One of the experiences not to be missed when coming to Ha Long Bay is to rent a boat overnight on the bay. So, what is the current cost that you have to spend to experience this wonderful thing? Any tips to make the trip go more smoothly? All will be covered in the article below!

1. Rates for 3-star cruise ships and overnight cruises on Ha Long Bay

For a 3-star yacht, it will be suitable to meet the needs of a small number of guests, with the number of 7 to 13 cabins.

Because the number of rooms is not much and the room size will not be too large, this will be the right choice for those travelers who want to experience the  night cruise on the bay Ha Long but do not require high service quality and Love the affordable price.

3-star yacht will meet the travel needs of customers who require a moderate cost. Facebook source: Trang Tran.

Normally, the price of the tour, overnight cruise on Ha Long bay with 3-star yacht will include the following services: tour guide on the cruise, sightseeing tickets, etc. In addition, the cost of meals will often be allocated depending on the program. Tour program is 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights.

Here is the price list of some quality 3-star yachts that you can refer to:

 Yacht name

 Price on the tour for 1 person

 Yacht rental price

 Features of the yacht

 Cozy Bay

 1,900,000 VND 

 29,000,000 VND (tàu 7 cabin)

 Iron yacht, launched in 2018.


 1,950,000 VND

 45,000,000 VND

 Wooden yacht, launched in 2013.

2. Price list for overnight on Ha Long Bay by 4-star cruise

The 4-star yacht will have a capacity of 14 to 20 cabins in the form of wooden yachts and iron yachts. Compared to 3-star yacht, 4-star yacht has relatively better service quality and room size will also be slightly larger.

4-star cruises have improved service quality compared to 3-star cruises. Facebook source: iVIVU.

Here is a price list of some 4-star yachts that are well-reviewed by many travelers:

 Yacht name

 Price on the tour for 1 person

 Yacht rental price

 Features of the yacht

 Royal Palace

 2,000,000 VND 

 48,000,000 VND  

Iron yacht launched in 2020, including 22 cabins.

 Silver Sea

 2,250,000 VND

 72,000,000 VND 

The yacht launched in 2019 includes 23 cabins.

 Glory Legend

 2,100,000 VND 

 84,000,000 VND 

Iron yacht, launched in 2017, with 32 cabins.

3. Price list of 5-star cruise overnight on Ha Long Bay

The 5-star yachts with wooden materials are usually small in size and the number of cabins only ranges from 15 to 23 cabins.

In recent times, 5-star iron yachts are gradually becoming more popular with large area and modern equipment, meeting the needs of high-class resorts for tourists. Iron yachts also make visitors feel more secure because they are safer and more secure than wooden yachts.

5-star yacht meets the needs of high-class service quality for tourists. Facebook source: Minh Tu.

The following 5-star yacht price list will help you refer to and estimate the cost for the tour night cruise on the bay Ha Long:

 Yacht name

 Price on the tour for 1 person

 Yacht rental price

 Features of the yacht

 La Casta Regal  

 2,250,000 VND  

 100,000,000 VND 

 Iron yacht launched in 2020, including 22 cabins.

 Scarlet Pearl

 2,590,000 VND

 89,000,000 VND

 The yacht launched in 2019 includes 23 cabins.

 Paradise Elegance  

 2,490,000 VND  

 99,000,000 VND  

 Iron yacht, launched in 2017, with 32 cabins.

4. Notes when renting an overnight cruise on Ha Long Bay

4.1 Choosing the right type of yacht

Boat rental price for overnight on the bay.

As mentioned, the  night cruise on the bay  will have 3 classes: 3 stars, 4 stars and next year, with the yacht area, service quality, and tourist capacity increasing gradually.

The price of overnight boat rental on the bay is one of the criteria visitors should pay attention to first. Facebook source: Hai Ly.

It should also be noted, depending on the time of year that yacht prices can change. Therefore, you need to plan when you will make the trip to be able to determine the price of the boat tour most accurately.

Yacht style
The yacht will have 2 design styles for visitors to choose from:

♦ Steel-hulled yacht: This is a design with modern and sturdy materials, creating a high sense of security for visitors. Steel hull ships are usually applied for 4 star and 5 star class.

♦ Wooden yacht: Wood material creates a feeling of warmth, closeness and bold oriental culture.

Number of cabins on the yacht

For a group of tourists who want to organize a gathering of friends, with many exciting entertainment activities and a high level of willingness to pay, the "night cruises on the bay" with over 20 cabins is a very suitable choice.

Choose the number of cabins to match the number of people who will join the trip. Facebook source: Le Thanh Hoa.

If the yacht has less than 20 cabins (most are wooden yachts), it is more suitable for travelers who love privacy, coziness or a budget that can be afforded moderately, not too high.

4.2 Select desired length and schedule

Time spent on the yacht

The current model of the cruise ship, which sleeps overnight on the bay, is usually divided into 2 days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights, with a relatively similar tour schedule. With the 3-day 2-night tour, visitors can visit some other landmarks and go deeper in Lan Ha Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay.

Desired schedule

Coming to Ha Long Bay, visitors can visit many famous landmarks  there are many famous attractions such as Dinh Huong Island, Trong Mai Island... Therefore, to experience it to the fullest. When coming to Ha Long, visitors should take the following two steps:

♦ Step 1: Plan the places that you feel like to narrow down the scope of the places to visit.

♦ Step 2:  Look up the route of the planned places in step 1, see if it is compatible with the tour time, tour model or not. Visitors can search for this information at the websites of the travel agency they choose to book an overnight cruise on the bay.

Hon Trong Mai is one of the places not to be missed when coming to Ha Long. Facebook source: Dang Dao.

4.3 Which cruise line to choose?

Choosing a quality and reputable yacht company helps visitors feel secure to experience their trip on the night cruise on the bay..

The shipping lines that receive high praise from the previous customers will ensure the quality of service as well as the cost for each tour package will also be more diverse, creating more choices for customers.

Some quality cruise companies have tour services in Ha Long Bay that visitors can consider choosing such as:

Paradise Cruise

Bhaya Cruise

Golden Lotus Cruise

Star Light Cruise

Emeraude Classic Cruise

4.4 Rent a boat - overnight cruise on Ha Long Bay quickly

 How to rent a boat for the night on the bay?


Buy a tour through a tour agent

• Visitors can book an overnight cruise on the bay at one of today's highly rated tour operators - East  Travel.

• Come to Dong Travel, visitors can completely save time during the tour booking process because of their fast working style, support to book a package tour with an extremely reasonable cost.

• Dong Travel's package tour includes night cruise on the bay Ha Long 2 nights, standard yacht 5 at a very reasonable cost, along with many incentives during the trip.

Book a room directly on the cruise line website

• Most of the cruise lines have their own website so that visitors can contact for booking.

• Visitors can note the year's incentive programs of cruise lines to find the right tour at an affordable price.

Book a room on online booking sites

• Booking a room on a yacht is similar to booking a hotel, you can choose the room location you want.

• Also, it is also possible to include a yacht for those who love privacy or need to organize events and special occasions.

Through the last article, we hope that you will be able to choose the right night cruise on Ha Long Bay according to the cost, as well as the travel plan you desire.

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