Bai Chay Beach Ha Long is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists when visiting Ha Long. What to play, what to eat in Bai Chay Beach Ha Long? Let's explore this attractive place with Dong Travel right in the article below!

1. What's so attractive about Bai Chay Beach Ha Long?

Panorama of Bai Chay Beach Ha Long

Referring to Ha Long, it is impossible not to mention Bai Chay Beach tourist destination. Bai Chay Beach attracts tourists by a system of diverse attractions, a long coastline, a concentration of many specialties and affordable prices,... The reasons why "Bai Chay Beach Ha Long" become a tourist destination attractive calendar, that is:

♦ Prime location: Bai Chay Beach is located in the center of Ha Long, close to Ha Long Bay, between Tuan Chau Island and Hon Gai Island, convenient for moving and visiting all famous landmarks of Ha Long.

♦ Diverse and high-quality motel system: Coming to Bai Chay Beach, you can easily find yourself a place to stay. It offers all kinds of accommodation services from budget motels to 5-star hotels and villas.

♦ Many entertainment places: Bai Chay Beach is always in a state of crowded tourists, owning attractive entertainment places such as: Bai Chay Beach, Ha Long park, West Bai Chay Beach street, Ha Long night market,... with many impressive check-in locations.

2. Beautiful places to visit in Bai Chay Beach Ha Long

2.1 Bai Chay Beach Beach

Bai Chay Beach Ha Long is the largest beach here, attracting a large number of tourists to visit each year. Despite the large number of tourists, this beach still retains its pristine appearance with cool, unpolluted water.

Walking along the coast are tall coconut trees swaying in the wind, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation. Due to its large space, Bai Chay beach is also an ideal place to organize outdoor fun activities such as picnics, camping, BBQ parties, weddings, events,...

Walking along the coast you will find many unique check-in locations. On the beach, there is a strip of hills with ancient pine trees interspersed with a few lovely villas. At Bai Chay beach, you can experience services such as car surfing, cycling, kite rental, canoe rental,... at a very reasonable price.

Bai Chay Beach Ha Long

2.2 Ha Long Park

Ha Long Park was built on a large land fund of 214ha. This is the largest entertainment and entertainment complex in the North. Ha Long Park consists of two special amusement parks: Ba Deo amusement park and coastal amusement park. These two special zones are connected by the impressive Queen cable car system.

Ha Long Park offers visitors many new and highly entertaining games. Besides, the park is also a place to organize many events, exhibitions, music,... extremely monumental to bring you the best moments when visiting Ha Long Bai Chay Beach city.

Sun World Ha Long Park

2.3 Bai Chay Beach Bridge

Bai Chay Beach Bridge is a place associated with the name of Quang Ninh province. This is a bridge 1106 m long between Hon Gai and Bai Chay Beach. The bridge is an ideal check-in location thanks to its unique design, high and airy location. Especially, when at night, Bai Chay Beach Bridge is beautifully lit with electric lights, very suitable for you and your family to scatter after a tiring day out.

Bai Chay Beach Bridge Ha Long

2.4 West Bai Chay Beach Street Ha Long

West Street Bai Chay Beach Ha Long is a luxurious check-in place that you should not miss when visiting this land. West Street stands out with high-rise buildings with European architecture. The whole street is wide and long with colorful houses, delicate and skillfully carved lines.

Ha Long West Street stands out with buildings with bold European colors

List of very beautiful cafes for "virtual living association"

If you have visited Bai Chay Beach Ha Long, then take the time to check in the "genuine" cafes here. Some cafes with beautiful views and delicious drinks that Dong Travel would like to recommend to you:

Sky Bar – Cafe with sea view Ha Long

Address:  Floor 16 Royal Lotus Ha Long Hotel, A13 Lot 1, Dong Hung Thang 2 Tourist Residential Area, Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

Halong Ecolodge Coffee & Pub

Address:  Group 4, Area 4, Bai Chay Beach, Ha Long.

Kafa Bai Chay Beach

Address: N16 Area C, Cai Dam urban area, Ha Long, Quang Ninh

Kafa Bai Chay Beach Cafe

2.5 Ha Long Night Market

Coming to Bai Chay Beach Ha Long night market, you will admire the souvenir stalls with eye-catching and unique handmade products. There are also seafood restaurants here. After eating, you can take a walk and buy some gifts for relatives and family.

When the sunset has just turned off, the night market begins to open. If you have visited Ha Long, you should visit this place to see the bustle and fun of Bai Chay Beach Ha Long night market.

Ha Long Night Market

3. Enjoy delicious seafood specialties

3.1 Squid grilled

Grilled squid Ha Long Bai Chay Beach city has a delicious, unique flavor that you should enjoy at least once when visiting Bai Chay Beach Ha Long. Squid rolls in Bai Chay Beach are processed by fishermen while they are still alive, so they are very fresh. The squid is cleaned, pounded, seasoned with spices and then fried in a pan of boiling oil.

Squid is usually served with dipping sauce or chili sauce along with raw vegetables. Grilled squid has a price of 300,000-450,000 / 1 Kg. The price is quite high, but in return you will enjoy the quality, extremely delicious patties.

Ha Long squid grilled

3.2 Sa worms

Sa worms have an elongated, worm-like shape. This type of seafood is quite popular in the land of Ha Long. Fresh Sa Sung is often stir-fried with garlic, pineapple or vegetables. When eaten, Sa Sung has the aroma of the sea, chewy and strangely crunchy. In addition, you can buy 1 sun worm as a gift after your trip.

Sa worms sage with vegetables

3.3 Seafood

Seafood in Ha Long is extremely fresh and diverse. Coming to Ha Long, you can choose to eat seafood in restaurants, pubs, seafood here is almost alive and fresh, the price is also very affordable. In addition, you can buy seafood at the seafood market, ask the locals to cook for you or bring it back to the hotel to process, make a barbecue,...

Fresh seafood in Ha Long

3.4 Ha Long pearl yogurt

Ha Long pearl yogurt is a famous specialty of this land. Yogurt here has a thick consistency, more delicious fat than yogurt in other regions. Served with crispy pearls, dried coconut and sweet syrup. Yogurt is quite cheap, only about 10,000 - 20,000 VND for 1 cup of yogurt with full topping.

Ha Long pearl yogurt

4. "Tips" for booking hotels and cheap meals at Bai Chay Beach Ha Long

Bai Chay Beach Ha Long focuses on many quality hotels and homestays with diverse prices. Room rent in Bai Chay Beach Ha Long ranges from about 200,000 - 2,000,000 VND/ night. However, on public holidays, this rate may increase more depending on the hotel.

A small tip for you is that the price of the room will fluctuate depending on the location of the hotel. In Bai Chay Beach, there will be 3 main areas, which are:

♦ Ha Long street area: This place includes a system of high-class hotels from 4-5 stars. Fully-furnished rooms with sea view and panoramic view of Ha Long. The average price ranges from 700,000 VND/room/night.

♦ Vuon Dao area: This area has many lovely homestays, convenient location for traveling to visit the whole of Ha Long. Room rental rates here range from 400,000 to 800,000 VND/room/night.

♦ Hai Quan junction area: This is the area where motels with reasonable prices are concentrated. The average rental price here fluctuates around 200,000 VND/room/night.

Bai Chay Beach Ha Long promises to be a tourist destination that will bring you many interesting experiences when visiting this land. With the above general information, Dong Travel hopes that you will have the most perfect vacation in Ha Long with your loved ones and family.

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