Ha Long is known as a place that attracts many domestic and international visitors because of its majestic beauty bestowed by nature. So coming to this place will be something that everyone wants to try once. But there are many young people who do not dare to experience it because they do not have much experience in Ha Long tourism. Then the following Dong Travel will help you have a great trip with a perfect plan.

Ha Long is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists (instagram: offseasontrip)

1. What is the best time to travel to Ha Long?

Most tourists will choose to come to Ha Long in the period from May to July. Because this is the time when students have a suitable summer vacation for traveling with family. Normally, tourists will limit travel to Ha Long in winter or after Tet. Because Ha Long this season will have fog that will affect the sightseeing and discovery of the landscape here. Ha Long travel experience is self-sufficient, for those of you who want to go at the most beautiful time, which is in the autumn. Because from about September to November in Ha Long, there is always beautiful weather. It will be a pity if you travel between June and July, because there are often storms in the North, so you will be limited in fun activities.

2.  Which means of transport to Ha Long?

How to move to Ha Long? And sightseeing in Ha Long by what means will be suitable? These are the two questions that are most concerned by young people.

2.1 Traveling from Hanoi to Ha Long

If you depart from Hanoi to Ha Long, there will be many different options. With a distance of 170km, Limousine will be a popular choice for many people, both fast and cost-effective. In addition, you can also travel by motorbike, bus or train. To better understand this issue, you can call the hotline: 0948891000 for free advice from Dong Travel.

2.2 Visiting Ha Long by motorbike or taxi?

Sightseeing in Ha Long motorbike or taxi is reasonable because Ha Long city is very small. If you want to discover new things or want to actively wander the roads here, getting a motorbike will be right for you. Otherwise, you can use public services such as taxis with many different companies, spoiled for choice.

2.3 Sightseeing Halong Bay by boat

Another way for you to have a new fun is to charter a boat to visit the bay. This is a vehicle suitable for large families who want to experience a new feeling of being immersed in nature. Normally, the rental price for 1 hour of operation is about VND 7,00.000 - VND 3500,000 depending on the type of boat you want. As for some of you who are traveling alone, you can save costs by joining a train for about 150,000 VND per person. Usually the ships serve their meals when you need them.

3. Ha Long travel experience: Where?

Because this is one of the famous tourist destinations in the country, there are many types of motels, hotels,... that you can easily choose. It will save a little cost if you travel here at the beginning or middle of the week, because the price will be high on the weekend due to the large number of tourists.

3.1 Hotels in the city

Royal Lotus Ha Long Resort and Villas (facebook: Phuong Hai Nguyen)

Instead of focusing mainly on building mini and small hotels, most in Ha Long are 4- to 5-star hotels, designed with luxurious architecture and high standards. Some good hotels in Ha Long: The Light Hotel, Ha Long Park Hotel, Paradise Suites Hotel, Royal Lotus Ha Long Resort and Villas,...

3.2 Dreamy Homestay

Homestay is always the first choice of young people when traveling in Ha Long. Because of its reasonable price, it gives visitors a feeling of comfort and warmth. Visitors will have a clearer view of the lifestyle and culture of the locals. Some good Homestays in Ha Long: Ha Long Coral Bay Homestay, Diamond Homestay, Ha Long Ginger Homestay,...

Simple style with Ha Long Ginger Homestay (facebook: Thuy Le Thuy)

3.3 Luxury yachts

Staying on a yacht will bring a whole new experience when coming to Ha Long. Although the price is higher than on the mainland, but you get a better service experience such as floating on a boat to explore the scenery of Ha Long Bay, participating in seafood parties, squid fishing in the middle of the sea. ,...Some beautiful and luxurious yachts in Ha Long: Dynasty Cruises HaLong, Alisa Premier Cruise,...

5 star Dynasty Cruise (facebook: Vu Viet Anh)

4. Travel experience in Ha Long: What to eat? Which dish is the specialty?

Referring to Ha Long, it is impossible not to mention the fresh seafood dishes, besides the extremely attractive and full-flavoured specialty dishes. If you do not know what to eat or enjoy when coming to Ha Long, please refer to some suggestions below:

4.1 Grilled squid - Ha Long specialty

Ha Long squid cake is famous throughout the country for its characteristic crunchiness and deliciousness. Grilled squid is made from large, fresh cuttlefish caught on the waters of Ha Long. You can easily buy and enjoy hot batches of squid at markets.

Ha Long squid cake specialties (facebook: Huong Hoang)

4.2 Baked Milk Oysters

It is one of the dishes not to be missed when coming to Ha Long. Grilled milk oysters have a sweet, salty, and greasy taste. It will be more delicious if you ask the owner to grill oysters with onion fat or cheese to change the taste.

Quality oysters (instagram: nguyen_le_thuy_vy)

4.3 New to the sea sam

This is a rare and novel seafood. Sea sam is processed into a variety of dishes such as: grilled egg sam, fried sweet and sour sam's feet, sam sam, blood soup, sam soup, sam sam cooked with eggs,... You will hardly forget the delicious taste. while enjoying the food from these sea creatures.

Delicious sea sam (instagram: ntvvirus)

4.4 Stir-fried sea snails with soy sauce

Stir-fried sea snails with soy sauce is a favorite dish of tourists. With this dish, diners can dip it with sweet and sour fish sauce or dip it directly into stir-fried soy sauce for a full flavor.

Strong flavor with fried snails with soy sauce

4.5 Bored wine - Typical pungent

Bored wine is a special drink made from bored sea. After being washed, the sea worms will be exposed to boiling water for about a minute, then taken out to cool, then peeled, put the intestines in a mug, pour white wine into it, mix and mix with the alcohol. Drinking wine will have the sweetness of boredom, the pungent taste of the wine and the characteristic aroma.

Delicious wine from Quang Ninh (facebook: Minh Ha)

5. Ha Long Bay travel experience: What's fun to play?

5.1 Carnaval Festival Ha Long

Carnaval is usually held on the holidays of April 30 and May 1 every year. Carnaval is a unique art choir in terms of beauty, culture, tourism and people of Quang Ninh. With attractive performances, making visitors fall in love with each sweet melody.

5.2 Overnight on romantic Ha Long Bay

Overnight on a boat in Ha Long Bay is an activity that many tourists enjoy. They can immerse themselves in the immense nature, enjoy Quang Ninh specialties on luxury yachts.

5.3 Enjoy Kayaking

There's nothing better than going on a kayak with your loved ones to directly touch each rock or cave in Ha Long Bay. Domestic or foreign guests always choose this activity first when coming here.

5.4 Enjoy the beauty of Ha Long Bay from above

The scenery of Ha Long Bay is strangely beautiful with a view from above. Sightseeing Ha Long on planes will be an unforgettable memory in every tourist. With each flight of 25 minutes, you are enough to be captivated by the nature here.

5.5 Adventure climbing services

If you are an adventurous person, then the sport of mountain climbing on the sea will be very suitable for you. The feeling of overcoming yourself when going over the cliffs is old-fashioned.

5.6 Climbing Bai Tho Mountain - Famous virtual living place

Bai Tho Mountain is a place for virtual people. It only takes you 30 minutes to climb to the top of Bai Tho mountain, capturing wonderful moments at sunset and sunset.

5.7 Longest Cable Car in Vietnam - Queen Cable Car

If you do not have the physical conditions to climb the cliffs, the cable car will give you a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. The Queen Cable Car is a great investment, so you can see the natural beauty here in the most convenient way.

6. Ha Long tourist destination

Ha Long has a variety of tourist destinations for visitors to choose from such as: amusement parks, caves, fishing villages,... A few options that you can refer to.

6.1 Caves in Ha Long Bay

The caves are considered the most beautiful in Ha Long Bay such as Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave, Luon cave... visitors will have to gasp for the majestic and mysterious beauty that nature has. bestowed on Ha Long Bay.

6.2 Fishing village

Vung Vieng fishing village and Cua Van fishing village are two famous fishing villages in Ha Long, one of the tourist attractions. Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the sea but also be taught by the fishing village women how to row a boat, drop fishing for shrimp,...

6.3 Beaches in Ha Long

Bai Chay beach is an artificial beach that attracts a large number of tourists in Ha Long. Here, visitors can participate in activities such as swimming, scuba diving, team building activities, eating seafood, taking pictures on the white sand with romantic coconut trees,...

6.4 Tourist area - Amusement park

When coming to Ha Long, you cannot miss the following two famous entertainment resorts:

♦ Sun World Halong Complex is a complex of amusement parks not inferior to international ones. Including 2 main entertainment areas connected through a modern cable car system, the coastal entertainment complex and the entertainment complex on the top of Ba Deo.

♦ Tuan Chau is an island in Ha Long city, inhabited by a long-standing culture. When you come here, you will get a new feeling with a luxurious and sophisticated decoration style. Tuan Chau tourist area is a high-class resort for many tourists.

6.5 Other popular tourist destinations

In addition, in Ha Long, there are many tourist areas that are popular with young people. Not only entertainment areas, but when coming to Ha Long, we will have the opportunity to experience majestic caves such as Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave, Sung Sot cave,... or poetic islands such as Ti island. Top, Dragon Eye Island,... You can also refer to a few more famous places in some articles of Dong Travel.

7. Ticket price to visit Ha Long Bay (Updated in 2023)

Sightseeing route Sight seeing Time Price
Route 01: Ship Port – Van Canh Park Thien Cung Cave – Stone Dog Islet – Dinh Huong Islet – Fighting Cock Islet – Ba Hang Fishing Village 3-4 hours 290,000 VND/ticket
Route 02: Ship Port – Park of Caves Soi Sim Beach - Ti Top Island - Sung Sot Cave - Me Cung Cave - Bo Nau Cave - Luon Cave - Drum Cave - Trinh Nu Cave - Tien Lake 5-6 hours 290,000 VND/ticket
Route 03: Ship Port – Marine Culture Conservation Center Cua Van Floating Cultural Center - Tien Ong Cave - Ba Ham Lake - Ba Men Temple - Ang Du 5-6 hours 240,000 VND/ticket
Route 04: Ship Port – Marine Entertainment Center Co Cave – Thay Cave – Cong Do – Cap La Cave – Vong Vieng – Tung Ang Ecological Area, Cong Do – Hon Xep Park 5-6 hours 240,000 VND/ticket
Route 05: Ship port – Gia Luan wharf (Cat Ba – Hai Phong) Thien Cung Cave – Dau Go Cave – Dog Stone Islet – Ba Hang Cave – Dinh Huong Islet – Trong Mai Islet 3-4 hours 290,000 VND/ticket

8. Some popular itineraries at Dong Travel

To get a clear travel plan, you should refer to some of the following schedules:

8.1 Itinerary Hanoi – Ha Long – Hanoi

Day 1: Departing from Hanoi, about 3 hours you will reach Ha Long. Then check-in, check-in and freely go out on 5 routes here.

Day 2: visit Sun World with many interesting games

8.2 Itinerary from Hanoi – Ha Long – Cat Ba – Hanoi

Day 1: From Hanoi you will take a little time to reach Ha Long. When checking in, you will visit the bays by pairing or renting a whole boat for convenience if your family is large.

Day 2: From Ha Long move to Cat Ba. Overnight stay at the hotel here. Day 3: Take a speedboat from Cat Ba back to Hai Phong, then take a bus back to Hanoi.

8.3 Itinerary for travelers from Hanoi – Ha Long – Mong Cai – Hanoi

Day 1: Go from Hanoi to Ha Long in the early morning, have fun and visit in Ha Long Bay during the day.

Day 2: Early in the morning, take the bus to Mong Cai. Check in hotel and visit at Tra Co beach, have a dinner party to eat fresh seafood at the sea.

Day 3: Take advantage of the procedures to cross Mong Cai border to visit. Then in the evening, take the car back to Hanoi. In addition, to have a complete vacation and less problems, you should choose package tours at Dong Travel. This will save you from worrying as well as spending a lot of time planning.

9. What to buy as gifts in Ha Long?

An indispensable gift when coming to Ha Long is dried seafood such as pounded squid, dried squid, dried squid, dried fish, dried shrimp, etc. In addition, souvenirs are made from shells of fish. Sea creatures will be easy to find in night markets or amusement parks.

10. A few small notes to keep in mind when coming to Ha Long 

♦ Need to bring sun protection items to protect your health.

♦ Do not bring food on board when visiting the bay. As well as putting garbage in the right place

♦ Always keep the ticket stubs when you arrive at the amusement parks.

♦ Check the items carefully when buying.

Above are the Ha Long travel experiences that you need to know when traveling. Hope can help you and your loved ones have a great experience. If you have any problems, please contact Dong Travel for dedicated guidance.

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