Ha Long Night Market is the busiest and busiest tourist destination in this coastal city. Ha Long night market offers customers delicious specialties, unique souvenirs and many impressive nightlife programs.

1. Address and operating time of Ha Long night market

Ha Long Night Market was established and put into operation in 2015. When the city lights up, the Ha Long night market starts operating. However, the busiest time of operation is from 9pm to 4pm. Ha Long Night Market is located along Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Hung Thang Ward, in the entertainment and commercial area of Ha Long Marine.

Ha Long night market opens for sale in the afternoon

Ha Long night market concentrates many famous eating places with fresh seafood specialties at affordable prices. Besides, you can choose for yourself handmade souvenirs when visiting this place.

The night market was built on a land fund of 5,000 m2. After eating, you can walk around and admire the bustle of Ha Long night market. In addition to dining, shopping, Ha Long night market also has many events and nightlife activities to serve visitors.

2. The most "hot" nightlife - dining complex in Ha Long

Currently,  Ha Long night market has about 335 different business stalls. Various business items from food stalls to souvenirs, clothes, specialties,... Ha Long night market is smartly planned with a system of stalls built solidly on concrete, with electric fan, lighting system, parking lot,...

Entering the night market, you will feel overwhelmed by the super-bright electric light system and diverse and large quantities of items. In addition to the food items, you will admire the handicrafts made by the people here, which look very sophisticated and fancy.

Ha Long night market entertainment and dining complex

In particular, the most attractive tourist attraction is the culinary space with hundreds of delicious dishes. The fresh seafood dishes are taken directly from the sea and processed according to the exclusive recipes and spices of the local people. The dishes that must be mentioned when visiting the night market are: seafood, hot pot, vermicelli, squid rolls, sage, rolls, pearl yogurt, ...

In addition, around the market, there is also a commercial center with a large CGV theater. CGV space is also very good, luxurious and comfortable like other facilities for you to relax and de-stress.

3. What to buy at Ha Long night market

3.1 Ha Long Souvenirs

When you come to Ha Long night market, you can find some souvenirs to give as gifts to friends and relatives when returning. The souvenirs here are mostly handmade, with vibrant colors and diverse shapes. The price of souvenirs is quite cheap, about a few tens of thousands for a small item.

In addition, you can buy Ha Long t-shirts, brocade bags, etc. to recall memories when visiting this land.

Souvenirs in the night market

3.2 Dried seafood

In addition to fresh seafood, you can buy dried seafood as gifts for family and friends. Some popular types of seafood at Ha Long night market include: squid cake, dried squid, yellow fish, dried fish, shrimp shrimp, surface shrimp, ... In particular, Sa worm is a very famous seafood. Here, you can buy some to take home as a gift.

Dried worms

4. Enjoy Ha Long cuisine right at the night market

The night market focuses on hundreds of specialty dishes of the land here. If you only have a few days in Ha Long, you won't be able to enjoy all the food at the night market. Understanding that, Dong Travel has selected the top delicious specialties that you should try at the night market, including:

4.1 Grilled squid rolls

Grilled squid is a specialty dish of Ha Long. Grilled squid in Ha Long is made from crushed fresh squid mixed with spices to taste. Ha Long squid rolls are very crispy, fragrant, not as much flour as other types of squid cakes in other places. Grilled squid served with hot, deo dai rice paper mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce will surely awaken the taste of any diners.

Squid roll cake - A typical dish in Ha Long

4.2 Dishes from "con ngán"

"Ngán" is a shellfish that resembles a clam but is larger in size. "Ngán" is living in the mud area along the coast of Ha Long. The baby meat is very firm, chewy, crispy and delicious. Dishes prepared from squirrels, including: grilled, boiled, steamed, cooked soup, cooked porridge, ...

"Ngán" of grilled onion fat

4.3 Sea Sams

Sea sam has a hard outer shell, when processed, it is extremely delicious and strange to eat. The dishes from sea sam that you should try when coming to Ha Long, include: sam soup, sam sam, sam eggs, sam salad,...

Sea worms are processed into many delicious dishes in Ha Long

5. Notes when shopping, visiting Ha Long night market

Whether it's a holiday or a weekday, Ha Long night market is also extremely busy and bustling. Due to the large number of tourists, when visiting this place, you need to note a few things:

5.1 Be careful of personal belongings

At the night market, there is a night market management board that closely manages all activities of the night market. However, due to the large number of guests, many bad guys take advantage of pickpockets and rob property. Therefore, you should actively protect your belongings and personal items when visiting the market. Ideally, you should minimize valuables, do not answer the phone while walking at the night market.

5.2 Prepare sandals or sandals

The night market area is very large, if you want to visit all of them, you should use bata shoes or slippers. If you wear high heels, you will feel tired quickly when you have only visited part of the night market.

5.3 Ask for price before buying

Ha Long night market sells relatively affordable food and souvenirs. However, some stores still sell very high prices to make a profit for themselves. Therefore, to avoid being "cheated" on the price, you should ask the price before buying. In addition, if you have relatives in Ha Long, you should bring them along. They will know about the exact price of the items here.

You should ask the price before buying at Ha Long night market

Above is all the information about Ha Long night market. If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Long, do not miss the opportunity to explore the bustling night market here with many food stalls, souvenirs, gifts, ... will definitely bring you experiences. new and interesting.

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