Do you have any plans to go out with your family this summer? Dong Travel suggests to you a very hot tourist destination in the past few years, which is Thien Cung Ha Long cave. In this article, we'll give you an overview of the history and beauty of this new attraction!

1. Introducing the most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay

Thien Cung Cave is considered as the most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay, a tourist attraction that is always included in tours of the bay by yacht. Thien Cung Ha Long Cave is about 4km from the tourist port, to get to the cave, visitors need to go through cliffs and steps carved from stone. After many surveys and studies by archaeologists, Thien Cung Ha Long cave was identified as a relic of the Soi Nhu culture when it contained many Melania shell sediments. Melania snail is a species of carbonated freshwater snail, so the shell is white.

The beauty of Thien Cung Ha Long cave

Not only that, when coming here, archaeologists also find historical relics left from the Stone Age such as stone tools for hunter-gatherer purposes. Thien Cung Ha Long Cave has an extremely large area of up to 10,000 m2 with a complex structure, high and wide walls overlapping layers, sparkling stalactites and is classified into many floors, many compartments, come here. You will admire the majestic beauty that nature bestows.

2. Sit on a boat to admire the scenery and listen to the legend of Thien Cung cave

Coming to  Thien Cung Ha Long Cave you will be told by your guide about legends from the time of the Dragon King to help the people fight the enemy.

Thien Cung Cave is the place to record the legend of the Dragon King helping the people to fight the enemy

In particular, there are 3 clear ponds here, these are the 3 ponds where she bathed her 100 children. If you come out from the cave, if you can see a small winding road, this is the way Mrs. May leads her 50 children to explore new lands and leaves 50 children for the father to build together. build a homeland. Coming to Thien Cung Ha Long cave in particular and Ha Long Bay in general, visitors will hear about stories of love, humanity and many interesting legends.

3. The favor that nature bestows on Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung Ha Long Cave is divided into 3 main compartments: the first compartment, the central compartment and the last compartment

3.1 First compartment

This is a compartment containing a magnificent and splendid picture with the shape of a sacred dragon. Right at the first cave, visitors will admire the painting depicting ancient fairy characters with unique touches. In particular, on the north wall of the cave you can see the image of a group of fairies singing happily, looking up, you will see the dome created naturally by many years old stalactites, sparkling like a high-class crystal cluster.

3.2 Center compartment

Following the guide, we continue to admire the magnificent beauty of the central compartment. This is a compartment containing four pillars of extremely large size, on the body of each pillar are carved many very strange shapes, when closely observed, you can imagine the image of birds, flowers, people or animals. everyday scenes are depicted. Above are the domes made of stalactites, when the electric light becomes sparkling that no camera can describe, come and see it with your own eyes!

3.3 Last compartment

The last compartment is also the one that makes the name  Thien Cung Ha Long cave the most beautiful cave on Ha Long Bay. This place is also likened to a fairyland when stalactites combine with different colors to create a sparkling landscape, mysterious and extremely magnificent beauty. This place contains a clear pond, the sound of water murmuring softly and reflecting the image of stalactites on the water surface.

4. Visit Fairy Stream - Dau Go Cave.

To explore all of  Thien Cung Ha Long Cave it will only take you half a day, so you can take advantage of visiting Tien Stream - Dau Go Cave right nearby by traveling by small boat or yacht. Dau Go Cave is only about 6km from Bai Chay port.

Cau Go cave is only about 300m from Thien Cung cave. Located at an altitude of only 37m above sea level, the cave entrance height is about 17m and the width of the cave is about 13m. The inside of Dau Go cave is also divided into 3 compartments with equally impressive beauty. At this height, Dau Go Cave has a relatively high humidity, so it has a variety of vegetation such as: Wood plants, ferns or mosses... As a person who is always fascinated by the wonderful scenery bestowed by nature. As a gift, you cannot ignore the duo Thien Cung and Dau Go caves.

Pictures inside Dau Go cave

Dau Go Cave - Ha Long Bay

It can be said that with what nature offers, Thien Cung Ha Long cave deserves to be the most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay. Coming to this place, you can also learn about historical stories and admire objects left over from the Stone Age. Contact Dong Travel to book a package tour to visit Thien Cung cave and many great attractions in Ha Long Bay!

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