Phu Quoc National Park is considered as one of the tourist attractions that you should not miss if once coming to the romantic "pearl island". The beauty of the primeval forests with diverse flora and fauna here will surely make you unable to stop rubbing. Today, let's join Dong Travel to fully explore the beauty of this place!

1. Where is Phu Quoc National Park located?

Phu Quoc National Park is located in the north of the "pearl island" with an area of 314.2 square kilometers, accounting for about 70% of the total area of the island. This is a national project inaugurated in 2001 and recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world in 2006.

địa chỉ vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc National Park has an extremely large area (Source: h_anhh)

Within its "legal" area, the National Park in Phu Quoc is divided into 4 main areas. At the same time, there are 3 big mountains here: Ham Ninh range, Ganh Dau range, and Ham Rong range. Along with 60km of beautiful coastline.

khung cảnh vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

Traveling to Phu Quoc National Park is one of the hottest options in the pearl island (Source: thewilddaisylover)

Phu Quoc's National Park is one of the national parks that still retain the unspoiled natural beauty of the vegetation. Therefore, every year, this place attracts a large number of Phu Quoc tourists to visit and explore.

2. Conquer the road to Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc Kien Giang National Park is located on the territory of all 3 communes such as Bai Thom, Ham Ninh and Cua Duong. So in fact the way to get here is relatively simple.

From the center of Hai Duong town, you just need to go back to the North along Duong Dong - Ham Ninh road about 10km to reach Ham Ninh commune.

vườn quốc gia phú quốc

Getting there is relatively easy. Refer to the address of Phu Quoc National Park in the map below. (Source: nvantai196)

Starting from Ham Ninh, the total length of all roads crossing the national park will be about 60km, with all 12 bridges. To overcome it, the best way is to walk because this road is extremely difficult to walk.

Note that, for some conservation reasons, there are also restrictions on motorbikes here. Young people who love to explore and travel by motorbike can choose the route from Ham Ninh to Bai Thom, with about 50 km.

The road from Ham Ninh to Bai Thom is all forest land, so the road is extremely difficult to travel in the rainy season. At this time, the road will become muddy, so the wheels will be very easy to sink.

Going to the sections with waterfalls, lots of rocks, wet will definitely be an extremely difficult challenge for inexperienced drivers. Therefore, it will take you nearly 2 hours to go all the way, even though the distance is only about 50km.

vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc kiên giang

To visit Phu Quoc National Park, it is best to go on a tour or in a team to be safe (Source: zenaidakwong)

Coming to Thom beach, you can stop to rest and explore the cuisine here. Then go along the road from the beach to Indochina town to the center of Phu Quoc city.

3. Means of conquering Phu Quoc National Park

Just like other fun places in Phu Quoc, you can completely come here by all kinds of vehicles such as motorbikes, taxis,... However, the road to conquer Phu Quoc National Park is quite challenging. challenging and requires more special preparation.

There are 2 main means you can choose to conquer Phu Quoc National Park:


Motorcycles are the vehicle chosen by most tourists here to go to Phu Quoc National Park because they are compact, allowing you to move easily on forest roads.

You can rent a motorbike at the center of Hai Duong to start your journey of discovery.

Some good and reputable motorbike rental addresses that you can refer to such as: Rent a motorbike at Phu Quoc airport, Linh Trang Phu Quoc, Anh Huy, Nguyen Hong Chau,...

du lịch vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

Motorcycles are the means that many tourists choose to go to the National Park (Source: sammylala04)

Walking - Trekking

Walking or Trekking is the challenge of your own legs and endurance to cross the forest in Phu Quoc National Park. Tree-lined trails and fresh air await adventurers. Understandably, this way is quite laborious, but you will experience the forest in a more authentic and "rich" way.

Note that, get yourself a local guide or go with a ranger to avoid getting lost in the forest.

4. What is interesting about Phu Quoc National Park?

4.1 Rich flora and fauna in forest and marine ecosystems

The vegetation of Phu Quoc National Park is extremely rich with many different species. However, most are still perennial plants, often growing in low hills.

vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc kiên giang

Diverse flora and fauna, some are also recorded in the red book in Phu Quoc National Park (Source: johannahofmayr)

vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc kiên giang

(Source: renee_sens)

When traveling to Phu Quoc Kien Giang National Park, you will easily encounter large, many-year-old trees standing proudly in the middle of the wild mountains.

More surprisingly, you can find rare orchid families, rare herbs in remedies such as ha thu o, bean curd or licorice,...

In addition, the animals here are equally abundant:

♦ 30 species of mammals, including 5 species recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam.

♦ 200 species of birds with 4 species recorded in the World Red Book.

♦ 50 species left close with 9 species recorded in the World Red Book.

♦ 18 species recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Moreover, the national park in Phu Quoc also has preserved special marine species such as:

♦ 100 species of hard corals.

♦ 20 species of soft corals

♦ 60 species of seaweed

♦ Precious marine species such as sea cows, female snails, giant clams, tortoiseshells,etc

4.2 Cool and fresh stream

Going deep inside are the streams originating from the fresh and cool Ham Ninh range as a break into the vast, green space of the old forest.

vườn quốc gia phú quốc

The cool streams inside the garden will surely make you fall in love (Source: jimmybizzle87)

The white streams, constantly "pouring water" day and night seem to make the poetic beauty of the scenery, and the flora and fauna here.

du lịch vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

At the waterfalls, visitors can rest or camp with their group as they like (Source: wennpham)

However, Tranh stream and Da Ban stream will appear to be without water and of course will not be "active" in the dry season.

But don't be sad, Phu Quoc National Park also has a 7-storey Da Ngon stream that "flows" year after year, day after day but not tired. Create the harmonious beauty of the forest.

Da Ngon Stream is also one of the most beautiful streams that nature favors for this "pearl island". Please visit these falls in the dry season (November to April next year) to ensure safety for the visit.

4.3 Immerse yourself in the purple color of the purple myrtle of Phu Quoc forest

Going to Phu Quoc National Park without seeing the forest sim is definitely a huge regret. A poetic and romantic picture of Phu Quoc appears in front of your eyes, which will surely bring you absolute enjoyment. You will be overwhelmed with the sight of thousands of purple myrtle flowers in full bloom.

Surely among the many specialties of Phu Quoc, you have heard of the famous sim wine. This is a gift from nature from the myrtle tree.

To see the forest sim, you should come to Phu Quoc from March to June, that is, late spring and mid-summer. This is the time when the myrtle hills of the National Park race to bloom. Sometimes even purple a corner of the sky here.

vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc kiên giang

The purple color of myrtle flowers spreads over an area of ​​the sky at Phu Quoc National Park, creating an amazing natural scene (Source: boginya_inna)

4.4 Conquering the roof of Phu Quoc

Your trip to discover and travel to Phu Quoc National Park will certainly not be complete if you skip the climbing performance to the top of Nui Chua.

This place is known as the roof of Phu Quoc with an altitude of about 603 m above sea level. This is the highest peak in the Ham Ninh mountain system where you have to pass a very zigzag and challenging pass.

From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the dreamy Phu Quoc city, or be free to hunt for beautiful nature photos without a flycam. An unbelievable majestic scenery will appear before your eyes that you may not find anywhere else on the map of Vietnam.

vườn quốc gia phú quốc

Conquering the top of Mount Chua Phu Quoc is an activity that many young people choose when coming here (Source: Collected photos)

5. In which season should you go to Phu Quoc National Park?

The best time to visit Phu Quoc Kien Giang National Park will be from February to June every year. At this time in Phu Quoc will be the dry season, the temperature is not too high, the weather is relatively cool, so it is very suitable for you to start your journey of discovery. Trekking groups through the forest often choose this time to ensure the most favorable conditions.

That is the time of the month, and every day, you should visit this place, preferably around 7:30 pm and end at 16:30 pm.

Absolutely should avoid going to the National Park in Phu Quoc in the rainy season because at this time the weather is relatively erratic, the road is difficult to travel, extremely dangerous if you have to go forest or mountain climbing.

đi vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

You should choose a reasonable time to go to Phu Quoc National Park (Source: h_anhh)

6. What to prepare for visiting Phu Quoc National Park?

In order for your trip to visit Phu Quoc National Park to be convenient, before starting your journey, you should prepare the following issues:

• It is best not to go alone, form a team to go together. This is not only for your safety, but also makes the trip a lot more enjoyable.

• You should go with a native of Phu Quoc, this will be of great help.

• Listen to the instructions of the rangers inside the National Park before starting your journey.

• Download map of Phu Quoc and map of Phu Quoc National Park available in your phone.

• Prepare all necessary personal items for the trip such as clothes, protective gear, medicine, specialized shoes, or insect repellent...

• Prepare enough drinking water and snacks to serve the trip.

• Remember to bring a camera or phone to keep memories of the trip.

du lịch vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

Some notes that you should know before visiting Phu Quoc Kien Giang National Park (Source: petitsadventurers)

du lịch vườn quốc gia Phú Quốc

(Source: thewilddaisylover)

If you are wondering what Phu Quoc has to do, come to the National Park in Phu Quoc, you will admire the charming scenery, explore the diverse flora and fauna. In addition, you can also participate in activities such as climbing mountains, bathing in streams, etc extremely interesting.

Come to Phu Quoc National Park to discover all the natural beauty of this place with Dong Travel right now. An interesting and attractive trip to the National Park in Phu Quoc Kien Giang will certainly not let you down.

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