Coming to Phu Quoc, you will admire the wonderful natural scenery with "blue sea, yellow sun", guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding guests. Besides, Phu Quoc is also a culinary paradise with countless attractive dishes, and to enjoy the most "Phu Quoc" flavors, we invite you to visit Phu Quoc night market!

Phu Quoc Night Market is always bustling, vibrant, colorful, and full of delicious food.

1. Where is Phu Quoc Night Market?

Phu Quoc Night Market is located on Vo Thi Sau Street, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island District, Kien Giang Province. The night market is located in the central area of Phu Quoc, so tourists can easily find this fun place in Phu Quoc!

Address: No. 6 Bach Dang Street; Indochina Town; Phu Quoc.

Some people may call this market by  Bach Dang Phu Quoc night market,  Dinh Cau Phu Quoc night market, or  Duong Dong Phu Quoc night market, but these all refer to a busy market in the center of Phu Quoc.

1.1 How to move to Phu Quoc night market

To move to the night market, you can use the following means: motorbike, taxi or walking.

From the center of Duong Dong town or nearby motels and hotels, just look up google maps with the keyword "Phu Quoc night market" or ask people about the night market located on the intersection of Bach Dang street. and Nguyen Dinh Chieu is fine.

If you are still not sure about the direction, Dong Travel has attached the location below.

1.2 Pavilion at Phu Quoc night market

The stalls at the night market are very diverse. The most prominent is still the dishes made from seafood, with reasonable prices and the taste of fresh seafood caught directly, making it hard for diners to refuse.

In addition, there are also street food stalls very rich. According to the experience of going to Phu Quoc from many tourists, the night market is a cultural feature not to be missed when coming to the island.

Because it is the busiest market at night, snack stalls are mainly arranged on both sides of the entrance, ensuring convenience for visitors who have had their main meal in the afternoon, coming to the night market just to sightseeing and snacks.

chợ đêm phú quốc

(Source: im.huyn)

cho dem phu quoc
chợ đêm ở Phú Quốc

The dishes are very rich and diverse (Source: Collected photos)

Going deeper inside, visitors can find restaurants serving dishes such as rice, noodles, vermicelli... for those who have a late dinner or want to try Phu Quoc's specialties.

The night market in Phu Quoc also has stalls selling souvenirs, food ... so that visitors can bring back as gifts and keep good memories of Phu Quoc.

2. Night market in Phu Quoc what time is it open?

2.1 Opening hours

The night market usually starts at 16:00 and ends at 23:00.

However, the start and end times may change depending on the weather making the start time earlier or the festivals, the number of tourists in Phu Quoc increases, the end time will also be later.

chợ đêm phú quốc ở đâu

Phu Quoc night market is very crowded. (Source: n2anh.11)

cho dem phu quoc

Western customers check in at Phu Quoc night market. (Source: michaelthefox)

2.2 Hours of excitement

The most active hours of the night market in Phu Quoc are from 19:00 to 23:00. At this time, tourists or indigenous people gather a lot, both to visit and to enjoy extremely attractive dishes.

3. What to eat at Phu Quoc night market?

With a lot of dishes that stimulate the taste buds, Dong Travel will introduce you to some outstanding dishes, you should try them when you come to the night market!

3.1 Phu Quoc grilled eggs

ăn gì ở chợ đêm phú quốc

(Source: angeleats_n1)

ăn gì ở chợ đêm phú quốc

Delicious and attractive grilled eggs. (Source: tuuurkey.k)

Walking around the Phu Quoc night market, you will not be able to quietly pass by the aroma of the rising egg!

Baked eggs served with mayonnaise, chili sauce, add some fried onions and peanuts on top for only 30,000 VND. A portion of grilled eggs with oysters, meat and even quail eggs, extremely quality and affordable.

3.2 Phu Quoc grilled rice paper

Bánh tráng nướng tại chợ đêm

She sells baked rice paper and makes it very skillfully. Quickly satisfy your cravings in the blink of an eye. (Source: VNExpress)

chợ đêm phú quốc

(Source: letuan1602)

This is a dish loved by many young people at the night market in Phu Quoc. Pieces of grilled rice paper with eggs, minced meat, assorted dried specialties seasoned richly. Just finished baking, blow and eat right away. Crispy, savory, delicious.

3.2 Cool Thai ice cream roll

đi chơi chợ đêm Phú Quốc

Thai ice cream rolls are very stimulating to the taste buds at Phu Quoc night market (Source: Collected photos)

đi chơi chợ đêm Phú Quốc

(Source: anh_thao_94)

Ice cream rolls can be found in many places, but the ice cream rolls at the night market in Phu Quoc are very special. The taste of the cream is just right, not too sweet, and there are many varieties for you to choose from. In addition, you can also choose to add some accompanying dishes such as: fruit, waffles, desiccated coconut ... to enhance the flavor of the ice cream.

The seller will mix the ingredients and spread the cream until it is foamy. Because of the very evenly spread hand, the ice cream rolls here are very tasty and attractive.

3.3 Delicious grilled dishes from fresh seafood

chợ đêm phú quốc
chợ đêm ở Phú Quốc

Delicious fresh octopus marinated with fragrant satay (Source: Collected photos)

You can ask for different marinades for seafood delicious Phu Quoc night market. From grilled salt and pepper, satay to green pepper or grilled octopus served with shredded cheese.

The price of this dish is very reasonable and will usually be based on the weight of the seafood to calculate the price, some restaurants will charge an additional processing cost, but it is not significant. In particular, the octopus at the night market is very fresh, chewy and crunchy. Extremely suitable for those of you who are "followers" of seafood!

3.4 Childhood candy

chợ đêm Phú Quốc

Candy only reminds of childhood memories (Source: Collected photos)

Malt is skillfully spun, grated coconut is added and placed on thin rice paper. So finished the candy - the childhood memory of so many generations.

Walking around Phu Quoc night market, sipping candies is nothing more than that. With only 10,000 VND for a piece of candy, you can already enjoy this dish.

3.4 Fresh seafood processed on the spot

ăn gì ở chợ đêm phú quốc

The seafood is very fresh and prepared at a reasonable price (Source: Collected photos)

chợ đêm phú quốc ăn gì

(Source: saigon.taro)

chợ đêm phú quốc

(Source: saigon.taro)

đi chơi chợ đêm Phú Quốc

(Source: timeless.nguyen)

Coming to Phu Quoc is definitely a must to enjoy seafood here! Seafood is extremely diverse and is caught directly, processed immediately, so the seafood is very fresh and without preservatives or whitening.

All kinds of fish, snails, shrimps, crabs...with a variety of processing methods and keeping the typical flavor of delicious seafood at Phu Quoc night market, the price is affordable. All of these are reasons why you should try the seafood dishes at the night market.

4. Must-buy specialties and souvenirs when coming to Phu Quoc

After walking the night market and enjoying delicious food, surely you will also want to buy specialties or souvenirs to give to friends and relatives or keep memories of a memorable trip to Phu Quoc. Dong Travel will suggest you what to buy when coming here.

4.1 Souvenirs

đi chơi chợ đêm Phú Quốc

Lovely souvenirs from seashells and snails (Source: nosfuimosdegira)

chợ đêm phú quốc nằm ở đâu

You can buy Phu Quoc pepper at the market. (Source: lcmndrt)

Keychains are handmade from seashells, snails or glass vases engraved with Phu Quoc scenery, which are very pretty gifts that you can buy as a souvenir or send to relatives and friends.

Some stalls also have name-engraving services on request, so these can also become lovely couple items for couples when going out to the Phu Quoc night market.

4.2 Liquor massage

chợ đêm phú quốc bán gì

Alcohol is an effective pain reliever for the elderly (Source: noeantunez)

The medicinal wine used for massage at the night market in Phu Quoc is also very good. This will be a suitable gift for families with elderly people or often playing sports.

4.3 Fish sauce

chợ đêm phú quốc

Phu Quoc fish sauce is rich, popular with many people (Source: Collected photos)

Going to the night market Phu Quoc, how can you not buy Phu Quoc fish sauce!

Pure fish sauce from anchovies, brewed completely naturally, without adding chemicals, giving birth to delicious and flavorful fish sauce bottles, which will be a gift that will always remind you of Phu Quoc.

4.4 Sim wine

chợ đêm phú quốc nên ăn gì

Liquor is a healthy drink. (Source: Photo collection)

Sim wine is not only a typical drink, but also brings many positive health benefits. You can also consider buying wine to see as a gift when you come to Phu Quoc night market!

4.5 Dried squid, dried fish of all kinds

The price of dried squid and dried fish at Phu Quoc night market is very affordable, and the quality is very good. Pre-marinated dried varieties are also very attractive. You can buy it while eating and taking it home as a gift.

Because it is made from fresh seafood and dried under the typical sun of the sea, dried fish of all kinds always retains its sweetness and can be preserved for a long time without containing harmful substances. This is also one of the foods that should be bought as a gift when going to the night market.

chợ đêm ở Phú Quốc

Attractive pre-marinated dried varieties at Phu Quoc night market (Source: nomvietnom)

Phu Quoc Night Market is one of the places that you should visit when coming to Phu Quoc. Dong Travel has introduced to you the delicious food at the night market as well as some typical dishes that you can buy as gifts for your family and friends. Hope Dong Travel has helped you answer the question of what to eat at Phu Quoc night market? and what to buy at the night market as a gift? Hope you will have the best experience in Phu Quoc!

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