Phu Quoc dog camp is one of the Phu Quoc attractions that attracts the most visitors in Ngoc Island. This place brings interesting experiences for visitors, especially dog lovers, including new activities such as watching training shows, ridgeback dog shows, etc. Discover the spot with Dong Travel right here. This unique tour!

1. Special features of Phu Quoc dogs

Phu Quoc Ridgeback is one of four dog breeds listed as the national dog of Vietnam, including the Dingo dog, the Hmong bobtail and the Bac Ha dog. This breed is considered to be more intelligent and loyal than other breeds.
Chó Phú Quốc là giống chó đặc trưng của Đảo Ngọc

Phu Quoc Dog - A typical dog breed of Ngoc Island.

Phu Quoc Ridgeback owns its own characteristic that is a vortex located on the back running from the foot to near the tail. They also have purebred habits such as when sleeping, they will stick their ears to the ground to hear the slightest sounds transmitted through the ground.

In addition, Phu Quoc dogs especially like to dig, hunt, swim and are easy to get acquainted with people. They react quickly, are healthy and always show joy whether meeting strangers or acquaintances. This is also both an advantage and a disadvantage of this ridgeback breed.

Chó Phú Quốc nhanh nhẹn và dễ gần

Phu Quoc dogs are very agile and easy to get used to

Thanks to the above characteristics, this breed is trained to become professional runners.

All of them will receive special care and follow their own rules. For example, when they notice signs of illness, they will be examined and given the right medicine.

Phu Quoc dog breed has a stable development life, is relatively easy to raise and purebred.

You just need to be careful in their diet, do not feed too much fat and eat too much food at once. Because they are very susceptible to diseases related to the digestive tract.

2. Origin of Phu Quoc dog

Currently, there is still no accurate information about the origin of the Phu Quoc dog.

Some researchers surmise that this breed appeared during the French-Vietnamese war and was domesticated by Phu Quoc people to become the typical dog here.

However, some historical documents point to the origin of this breed from Thailand. Although the origin of the Phu Quoc dog is unknown, people still recognize it as a dog breed of Vietnam.

Nguồn gốc của giống chó Phú Quốc từ Thái Lan

The breed appeared during the French war

3.  Interesting things to visit the dog camp Phu Quoc

3.1 Thanh Nga Dog Farm - The most famous ridgeback sanctuary

Thanh Nga is one of the famous dog sanctuaries that tourists cannot ignore when traveling to Phu Quoc. This place is located in Cay Thong Ngoai hamlet, Cua Duong commune, Phu Quoc district and next to Suoi Tranh tourist area towards Ham Ninh. It takes about 25 minutes to travel by motorbike from Duong Dong center to Thanh Nga dog farm.
Trại chó Phú Quốc - Thanh Nga nổi tiếng

Phu Quoc Dog Farm - Thanh Nga

This sanctuary was established in 2000 and currently fosters over 200 ridgebacks. Phu Quoc Dog Farm - Thanh Nga takes advantage of the large campus, so it is designed according to the life line of a ridgeback dog, including areas: Wild, breeding barn, breeding area, training area, fence climbing performance, racetrack, cooking area, nursing, medical treatment and cemetery.

More generally, the Phu Quoc - Thanh Nga dog farm is divided into two main areas:

  • The area for visitors includes a racecourse and a dog area.
  • The forest for the camp to release dogs to hunt in the afternoon. Visitors are not allowed to enter this area because it is very dangerous.

Not only that, coming to Thanh Nga, visitors can also visit the primeval forest, listen to the sound of flowing streams, watch orchids in full bloom and each wild mossy green stone. You can also go to the small hut right near the exit to stop to relax and feed the fish. This is definitely an interesting experience when visiting Phu Quoc dog farm.

Ticket price for a visit at Thanh Nga dog sanctuary is VND 50,000/person.

Video review of Phu Quoc Thanh Nga dog farm

3.2 Visiting and hearing about the behavior of Phu Quoc dogs

When coming to Phu Quoc dog farm, visitors will be told by the guides about the behavior of this dog. In particular, the dog breed here still retains the habit of burrowing like jackals as follows:

  • Around noon, the ridgebacks will dig out a small hole to lie down.
  • During the breeding season, dogs will also dig burrows.

Du khách tham quan trại chó Phú Quốc

Visitors visit Phu Quoc dog farm and hear about living habits

The behavior in the breeding season has created a unique feature for this breed compared to other species. More specifically, during the breeding season, the trainer will put 5 male dogs and 1 female dog in the same cage. At this time, the female dog will proceed to choose a male dog for mating by jumping on that dog's back. That is, only one male dog is allowed to mate with female dogs.

3.3 Watch dog racing at Thanh Nga dog farm

When visiting Phu Quoc - Thanh Nga dog farm, visitors will admire the dramatic race of "dog" athletes. Every day, this performance attracts from 300-500 guests to watch. Thanh Nga Dog Farm also designed a stand for visitors to watch the dog race. hút từ 300-500 khách đến xem. Trại chó Thanh Nga cũng thiết kế khán đài dành cho khách tham quan theo dõi trận đua chó.

Du khách tham quan trường đua chó

Phu Quoc Dog Racecourse designed a location for visitors to watch the race

Each dog will show off their ability to dig, find their way, go over rocks, go under tunnels, climb over each bamboo bridge, thread through trees and especially jump over obstacles with a height of up to 0.9m - 1.2m.

Next, the dogs will accelerate on the terrain of planks, brick roads, cliffs, lakes to finish the journey.

The terrain of the racecourse is 300m long with 3 parallel lanes, specially designed to be challenging and wild for athletes to unleash their talents.

At the same time, a team of professional trainers will also monitor throughout the process to ensure the safety of the dogs and visitors.

To create this unique performance, talented "dog" athletes must follow a strict training regime. Each dog will have a unique knack and the trainer will have to understand it to take full advantage of this.

To increase the excitement for this spectacular race, visitors can cheer and cheer for their favorite dog.

In addition, visitors can also visit the barn next to the racecourse to admire the interesting sight - dogs scavenging. For each pick up 1 item, the trainer will drop 1 bait to tame them.

3.4 Price of Phu Quoc dog

Many tourists want to buy Phu Quoc Ridgebacks, so the trainers here will separate the puppies for easy observation. Different dogs have different prices. Specifically:

  • Black, yellow, white monochrome dog: 4 million VND/head.
  • Cameras with alternating colors: 10 million/head.

Những chú chó con Phú Quốc đáng yêu

Tourists visit and buy puppies

Above is information related to Phu Quoc dog farm. Hopefully the article has helped visitors have a clearer view of this special breed and their living habits. If you don't know what Phu Quoc has to offer, plan a visit right away to admire the spectacular dog racing journey! Wish you have a pleasant tour!

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