Famous for its scenic beauty and charming countryside, Ha Long is a famous destination for tourists not only at home but also abroad. In addition to picturesque tourist sites, discovering famous "Ha Long specialties" is indispensable when tourists come here. Here are the Top 15+ Ha Long specialties to eat once and remember for a lifetime that visitors cannot ignore.

1. Squid roll cake

It can be said that grilled squid is a culinary monument of Ha Long in particular and Quang Ninh in general, having been in the top 10 most delicious dishes in Vietnam. It is no exaggeration to say that if you have not eaten squid, you have not been to Ha Long.

Banh cuon with squid has the same filling as Banh cuon in other places, including meat and mushrooms, add a bit of finely chopped scallions mixed together and seasoned to taste. The hand-crafted squid cake served with it is what makes this dish different.

Address of places selling delicious squid ink rolls:

  • Cay Bang restaurant: Lane 1, Theater, Ha Long, Quang Ninh.
  • Ms. Ngan: 34 Doan Thi Diem, Bach Dang ward.

This dish has a price ranging from only 35,000 VND - 40,000 VND/piece.

A portion of standard squid ink rolls.

2. White sticky rice with squid 

Any dish served with squid ink is also excellent and delicious and white sticky rice with squid ink is no exception.

The fragrant sticky rice is eaten with crispy fried squid and golden brown, with a little green vegetables to eat with mixed fish sauce and spicy chili sauce. Guaranteed you will "fall" as soon as you try the first piece.

Address selling famous white sticky rice with squid ink: Commercial street, Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

The price of white sticky rice with squid ink ranges from 25,000 VND - 35,000 VND/piece.

White sticky rice with squid - Ha Long specialty must try.

3. Ngan

Ngan is a type of seafood that is quite strange to everyone. Ngan has a similar appearance to a clam but is larger and is a rather rare specialty in Quang Ninh.

There are quite a few ways to cook the fish such as baking, steaming, stir-frying with noodles, and eating with delicious and delicious dipping sauces. Besides, the pig is also used by Quang Ninh people to soak alcohol, the taste is quite strange and unique.

Address: Thien Anh seafood restaurant, Cai Dam urban area (Bai Chay).

Each person will need to spend about 100,000 VND - 450,000 VND/person to enjoy the dishes made from cows.

Ngan is a rare Ha Long specialty.

4. Sa worm (Ginseng)

Sa worm (also known as earth ginseng) is a type of sandworm that can only be found in Ha Long. Sa Sung is best when stir-fried with garlic, served with white rice or fried noodles. Besides, sipping a cold beer with grilled samosa is also a pleasure that is hard to find anywhere other than Ha Long.

Address: Huong Duyen Restaurant Hon Gai, 66 Tran Hung Dao, Cao Thang ward.

Price: average from 120,000 VND - 350,000 VND per person.

Sauteed sweet and sour sago is also a dish worth trying when traveling to Ha Long

5. Sea buckthorn

Sea sam is the next seafood dish to appear in this list of must-try Ha Long specialties. Sea sam can easily be processed into sam sam, sam egg, sam sam, and sam mannequin thanks to its chewy and sweet-smelling meat.

Visitors can easily enjoy delicious dishes made from sea sambar at restaurants and eateries specializing in seafood in Ha Long.

Address: Sam Ba Ty restaurant at Hon Gai, lane 6 Cao Thang or lane 7D Cao Thang, Ha Long. Stir-fried sweet and sour sam is the most famous dish here.

Prices range from 50,000 VND - 220,000 VND for each dish made from sea sam.

The meat is firm, delicious, and easily processed into delicious dishes.

6. Bề bề noodles

Bề bề noodle is a must-try dish when coming to Ha Long in autumn and winter. In the cold weather, there is nothing better than a bowl of fresh, hot and delicious vermicelli with an unmistakable sweet and sour taste.

A proper bowl of bề bề noodles will include the fresh surface that is boiled, peeled and served with sweet and sour soup, a little bit of raw vegetables and a side dish. If you like spicy food, you can add chili.

Address: Huy Chien Bề bề noodle soup, group 2, area 6C, Thuc Thoai street, Hong Hai, Ha Long.

In general, the average price of each bowl of vermicelli will range from 30,000 VND to 40,000 VND.

A bowl of Bề bề with a variety of toppings is worth a try when coming to Ha Long.

7. Spicy fish noodle soup

Spicy fish vermicelli is loved for its unique taste of the sea, extremely delicious. It's just a bowl of fish noodles with fried fish, fish hearts, fish cakes combined with herbs, but you will "collapse" the first time you try it.

Address: Ngu Uyen spicy fish noodle soup, 25/4 street, Bach Dang, Ha Long.

Each bowl of spicy fish noodle soup will cost between 30,000 VND - 40,000 VND.

If you are a fan of spicy food, you should not miss this spicy fish noodle dish.

8. Mussels porridge

True to its name, mussel porridge has the main ingredient of extremely fresh sea clam meat, seasoned with spices to taste, topping with fried onions, green onions and a little cilantro to create an extremely attractive aroma for one of the dishes. Ha Long's most famous specialty.

Address: Mrs. Nga's porridge, Loong Tòong snack market, Tran Nhat Duat.

The price for each bowl of mussel porridge is quite "soft", only about 10,000 VND - 20,000 VND/bowl.

An attractive bowl of mussel porridge like this only costs no more than 20K.

9. "Hà" Porridge

"Con Hà" - a kind of strange sea seafood, but has a very high nutritional value. Porridge with the aroma of roasted rice, sweet seafood without fishy taste with a little pungent pepper and herbs, eaten with deep-fried crackers is enough for an afternoon snack or a cool night stroll in Ha Long.

Address: Hang restaurant, 42 Tran Hung Dao, Bach Dang.

The price of Ha porridge is a bit "slight" than mussel porridge, about 40,000 VND for a bowl.

The Hà porridge is delicious, but not fishy with the smell of seafood.

10. "Cà sáy" Tien Yen

"Cà sáy" is a breed of duck crossed with swans, raised in Tien Yen, so it is extremely firm and does not have a fishy smell when eaten. In the past, our grandparents had a saying "Mong Cai pig, Dam Ha girl, Tien Yen chicken" which partly shows how delicious and famous this dish is.

Enjoying "Cà sáy" Tien Yen "in the right way" is to eat Cai Rong and Cat Hai dipping sauce with a little minced ginger.

Address: Chicken Tien Yen & Rooi Tu Ky, 16 area 4B, Hung Thang ward.

It will cost you from 100,000 VND - 300,000 VND to enjoy this delicious specialty only in Ha Long.

Ca Say Tien Yen - a specialty that can only be enjoyed in Ha Long

11. Grilled Lei Yin Chicken

Because it is often sold at the foot of the mountain of Loi Am pagoda, the chicken here is called Loi Am chicken. Similar to Tien Yen eggplant, Loi Am chicken is also naturally raised, so the meat is sweet, firm and low in fat.

Usually, restaurants and eateries will serve both grilled Loi Am chicken and grilled wormwood leaves. Roasted chicken with wormwood leaves will have a strong herbal smell, so if you can't stand the smell of herbs, you should choose regular grilled chicken.

Address: restaurants around the foothills of Loi Am Pagoda.

On average, each child costs 300,000 VND - 350,000 VND.

Chicken will be cleaned and marinated when you order, so it ensures the freshness of the chicken after grilling.

12. Mugwort leaf stew

Mugwort leaf stew - a dish with a rather strange name that promises to be "addictive" when you have the opportunity to enjoy.

Pieces of blood are cut squarely imbued with the scent of wormwood leaves that are stewed in a pot for many hours, creating an unforgettable flavor for the dish. Some places will change a bit when replacing the blood with duck eggs, but that does not reduce the deliciousness of this dish.

The dipping sauce with stewed wormwood leaves is quite simple, just a little chili sauce mixed with soup and lemon but extremely "sticky".

In addition to being a dish, wormwood leaf stew is also an oriental medicine to help regulate blood and treat headaches.

Address: Oc and blood stew of wormwood leaves, Ha Long market 1.

About 15,000 VND - 25,000 VND / portion is the reference price for this dish.

Not only a dish, this is also a good Eastern medicine for health.

13. Nodding cake

Nodding cake is a very popular snack in Ha Long. The cake is made from pureed rice flour with a little cold rice added to create a spongy, smooth and flexible cake when coated.

The nodding cake is soft and flexible, so when holding it in the hand, it is often tilted in many directions like a person dozing.

Chicken fat mixed with minced meat, fried onions, fish sauce, chili and especially humiliation - a famous specialty of Tien Yen, creates a special sauce that contributes to the "name" of nodding cake.

Address: Ha Long night market, Ha Long market 1, Ha Long market 2.

Each piece of nodding cake will cost from 30,000 VND - 35,000 VND.

A playful but delicious real dish of the Ha Long people.

14. Ha Long pancakes

Ha Long pancakes (fortune cake, tote cake) are Ha Long specialties originating from the San Diu people. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour, so it will be tough and chewy, this is also a part of the reason why Tai Lung cake is loved by locals and tourists besides its delicious taste, easy to eat and count. rustic of cake.

If you like, you can also fry the cake hot to enjoy. At this time, the cake will be softer and more fragrant.

Address: along the road leading up to Tran Quoc Nghien temple (to Ong gate), Cam Pha city.

This specialty dish is quite cheap, only from 5,000 VND - 10,000 VND / portion.

 After cooling, the cake has a beautiful brown color.

15. Hot Drift Cake

Dumplings in Ha Long often have a soft green bean or sesame filling, served with a moderately sweet cooked sugar water, fragrant with ginger flavor and sprinkled with a little bit of white sesame that is roasted golden on top and crushed peanuts every time you enjoy it. .

In winter, when the weather is chilly, eating a cup of hot and fragrant floating cake is so warm to the stomach.

Address: Co Beo snack shop, Hong Hai ward.

Each cup of hot steamed rice cake is priced from 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND.

Hot drift cake is a very popular snack on cold days.

16. Hoanh Bo soaked sticky rice wine

Hoanh Bo soaked glutinous rice wine is soaked very carefully, it has to be fermented twice. The cooked glutinous rice, after undergoing the first fermentation process, will be transferred to a yeast jar made from a tree native to Hoanh Bo forest that has been prepared in advance, creating the characteristic aroma of the wine.

Hoanh Bo sticky rice wine especially does not cause headaches after drinking and has a very good digestive stimulant effect, suitable for seafood parties and drinking parties.

Address: Ha Long Market 2, 433 Le Loi, Tran Hung Dao.

The price of Hoanh Bo sticky rice wine is from 75,000 VND - 90,000 VND/liter.

Hoanh Bo soaked sticky rice wine is a Ha Long specialty that is bought as a popular gift for tourists.

We hope that the article Top 15+ dishes Ha Long specialties eating once and remembering forever has been helpful for you in the process of visiting and discovering Ha Long cuisine. Wish you and your family have a happy and complete Ha Long trip.

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