

3.3. Rada Station 29 - Indochina God Eye

Rada 29 are white spheres likened to the eyes of the Indochinese god - the name of the air traffic control and early warning station on the Son Tra peninsula, covering the entire Gulf of Tonkin, the airspace of Laos and Cambodia.

Photo: collection

Located at an altitude of 621m above sea level, hovering above the clouds, it is easy to project a vast view of hundreds of kilometers into the great sea to protect the sea. It is like a resilient soldier, standing day and night defending the country. So if you have the opportunity to stand and look at the sky and earth from here, it will be great, we will cover all the mountains, the coast and all species. It's great, right?

3.4. Heliport

This heliport was built during the war against the US imperialists (1961), as a place to transport soldiers and guns during the war.

Helipad - evidence of a time of history

It is like a historical proof that leaves traces of a time of fire, smoke, and crime. Although it is no longer as active as before, it attracts both domestic and foreign tourists to come here to visit and see Da Nang.

3.5. Tien Sa Port

A scene full of goods on Tien Sa seaport - A labor beauty

Tien Sa port is one of the most important ports in the Central region of our country. As the main gateway to the East Sea, this place is extremely crowded with boats.

Standing at the foot of the port, we can admire the majestic natural scenery and can't help but marvel at the amazing development of this livable city. This is also an ideal place for family or friends camping, having fun.

3.6. Mui Nghe

Nowhere else  Mui Nghe  is the first place to welcome the dawn on the land of Da Nang. It is an ideal coral reef diving place with 42 beautiful and rare colorful coral species. It will definitely be a place that gives you pictures with golden sunrise or sunset, next to a rock in the shape of a sea lion standing majestically and majestically.

Mui Nghe is poetic on an afternoon

Mui Nghe will be a suitable place for young people who love to explore the world with many sea creatures in the mysterious ocean. The source of fish and shrimp in Mui Nghe is extremely rich but very dangerous for small fishing boats. Because the water is swirling and is the head of the wind, it does not make it difficult for skilled fishermen. When coming to Nghe cape, you should enjoy seafood here to clearly feel the taste of the sea.

4. Immerse yourself in the cool water by the beaches of Son Tra Da Nang

4.1. North Beach

Because this beach is located in the northeast, people give it the name Beach North or "Bấc" Beach. From October to November of the lunar calendar every year, this is the most beautiful time of the beach. There are a lot of dark green seaweeds clinging to the rocks along the two rapids called Jam - a familiar specialty with the locals.

The clear water village of North Beach attracts many tourists

North Beach is also home to the most expensive and luxurious resorts in Asia running along the coastline, giving it a wild, modern and elegant landscape.

4.2. South Beach

South Beach is the main beach located in the south in the tourist area of Son Tra peninsula. Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang in particular and our country in general.

(Photo: collection)

In addition to this name, this place is also fondly called by people with many other names such as "Nờm" Beach or "Nồm" Beach. It still retains the pure natural beauty along with standard hotel and restaurant services, promising to bring the best experiences to visitors. Like Nghe cape, this is a place where many rare and precious corals gather, suitable for coral diving and exploring the ocean floor.

4.3. But Beach

But Beach can be viewed in the most general way when you zoom in from Linh Ung Pagoda. You will silently thank mother nature for giving us an extremely pure and clear landscape. The sea at But beach is as blue as the summer sky, the long, winding, winding coastline seems to be chasing the joy and bustle of the city.

Places to visit for natural tourism at But Beach (Photo: collectibles)

This place also takes place a lot of interesting entertainment activities such as skydiving, windsurfing, coral diving, or simply renting a hut for the extended family to eat, drink and chat. The natural picture at But Beach is also highlighted with flashy, luxurious or ancient villas, you will surely be satisfied when choosing But Beach as a stopover.

4.4. Obama Rock 

If you are a young person, you will definitely not be able to ignore  Obama rock as your next stop. This place is famous as the "virtual living place of thousands of likes" of today's young people.

Virtual live rock beach, "thousands of likes" of young people (Photo: collectibles)

It is understandable, because the landscape here is so wonderful with the wild beauty, the clear water seems to be able to see the "secrets" of the ocean. The  black rocks lay close together like a matrix or look like a breakwater. There are unique wooden bridges crossing or small, beautiful, and very new cottages. Choose for yourself beautiful dresses to show off your beautiful pictures here. Obama Rock will certainly not disappoint you at all.

5. Experiences you should try when coming to Son Tra Island

When coming to Son Tra peninsula, it is impossible not to try the following 2 interesting activities.

5.1. Dive and see coral

Diving to see the "colors of the ocean" attracts a large number of tourists

Watching corals is an interesting activity that you should try when visiting this place. You will be immersed in the colorful world of the ocean with thousands of corals and colorful fish.

Don't worry and don't be afraid that you can't swim. Safety will always be guaranteed under the guidance of the people here, all you need to do is enjoy the extremely new and exciting feelings.

Surely you will be changed your mind about a boring ocean that only churns up fierce storms, calm waves when it's calm. Coral diving will show you the diversity of marine life. It's like an underworld waiting for you to explore.

5.2 See the Brown-shanked Douc Langur

Douc langur is a rare animal listed in Vietnam's Red List. Son Tra peninsula is a rare place where this animal lives.

See the rare brown-shanked douc langur (Photo: collectibles)

In addition, this place also contains many other rare animals such as long-tailed monkeys, red cash chickens. To clearly see the beauty of these rare animals, the two ideal times for you are early morning or early afternoon, walk quietly and bring binoculars to see them better.

6. What to eat on Son Tra island?

6.1. Fresh seafood

Coming to the coastal city of Da Nang without enjoying the seafood here is too much of a waste, isn't it? This place is favored by mother nature, bestowed with many rare and delicious seafood species.

Fresh seafood market full of fish and shrimp

Famous for the main seafood species such as: eel, grouper, halibut, pomfret, tiger shrimp, lobster, octopus, turtle, snail, squid, crab,... you can ask the restaurant to process it the style you want. Every dish is fresh, irresistible, and reasonably priced. And if you want to cook seafood dishes for your loved ones yourself, then go to the  market at Hoang Sa - Le Duc Tho junction to buy  fresh and surprisingly cheap seafood.

6.2. Wild meat, wild vegetables

Son Tra Peninsula has a very expensive geographical position, bordering the sea and the forest. If you are tired of fresh seafood dishes, then enjoy the taste of the mountains here. There are many kinds of forest vegetables here such as cilantro, figs, spinach, etc., which are processed in many different ways such as cooking soup, boiling, stir-frying, etc., with a strong natural flavor.

Wild vegetables stir-fried with fragrant garlic (collected photos)

In addition, the wild meat here is very delicious and attractive. You don't have to be too picky, just need a little cooking oil and grill on the charcoal stove and sip with a glass of wine or beer, it's great.

6.3. Coconut wine

Coconut wine specialties should not be missed when traveling to Da Nang

Coconut is a specialty from the past to present of Son Tra peninsula. Coconut wine is made from a traditional fermentation process. Small coconuts, fresh water will be selected to make wine. They are carefully trimmed of the shell and then alcohol and yeast are injected into the coconut for incubation. Coconut wine is the perfect combination between the sweet taste and the pungent taste of the wine, making the drinker just feel numb on the tip of the tongue without getting drunk.

7. Notes when traveling in Son Tra island

Before traveling to Son Tra peninsula, you should check the weather forecast and choose the right time to travel so that you can experience the best vacation.

Should choose the right means of transportation for you, if you are a person who likes to see the scenery, you should rent a motorbike for yourself. If you are traveling with your family, you should travel by taxi for convenience.

For girls who are afraid of black skin, they should equip themselves with full sunscreen. Leave after the tourist season when the skin is darkened too much by the sea breeze.

Should prepare some personal items: observation binoculars, anti-mosquito cream. When visiting the mountains, it is very necessary to use anti-mosquito cream, especially when children are accompanied.

Don't forget to bring all the "tools" such as a fully charged phone, a "selfie stick", .. to "check in, live virtual" anytime, anywhere.

Paper and garbage after use, remember to put it in the right trash can to preserve the natural beauty of this place.

Before traveling to Da Nang, you should learn a few local languages such as: chi, tissue, tooth, rua, now, mi, ta, ni, numb, ... so as not to be surprised when asking for directions. 

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe trip to Son Tra Peninsula - Da Nang!

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