Da Ban stream Phu Quoc is a famous place with charming beauty like a fairyland in the world and the sound of murmuring waterfall flowing. When is the right time to travel to Da Ban stream? What activities do you enjoy? Let's join Dong Travel to fully explore this journey right here!

phu quoc suoi da ban

Da Ban stream - Charming tourist area like a fairyland (@ben.nguyen.999)

1. Location of Da Ban stream Phu Quoc

Da Ban stream Phu Quoc is located in Cua Duong commune, northeast, about 10km from Duong Dong town. This stream originates from Ham Ninh high mountain range - the highest mountain range of 99 mountains of Phu Quoc, then flows down to Duong Dong lake creating a majestic but equally poetic scene.

phu quoc suoi da ban

A corner of Da Ban stream, a fast-flowing waterfall (Photo collection)

suoi da ban


suoi da ban


thác đá bàn

The wooden bridge at Da Ban stream is checked in by many young people (@_hannhho09)

2. Why is it called Da Ban stream?

The name Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc originates from the large rocks where the stream flows rapidly, so the surface is flat like a table.

thác đá bàn


thác đá bàn

The scene is suitable for bathing fairies, relieving the summer heat (Collectible photos)

However, some information recounts that folk legends and incidents related to this stream are handed down. Legend has it that the fairies often come down to take a bath here, so the new stream is named like that. This ancient story contributes to making Da Ban waterfall more attractive and strangely beautiful.

3. When is the best time to visit Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc?

The most ideal time to travel to Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc falls between May and November. The climate at this time is relatively cool and pleasant, the trees are green, the spring water is clear and you can see the bottom and waterfalls. The water pours down to white, erasing the dreamy space.

However, visitors should also be careful because this time the spring water flows quite fast, avoiding slipping and tripping.

At other times of the year, Phu Quoc enters the rainy season. This is the time when visitors are often advised not to organize trekking trips. Therefore, Da Ban stream is not suitable for tourism in the rainy season because the wet and rainy weather conditions are quite dangerous.

khu du lịch suối đá

Visitors check-in at Da Ban stream, Phu Quoc (collected photos)

suối đá bàn phú quốc


suối đá bàn phú quốc

(@nghianh139 )

4. Directions to Da Ban waterfall in Phu Quoc

Traveling by public bus

The road to Da Ban stream is relatively far and bumpy, so visitors can travel by public bus to ensure a safe journey. Tourists take the car from the center of Duong Dong town and arrive at the last point is Cua Duong commune.

Bus travel time is not too long. Each ticket is worth 30,000 VND/person.

Traveling by motorbike

Moving to Da Ban stream by motorbike is a great choice for genuine backpackers. This way of moving is both more convenient and can help you experience all the beautiful scenery along the way.

suối đá bàn phú quốc

Stop on the way to see the unspoiled Phu Quoc scenery (@khilun)

  • From the town center, visitors move all the way to Cach Mang Thang Tam street, then turn left onto Nguyen Trung Truc street. You continue 2km, you will meet the road to avoid Duong Dong, go to the cafe
  • Bao turned left into the direction of Duong Dong lake. Continue to follow the instructions for 3km, then meet the trail about 4km, you will come to the gate of Da Ban stream resort in Phu Quoc.
  • At this time, visitors can park their car to walk across the cable-stayed bridge for about 15 minutes to reach Da Ban waterfall.

5. Discover the full beauty of Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc

5.1. Check-in by the cable-stayed bridge - Virtual living by Da Ban stream

To go inside Phu Quoc Da Ban waterfall, visitors will have to go through a suspended cable-stayed bridge. Step by step through the sturdy wooden panels is the first memorable experience that this place offers you.

phu quoc suoi da ban

(Photo collection)

thác đá bàn phú quốc

The smart check-in photo is suitable for virtual living with friends (@minduk)

thác đá bàn phú quốc


Although the bridge is quite shaken, the feeling of standing on the bridge in harmony with wild nature and fresh air will help your soul heal! In addition, do not forget to check in on the suspension bridge with poetic and beautiful virtual live pictures.

5.2. Explore the journey on the primeval forest roads

If anyone loves trekking, they cannot ignore the majestic and vast primeval forest roads here.

Visiting and exploring the forest that once imprinted the footprints of our soldiers during the war is also an equally interesting experience. Remember to take pictures to save your memories in the jungle - Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc!

phu quoc suoi da ban

Quiet corner of Da Ban stream through the lens of a foreign tourist (@kris_toor)

phu quoc suoi da ban

KThe majestic and vast primeval forest scene (@kris_toor)

khu du lịch suối đá


5.3. Immerse yourself in the cool water of the stream at Da Ban Phu Quoc

TBathing in Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc is an effective way to relieve the sweltering heat and relax the soul. There is nothing more wonderful than immersing in the cool stream under the golden sunlight shining through the trees.

suối đá bàn

Da Ban waterfall in Phu Quoc is clear and cool (@danieln.92)

suối đá bàn

Playing with Da Ban waterfall to your heart's content (Collectible photo)

You can also sit on the flat rocks, swinging your feet to admire the natural scenery, the waterfall forest. Don't forget to check in a photo here to have the opportunity to live virtual with your friends!

5.4. Camping by Da Ban stream - Have a barbecue with friends

The large rocks at Da Ban stream have a flat surface, so visitors can use it as a place to rest, gather and have a picnic with friends. Sipping grilled food while singing and chatting all night will definitely be a memorable memory for your association.

Remember to clean up after the fun party at the stream. Let's join hands to protect the environment at this pristine Da Ban stream!

suoi da ban

Outdoor BBQ with friends is a fun experience (@phiphi4396)

khu du lịch suối đá


6. Some notes when traveling to Da Ban stream Phu Quoc

In order for the journey to discover Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc to be convenient and interesting, visitors should note the following issues:

  • To ensure the safety of yourself and your companions, choose areas where the water is not deep to bathe in streams, avoid areas of waterfalls and fast-flowing water.
  • Choose slow-flowing stream areas for dreamy check-in
  • Please wear comfortable clothes to facilitate moving through the trails and primeval forest roads.
  • Because the area of Da Ban waterfall is quite large, do not forget to refer to the map of the resort or hire a guide to make the trip more perfect.
  • When organizing an outdoor barbecue, do not forget to take advantage of the flat stone slabs and limit your approach to dense bushes to avoid encountering harmful organisms.

In short, the journey to discover Da Ban stream in Phu Quoc becomes more memorable than ever if visitors know how to enjoy it. Please refer to the above article to save the way to move, interesting experiences when coming here. Don't forget to invite your friends to Da Ban waterfall in the nearest occasion!

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