Phu Quoc is favored by nature for its wild and romantic beauty, known as the Pearl Island. Every year, Phu Quoc welcomes more than hundreds of thousands of tourists every year to come here to relax. Let's take a look at the map of Phu Quoc with Dong Travel to see if this place has anything special that attracts so many tourists.

Chi tiết bản đồ Phú Quốc

Map of Phu Quoc for tourists

1. Covering the island and Phu Quoc map

When looking at the map of Phu Quoc, it can be seen that the infrastructure of the island with roads and essential transport facilities such as the airport has been relatively well established.

Where is Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang Province has a unique and extremely unspoiled beauty that is rarely found anywhere else.

When looking at the overview map, you will be able to see that this place has many beautiful beaches, dense rivers, primeval forests and even the largest entertainment complex in the country.

The center of Phu Quoc island is Duong Dong town. From this location, visitors can move to any location, tourist destination in the North, Dong or South of the island to explore and visit when looking at the map of Phu Quoc tourist area.

bản đồ đảo Phú Quốc

Overview map of Phu Quoc island

In the North of Phu Quoc, there is a famous national park and a modern complex of Vinpearl Land with adventure games. To the west of Phu Quoc, there is Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery, a temple right next to the sea, and Bai Dai - one of the most beautiful and crowded beaches here.

Going to the south, there is Cay Dua prison, a famous historical site, while Khem beach and star beach are much more famous. If tourists want to see firsthand the process of producing Phu Quoc fish sauce or fishing village, they can go to the East of the island.

2. Phu Quoc tourist map

2.1 Western and Central Regions

Duong Dong Market - Reflecting the rhythm of Western life

As the center of Phu Quoc island, Duong Dong town attracts a large number of tourists. Here there are many resorts and hotels for tourists, close to Phu Quoc international airport, so there are often fairs, many large and small activities to attract tourists.

Before visiting, please take a look at the map of Phu Quoc island to make your journey more convenient.

Chợ đêm Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc night market is crowded with tourists

Phu Quoc Night Market - Seafood paradise

If you have visited Duong Dong town, you definitely cannot miss the Phu Quoc Night Market in the evening. It can be said on the map of Phu Quoc, this is a great place not to be missed. You can enjoy delicious seafood dishes and immerse yourself in the bustling and crowded atmosphere of the residents here. Phu Quoc night market is usually divided into two areas, a seafood area and a souvenir area for tourists to bring back.

Hải sản tại chợ đêm Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc Night Market is famous for its fresh seafood

Truong Beach Phu Quoc - The most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc

Bai Truong, also known as long beach, is a place that you should definitely visit when you have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc. Bai Truong has a coastline stretching over 1.5km, from Ganh Dau to Cua Can. This beach is loved by many tourists because of its wild and magnificent beauty, fresh air and many convenient services.

Hoàng hôn bãi Trường Phú Quốc

Sunset on Truong Phu Quoc beach

Dinh Cau - A spiritual tourist destination

Another interesting place in the center of Duong Dong is Dinh Cau. This place is famous as a spiritual destination and intrigues not only because of its special location but also about the thrilling legends surrounding this place.

For that reason, this is a place marked by many tourists on the Phu Quoc map when planning to visit the island.

Dinh Cậu bản đồ Phú Quốc

Dinh Cau - A spiritual tourist destination

Pepper gardens - Ecotourism area

When going to the west of the island, tourists are surprised by the vast pepper forests. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to take pictures in the pepper gardens and be guided and explained on how to harvest pepper. In addition, visitors will also be able to bring fresh pepper as gifts for family and friends.

Vườn tiêu Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc pepper garden is an interesting check-in place

2.2. Eastern area

Ham Ninh fishing village - Discover the life of fishermen

As one of the oldest fishing villages in Phu Quoc, Ham Ninh fishing village has an idyllic and rustic beauty. However, no less poetic, it will certainly be an interesting and unforgettable experience when watching the sunset in the afternoon on the fishing village.

Làng chài ven biển Phú Quốc

Simple and simple coastal fishing village

Tranh stream tourist area - Immerse yourself in nature

Suoi Tranh is created by many small streams weaving through each ravine like a wonderful painting. If you are a lover of natural green, please note immediately on the map of Phu Quoc to visit Tranh stream tourist area!

The water here usually flows from June to September, the beautiful natural scenery with flowers, mountains, rocks, ... will be an interesting camping site for your family.

Da Ban stream tourist area - Romantic scene
In addition to the beach and seafood market, Da Ban stream is also a place you can visit to relax and live virtual. Although this place has a majestic wild scenery, it is not known and explored by many people on the local tourist map.

bản đồ đảo Phú Quốc đến Suối đá bàn

Majestic and bumpy table rock stream

2.3. Northern area

Temple of Nguyen Trung Truc - Traditional Medicine Center

If you have time, you should visit Nguyen Trung Truc temple to visit and take souvenir photos. The temple was built by the people to commemorate the hero with meritorious services to the nation and the country.

Every year, on the 28th day of the 8th lunar month, people here flock to celebrate his death anniversary and remember him. The temple is just over 20km from Duong Dong by car, which is extremely convenient and fast.

Đền thờ Nguyễn Trung Trực Phú Quốc

Temple of Nguyen Trung Truc in memory of the national hero

Map of Phu Quoc - Vinpearl Safari

Coming to Phu Quoc without experiencing the games and especially Vinpearl Safari is a big omission.

Vinpearl Safari is the second largest zoo in Southeast Asia, with many semi-wild animals that you rarely see outside of movies. For families, this is an activity that the children will enjoy.

Động vật tại Phú Quốc

Semi-wild animals in the 2nd largest safari park in Southeast Asia

Vin Wonders Phu Quoc - Amusement park

In addition to Vinpearl Safari, Vinpearl Safari Vin Wonders is also an ideal destination for your family. This is a large amusement park and invested a lot of money.

You will experience a lot of adventure games or watch marine life at the aquarium, check in to your heart's content at Europe Boulevard.

Đại lộ châu Âu Phú Quốc

European Boulevard is like a fairy castle

2.4 Southern Region

Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery - Peace of mind at the temple door

Truc Lam Ho Quoc Zen Monastery, commonly known as Ho Quoc Pagoda, is a famous spiritual center in Phu Quoc.

This place is made entirely from precious ironwood, exquisitely carved by artisans, with the design of the North. Ho Quoc Pagoda is not only famous for being beautiful but also very sacred, suitable for going to pray for good luck.

Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm Phú Quốc

Ancient and sophisticated Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Coconut Tree Jail - Phu Quoc historical site

Cay Dua Prison is one of the places that you should not miss when coming to Phu Quoc.

This place preserves all the pain and cruelty of war, the hardships that our ancestors had to endure. This prison was also considered a "hell on earth", a heroic historical relic of the nation.

When you come here, you will also hear explanations about ancient historical stories.

Nhà lao cây dừa Phú Quốc

The coconut tree prison left a lot of pain and loss in wartime

Beaches in the South of Phu Quoc map

Belonging to An Thoi town, Bai Sao, Bai Khem is considered the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. Iridescent white sand beach, turquoise blue sea water.

Especially, unlike many other beaches, Bai Sao and Bai Khem are always quiet and calm, rarely affected by the southwest wind. In addition, you can also experience many other convenient services such as surfing, canoeing, massage,...

Du lịch Bãi Sao - bản đồ khách sạn Phú Quốc

Bai Sao tourism - Phu Quoc hotel map

An Thoi Islands - Diversity of ecosystems

In the center of Nam Dao, there is An Thoi town with ecological diversity and archipelagos. From the central location of the map of Phu Quoc island, you only need to travel less than 10 minutes by boat to reach 14 large and small islands.

The unspoiled space of the blue sea, white sand, and undulating cliffs give you a new and interesting experience. Here you will also be able to participate in activities such as coral diving, night squid fishing,...

Quần đảo An Thới hoang sơ cho bạn trải nghiệm mới lạ

Map of Phu Quoc - Unspoiled An Thoi Islands gives you a new experience

3. Notes when reading Phu Quoc map

In general, the map in Phu Quoc is updated with clear and specific notes. From the map you can see the location of the attractions and arrange them according to the schedule.

However, be sure to update to the latest versions and compare maps with each other to find the most convenient and specific direction and schedule.

4. Other Phu Quoc island maps

In addition to tourist maps, you should also refer to other types of maps in Phu Quoc.

4.1 Administrative map

This is a detailed simulation map of the communes of Phu Quoc island district: Duong To, Cua Duong, Bai Thom, Cua Can, Ham Ninh, Ganh Dau, Hon Thom island commune and two towns of An Thoi and Duong Dong.

The center of the island is Duong Dong town and is also the administrative center of the district.

4.2 Traffic Map

Phu Quoc is an island district that is not too big, the traffic system is not too complicated, so most tourists choose to travel by motorbike. If you also intend to travel to Phu Quoc by motorbike, you need to refer to the traffic map here.

4.3 Map of islands

Phu Quoc has a lot of small islands, so there will be many different island tours, especially deserted islands. Please refer to the detailed map of Phu Quoc island to understand more about the islands and places worth visiting.

Above is the information about Phu Quoc map for your reference. If you are in need of travel to Phu Quoc or refer to tours, please contact Dong Travel for advice and support.

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