Ha Giang has long been an ideal destination for tourists who love to explore nature and fresh air. Every September and October, Ha Giang puts on the yellow shirt of ripe rice. Coming to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season, visitors will admire the whole beauty of the terraced fields that are connected together. Follow this article and join Dong Travel to discover the travel experience in  Ha Giang in the ripe rice season !

1. The ideal time to travel to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season

Every year, the ripe rice season will fall between September and October of the solar calendar - this is the ideal time for visitors to see Ha Giang in a new color. A warm, warm yellow color covers the fields.

This time, depending on each place, the rice will ripen scatteredly within 1 month, but usually, the best time for rice to bloom will be around the 3rd week of September. The rice season here is only one crop a year, So if you are wishing to visit Ha Giang and see the beauty of Ha Giang in bright yellow, come at this time.

2. How to move to Ha Giang

Thanks to the development of transportation, the road to Ha Giang has become easier. There are 3 main modes of transportation, which are airplanes, passenger cars and motorbikes. Specifically:


Airplanes are the means to help you move to Ha Giang quickly.

If you start your trip from Saigon, when you book your flight ticket, you should follow the departure time frame of the car in Hanoi, then book a ticket from Saigon to Hanoi. Flight time will fall around 2 hours.

After arriving in Hanoi, you can wait for the car at the intersection between Thang Long - Noi Bai - National Highway 2, this place is about 1 km from Noi Bai airport. Normally, the night bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang will run along the Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway. Therefore, you can contact the previous bus operator and wait at the intersection to conveniently pick up the car to Ha Giang.


Buses are suitable means of transportation for tourists in Hanoi. At My Dinh bus station, there are many buses from Hanoi to Ha Giang with prices ranging from 260,000 to 300,000 / ticket.

When taking a bus, the time to go from Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 8 hours. Therefore, if you want to take this vehicle, you should book a bus at night to have time to rest on the car, just need to sleep for 1 cup to be able to set foot in the land of Ha Giang in the ripe rice season.


Motorbikes are the favorite means of transportation for many backpackers, all the way to Ha Giang, the driver will feel the whole scenery and atmosphere here.

Ha Giang trip by motorbike (instagram: petemizell)

However, the distance between Ha Giang and Hanoi is about 300km - a relatively long distance. During the road, there are many small, narrow and winding roads, quite dangerous.

In addition,  Ha Giang season of ripe rice  is the time in autumn, at this time it often rains, making the road more difficult, especially the mountain road.

Therefore, visitors should consider when choosing a means of transportation is a motorbike, if the handlebars are not firm enough, the best way to move to Ha Giang is to take a bus.

3. Suggest a place to stay with good quality and good price in Ha Giang

Whether coming to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season or any other season, homestays and motels are always the first choice as a place to stay for tourists. Depending on preferences and financial conditions, visitors will have different options for where to stay.

Dong Van is a town with many good quality homestays and motels. You can refer to one of the following places:

  • Coffee Hostel Dong Van Old Town (Dong Van Town)
  • Stone Plateau Hotel (Dong Van Town)
  • Thien Huong Hostel (No. 23, 3/2 Street - Dong Van Town)
  • Dust Homestay (Welcome Gate to Dong Van Town - Crossroads of the road to Lung Cu, Ha Giang)

In addition, some other locations such as:

  • Dao Lodge (Nam Dam Village - Quan Ba Commune, Ha Giang)
  • Cho Pua (Meo Vac Town - Ha Giang)
  • Homestay Ban Chan (Team 4 - Chang village - Phuong Tien - Ha Giang)

4. Destination to watch the ripe rice season in Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season, surely you cannot miss the golden scene of Ha Giang at this time. To fully appreciate the beauty, the viewing location is very important. Let's take a look at the perfect places to see Ha Giang in the ripe rice season!

Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi is a highland district located west of Ha Giang, located at the foot of Tay Con Linh mountain.

Magnificent natural scene at Hoang Su Phi (instagram: lethingoctu2012)

Thanks to the terrain divided by high rocky mountains, streams, ..., Hoang Su Phi owns an extremely magnificent and majestic natural scene.

Coming here, wherever you go, you can see terraced fields with ripe golden rice stretching on the mountain slopes and valleys. The place where many terraced fields are concentrated and the most beautiful are Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Ban Luoc, Thong Nguyen, Nam Ty, and San Sa Ho.

Ban Luoc is home to the largest area of terraced fields in the country with about 200 hectares, however, the place with the most perfect view belongs to Phung village. The terraced fields here have been cultivated and exploited for many years.

In Hoang Su Phi, the rice stalks often have long, tall and sturdy stems, when in autumn, the plants will turn golden. The fields stretching from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain create a beautiful golden vortex at the foot of Tay Con Linh mountain.

These golden fields not only adorn the land of Ha Giang but also adorn the lives of the people here, bringing them a source of income. a stable and peaceful life.

Lung Cu flagpole

When the rice season is ripe, the yellow patches stretch, overflowing with high clarity. Lung Cu at this time becomes beautiful, like a brilliant natural picture.

Lung Cu flagpole amidst majestic nature (instagram: sontungst)

When going up Lung Cu flagpole, visitors can not only admire the whole splendid natural picture of Ha Giang in the ripe rice season, but also feel the full picture of enthusiastic, enthusiastic labor and crispy laughter. of the people here.

Surely, these will be the most beautiful memories and moments that visitors will never forget when coming to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season.

Luoc Village

Luoc village is the place with the most beautiful terraced fields and the most floors in Hoang Su Phi. Here, the rice fields stretch from the stream to the top of the mountain, covering the entire northern slopes of Chieu Lau Thi.

Luoc village has the most beautiful terraced fields (instagram: ichi.journal)

Halfway up the mountain, the small wooden houses, the communication of the Dao and Tay ethnic groups are now looming in the middle of the mountain. Anyone who comes to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season, looking at this scene cannot help but be moved by the beauty of Luoc village.

When discovering Hoang Su Phi, Luoc village is definitely a very right destination for tourists.

Tay Con Linh Peak

Another ideal place to stop when coming to  Ha Giang in the ripe rice season  is Tay Con Linh, which is considered as the "roof" of the Northwest. Standing from the top of Tay Con Linh looking down, the vast, large and spacious space in the Northwest mountains and forests is fully felt through the eyes of each visitor.

"Rooftop" of the Northwest (instagram: thiennguyen1012)

Located below the top of the mountain is Cao Son valley, from here, the warm and brilliant golden light of ripe rice is reflected from the successive terraced fields.

Ho Thau terraced fields

Ho Thau is a commune in Ha Giang, this is the main living place of the Red Dao ethnic group. Ho Thau is geographically located about 16 km from Nam Dich junction, the terraced fields here are high, vast, even and have little slope.

Terraced fields in Ho Thau (instagram: vuonglingsoul)

At Ho Thau, local people often have a custom that each field will be surrounded by a small forest. This helps to keep the land from landslides, and also creates the uniqueness of the terraced fields in Ho Thau.

Phung village terraced fields

Phung village is home to terraced fields with impressive heights. Coming to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Giang's beauty at this time, the majestic nature here will make any visitor feel overwhelmed. Therefore, Phung village is considered the place with the most perfect view in the ripe rice season.

Located near the border with China, in addition to the grandeur and vastness of nature, Phung village also brings the peace and gentleness of the mountains and forests, the poetic beauty of the scenery covered with yellow flowers. ripe rice.

The poetic scene in Ban Phung (instagram: tamlevan_vntraveltips)

Thong Nguyen terraced fields

Another beautiful stop in the Hoang Su Phi chain is Thong Nguyen terraced fields. The rice fields here are developed by three large streams, Nam Ong Chay, Phin Ho and Nam Khoa due to their location on the left bank, where these three streams converge. Therefore, the rice when grown up is always heavy, golden and shiny.

The most beautiful section is usually in the distance from Bac Quang to Hoang Su Phi.

The fields stretch, one after another at Thong Nguyen (instagram: henry_onthego)

Nam Ty terraced fields

Nam Ty is home to terraced fields with a very long life, up to hundreds of years. Each hill is given a separate name for each family to assert ownership over them.

This is one of the places with the most beautiful terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi and is a national monument of terraced fields recognized by the state.

The most beautiful terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi (instagram: kyanh_kyanh)

Terraced fields in Khuoi My

Distance from city center. Ha Giang 7km has Khuoi My Village: a beautiful place to watch ripe golden rice that few people know about. This is the perfect alternative to Ha Giang in October if you miss the “golden season” in Hoang Su Phi in September.

5. Some notes when traveling to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season

Coming to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season, of course, each visitor must prepare himself with certain necessary information when traveling. Here are some notes that Dong Travel noticed when traveling in Ha Giang in the ripe rice season:

Enjoy highland specialties

Having come to Ha Giang, of course, it is impossible to ignore the highland specialties. When the rice season is ripe in Ha Giang, the indispensable specialty dish is the field mouse. The big fat hamsters are caught by the villagers after the harvest season takes place.

Some popular dishes such as grilled mouse, stir-fry, kitchen counter,...

Delicious grilled mouse (instagram: utxiet)

Besides, the cuisine here is also very diverse with dishes such as thang co, five-color sticky rice, kitchen buffalo meat, lam rice, new rice nuggets, au Tau porridge,... All of them have a rich flavor. , delicious, bold flavor of the mountains.

Prepare and bring identification

Identity documents are indispensable when you travel anywhere.

Identity card, citizen identification, ... especially for backpackers, driver's license and vehicle documents are very important. Therefore, before starting the trip, prepare everything fully and check it carefully.

Pay attention to appropriate clothing and personal belongings

Ha Giang's ripe rice season is the time of late autumn, preparing for winter, so it is quite cold. Moreover, because of the characteristics of the mountainous area, the weather will be more severe, please prepare appropriate clothes, prioritize light and simple clothes, do not forget to bring warm clothes. Health is very important, avoid catching a cold because it will make your trip unfinished.

Ha Giang weather is quite severe (instagram: Quynh_vtnq)

As for personal belongings, you also need to fully prepare before the trip. In addition, it is very important to keep medicines such as headaches, stomachaches, colds, fevers, etc. available. Other medical tools such as adhesive tape, ... should be equipped in advance to prevent incidents caused by weather or by food, water,...

Need to bring water, food

On the way to Ha Giang, there will not be too many restaurants and drinks. So bring water and snacks to fill your stomach during the trip. This helps you not to lose energy or burn out, especially for those of you who choose to travel, food and water throughout the journey is very important.

You can also bring samples of candies to give to upland children you meet on the way. The items are small, but it will make the children excited, help you feel more positive energy, create more meaning for your trip. If you are a self-sufficient traveler, the children can become an extremely enthusiastic “guide”!

Polite attitude

Popular tourist destinations in Ha Giang in the ripe rice season are mostly inhabited by ethnic minorities. Therefore, the attitude is very meaningful to the trip, always keep moderation, polite, do not show a glance or show excessive curiosity about the lives of local people. This will create a loss of sympathy for tourists in the hearts of the people.

During the trip, if you have any problems that need help, contact the border guards because that is the best way.

The above article has shared information about Ha Giang in the ripe rice season as well as answered questions about tourist attractions, sightseeing, and notes when coming to Ha Giang in this season. We hope that the information we provide will be useful to you. If you are in need of a trip to Ha Giang to fully admire the beauty of the mountains and forests in the ripe rice season, do not hesitate to book a tour to Ha Giang on Dong Travel's website! We have a team of experienced and enthusiastic staff, operating with the motto of bringing the best to customers, will definitely give you a great trip.