Ha Long Bay will be the ideal destination for your weekend trip. If you are wondering about how to buy tickets as well as the price of tickets to visit Ha Long Bay. Check out the following article, Dong Travel has compiled and brought you all the information you need to know to make your trip more complete.

1. How to buy tickets to visit Ha Long Bay fastest?

To buy a ticket to visit Ha Long Bay, you can buy it in two ways: Book a package tour and buy tickets directly at two major ports of Ha Long, Tuan Chau port and or Ha Long port.

1.1 Book a tour

To buy a ticket to visit Ha Long Bay, you can buy it in two ways: Book a package tour and buy tickets directly at two major ports of Ha Long, Tuan Chau port and or Ha Long port.

1.2 Buy at 2 ports in Ha Long

If you do not book tickets according to the tour in advance, you can still buy tickets directly at 2 scenes of Tuan Chau or Ha Long, in which:

♦ Tuan Chau international passenger port is a large port located far from the city center. Ha Long about 13km is located on Tuan Chau island.

♦ Ha Long international passenger port has just been officially put into operation for 2 years, located in a prime location - the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Things to pay attention to when buying tickets to visit Ha Long Bay

Tickets to Ha Long Bay are divided into 5 categories corresponding to 5 main sightseeing routes. Ha Long Bay has a total area of up to 1,553km² including 1,969 islands. Therefore, it is impossible for you to go all 5 sightseeing routes in just 1-2 days. Therefore, you need to consider choosing a sightseeing route that suits your interests and time budget.

Each ticket  Ha Long sightseeing ticket  includes 2 copies:

♦ The link on the right: is the toll ticket visiting Ha Long Bay write the amount to be paid by the total number of routes indicated on the ticket, ranging from 200 - 250k/person for a day ticket and 500 - 750k for an overnight ticket.

♦ Link on the left: is a passenger ticket, price 40,000 VND/person

Tickets to visit the bay are divided into 2 tickets

The back of the  ticket to Ha Long Bay inscribes specific attractions for each route. However, you can choose some highlights from the attractions listed on the ticket because you will not be able to visit all of the above points in 1 day.

3. Details of ticket prices to visit Heritage Bay

Ticket prices to visit Ha Long Bay will be divided into 3 types: General sightseeing ticket price, sightseeing ticket price per spot and overnight ticket price on the bay.

3.1 General admission ticket price

♦ Ticket price: 120,000 VND/person/way

♦ Visiting time: 6.30 am - 6.30 pm

♦ Highlights: Guests will be able to visit the most famous areas of Ha Long Bay complex but cannot stop to visit at any point.

3.2 Ticket price to visit each point

♦ Ticket price: 30,000 - 50,000 VND/person/point

♦ Visiting time: 6.30 am - 6.30 pm

♦ Selectable attractions: Cuu Van Floating Cultural Center,  Cau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Tien Ong Cave, Thien Cung Cave,...

Guests will board the train before the departure time indicated on the ticket and move to the attractions

3.3 Overnight fare on the bay

♦ Ticket price for 1 night: 200,000 VND/person

♦ Ticket price for 2 nights: 350,000 VND/person

♦ Ticket price for 3 nights: 400,000 VND/person

To stimulate post-Covid tourism demand, Quang Ninh province is implementing an extremely deep ticket discount promotion program when reducing the price of all tickets currently listed by 50%. The specific ticket prices for each route are as follows:

Ticket price for route 1 - Visiting Van Canh park conservation center: Visiting Thien Cung cave, Trong Mai island, Dog rock island, Dinh Huong island: 290,000 → 145,000 VND/person/day ticket

Hon Trong Mai is famous in the tourist complex of Ha Long Bay

Ticket price for route 2 - Cave Park Conservation Center: Visiting Ti Top island, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Me Cung cave, Luon cave,...

♦ Day ticket: 290,000 → VND 145,000/person

♦ 2 days 1 night ticket: 590,000 VND → 295,000 VND/person

♦ Ticket 3 days 2 nights: 790,000 VND --. 395,000 VND/person

Photos inside Sung Sot cave in route 2

Ticket price for route 3 - Marine culture conservation center: Visit Cua Van floating cultural center, Ba Men temple, Tien Ong cave, Truc forest, Ba  Ham lake,...

♦ Day ticket: 240,000 → VND 120,000/person

♦ 2 days 1 night ticket: 590,000 VND → 295,000 VND/person

♦ Ticket 3 days 2 nights: 690,000 VND --. 345,000 VND/person

Bamboo forest with majestic wild beauty in route 3

Ticket price for route 4 - Marine entertainment development and conservation center: Visiting Co Cave, Cap La Cave, Hon Xep Park, Cong Do Island, Vung Vieng area,...

♦ Day ticket: 240,000 VND → 120,000 VND/person

♦ 2 days 1 night ticket: 540,000 VND → 270,000 VND/person

♦ Ticket 3 days 2 nights: 690,000 VND → . 345,000 VND/person

Visit Grass Cave and experience kayaking

Ticket price for route 5 (Ha Long - Cat Ba) : Visit Trong Mai Islet, Gia Luan Wharf, Ba Hang Cave, Dog Stone Islet, Cau Go Cave, Tien Cung Cave....

Day ticket: 290,000 VND → 145,000 VND

3.4 Instances of fare exemption

Children with a height of less than 1m2 or children under 7 years old

Persons with disabilities are required to present a certificate of disability

3.5 Cases of 50% discount on ticket prices

Seniors over 60 years old and required to show identification: ID card, CCCD or passport

3.6 Case 20% off ticket price

Children aged 7 - 16 with Vietnamese nationality are required to present identification documents: Identity card, citizen identification or passport

4. Suggestions for choosing a sightseeing route that suits your needs

Ha Long Bay is an extremely large population, to suit the needs of each visitor, tickets have been divided into 5 categories corresponding to 5 routes. The route, the points  visiting Ha Long Bay as well as the advantages of each route will be suggested by Dong Travel right below:

♦ Route 1: This is the shortest route lasting about 4 hours, suitable for day travelers who like to explore caves and experience kayaking.

♦ Route 2: The route is selected with a lot of travel routes during the day, lasting about 6 hours, visitors will visit caves, kayak, swim, enjoy the scenery. You will depart at noon and return in the evening. If you like swimming, you can choose this route. The boat departs at 7 am or 12 noon, visitors will be able to swim at Ti Top island after visiting the points in the journey. The boat will return to the dock at 5pm.

♦ Route 3: Discover the culture of Cua Van fishing village, suitable for tourists who choose an overnight tour. Which is one of the 16 most beautiful fishing villages in the world, with tourists who love to explore and delve into the unique features of culture in Fishing Village, this route cannot be ignored.

♦ Route 4: This is a resort route applicable for 2 days 1 night overnight tour or 3 days 2 nights. The ticket price is relatively expensive because it is aimed at high-class customers, experiencing 5 * resorts on the sea. In addition, visitors will visit Co cave, Thay cave, Cong Do island area, Cap La cave, Tung - Ang Cong Do ecological area, Hon Xep park, Vung Vieng area.

Route 4 on the map

♦ Route 5: A day trip, suitable for those who want to explore Cat Ba with attractions like route 1. Guests will depart at the cruise ship port, then move to Sung Sot Cave, Ti island. Swimming group then return to Bai Tu Long Bay or move to Cat Ba to swim..

5. Guide to charter a boat to visit Ha Long Bay without fear of being "hacked"

When visiting Ha Long Bay, to avoid being "hacked" when doing procedures for chartering a boat. Dong Travel will send you the following 2 methods of chartering:

5.1  Buy charter tickets at the listed price of the Management Board of the Tourist Area

Boat rental tickets are very transparently publicized by the Tourism Area Management Board for each sightseeing route, specifically as follows:

♦ Route 1 (Lasting for 4 hours) - Ticket price: 150,000 VND/pax

♦ Route 2 (Lasting for 6 hours) - Ticket price: 200,000 VND/pax

♦ Routes 3, 4 - Ticket price: 350,000 VND/pax

5.2 "Standard" chartering method

Direct contact with the Management Board

Guests can directly contact the boat arranger of Ha Long Bay Management Board. This way you will determine the exact departure time and ensure the promised price.

Book through travel agencies

Visitors can book charter services at the travel agency where the tour is located, contact Dong Travel for more details and enjoy special promotions.

6. Total cost of visiting Ha Long Bay

The total cost of  visiting Ha Long Bay   depends on which tour route you choose, how you buy the tickets, and whether you stay overnight or not.

With the Package Tour applied for route 1 and route 2, it will be about 700,000 VND/pax

Tickets to visit each point on Ha Long Bay: 145,000 VND/person after 50% off ticket price

Boat rental package: 150,000 → 200,000 VND/person/route

Lunch fee: 150,000 VND/person/line

Total cost of route 1 from 300,000 VND → 500,000 VND

Total cost of route 2 from 350,000 VND → 500,000 VND

Ha Long Bay is an ideal destination for couples or families on the weekend. Based on information about ticket prices as well as highlights of each sightseeing route, visitors can choose the route that suits their interests and time budget. Contact Dong travel now to learn about Package Tour and get the best Ha Long Bay fare.

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