Tranh stream tourist area Phu Quoc is currently one of the hottest tourist destinations in the pearl island, attracting many tourists' attention. Let's explore the wild beauty and diverse ecosystem at Tranh Stream with Dong Travel to have an interesting trip and the best experiences!

1. Where is Tranh Stream in Phu Quoc?

Tranh Stream Phu Quoc address: Duong To, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

Operating hours: 7:00 to 21:00 daily

Tranh Stream Phu Quoc tourist area (Tranh Stream waterfall) is one of the famous eco-tourism sites in the pearl island. Tranh Stream is located in May Stream hamlet, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc, about 10km from Duong Dong town.

This place owns an extremely fresh natural scenery, unspoiled beauty, pure to bring visitors great relaxing moments.

suối tranh phú quốc
Tranh Stream eco-tourism area (@truong_lap1903)

Coming to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc, you will be immersed in the same rivers, mountains and forests to forget all the chaos and worries of life. The green surroundings help you fully enjoy the peaceful time with your loved ones, family and friends.

2. The complete scene of the current Phu Quoc Tranh Stream

Coming to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc tourist area today, you will see a new, more beautiful and perfect appearance.

The first is the Welcome Gate area for visitors to buy tickets and check in at the counter.

suoi tranh phu quoc
hình ảnh suối tranh ở phú quốc

Welcome gate at Tranh Stream tourist area (Photo collection)

hình ảnh suối tranh ở phú quốc


Next, you will enter the campus inside the resort, greeted by hundreds of years old green coconut trees. Below is a carpet of green grass interspersed with flower pots that are racing to show off their colors as if to invite precious guests.

suối tranh ở phú quốc

The way to Tranh stream (@ary_m_travelgram)

Stepping into the depths of export is the Rong house with the characteristics of the Central Highlands, which gives visitors extremely interesting experiences. Following the foot of the stream, you will follow the bumpy paved road to the source at an altitude of 300m, enjoy the mysterious nature with new experiences such as bathing, camping, fishing...

khu du lịch suối tranh phú quốc

The Rong house is bold in the Central Highlands (@absoluteraga19)

Visitors visiting Tranh stream in Phu Quoc will have the opportunity to enjoy a perfect natural picture with the green color of forest trees, soft winding streams, white waterfalls falling from above. Along with that is a wonderful symphony combining the sound of wild birds and the murmuring stream of water to create a majestic natural harmony.

suối tranh phú quốc mùa nào đẹp

The sound of murmuring water of Tranh stream helps you relax more. (@t.rann)

3. Tranh Stream Phu Quoc ticket price

The ticket price of Tranh Stream Phu Quoc tourist area is quite cheap and clearly listed, so visitors can rest assured. Currently, the price list to visit Tranh Stream is as follows:

  • Adult ticket: 30,000 VND
  • Child ticket: 20,000 VND
  • Car: 100000 VND

Currently, the resort is open to welcome visitors from 7 am to 21 pm daily. You should go early in the morning to have a day to enjoy, have fun, and explore Tranh Stream to the fullest!

suoi tranh waterfall phu quoc

A scene at Tranh stream (@likaekzotika)

4. Tranh Stream Phu Quoc is the most beautiful season?

According to Dong Travel's experience, the most ideal time for you to visit Tranh Stream is from June to January next year.

Because, this is the time when the pearl island puts on its beautiful beauty, the rays of sunlight crept through each canopy, the waterfalls pour white, allowing you to fully admire the majestic natural scenery.

suối tranh waterfall

(Photo collection)

However, this is the peak time, so there will be quite a lot of tourists visiting the pearl island. If you want to have moments of peace and relaxation, you can arrange travel at times with few visitors.

Before and after the Lunar New Year, Tranh stream will have very little water. If your main purpose is to bathe in the stream and take pictures with the white waterfall, you should avoid this time.

suoi tranh waterfall

Tranh Stream in the pouring season (@to67889)

tam tien o suoi tranh phu quoc

(Photo collection)

5. Instructions on how to move to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc

There are many ways for you to move to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc, here are some suggestions that Dong Travel wants to reveal to you:

suối tranh đảo phú quốc

There are many ways to move to Tranh stream (Photo collection)

Firstly, you can rent a motorbike to fully explore the beauty of the pearl island by yourself, the rental price is about 150,000 VND/day.

Car (rent by day)
The second is to rent a car, visitors can rent by day and combine to visit other tourist attractions such as: pearl culture facility, sim wine making area, Ham Ninh fishing village, Ho Quoc pagoda, beach why... The price of renting a car is about 700,000 VND/day.

Book a tour (private or combined)
The third is a group tour, the tour price is about 350,000 VND / person, the car will take visitors free from the center of Duong Dong town.

suoi tranh phú quốc


6. What is interesting about Tranh Stream in Phu Quoc?

Coming to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc tourist area, visitors will go from surprise to surprise by the mysterious and wild beauty with hundreds of interesting things waiting for them. Let's explore with Dong Travel now!

suoi tranh phú quốc

(Photo collection)

suối tranh phú quốc có gì


6.1. Immerse yourself in the majestic natural beauty at Tranh Stream

When coming to Tranh Stream tourist area, you will be able to go through forest roads with green trees, shading, bringing a fresh and cool atmosphere all year round. Most of the routes through the forest have stone steps to make it easier for visitors to move.

địa chỉ suối tranh phú quốc

Immerse yourself in the majestic natural beauty at Tranh Stream (collected photos)

khu du lich suoi tranh o phu quoc


khu du lich suoi tranh phu quoc

(Collected photos)

Here, visitors will be immersed in the majestic natural beauty of clear blue streams, bumpy rock formations, white waterfalls like a peach silk strip basking in the golden sun.

All create a picture of "charming feng shui", helping us forget all the chaos, hustle and bustle of life to mingle with nature, mountains and flowers.

6.2. Immerse yourself in the blue waterfall in Tranh stream resort

One of the best experiences of tourists when coming to Tranh stream in Phu Quoc in the summer is bathing in the stream, immersing in the cool, clear blue water.

Conquering the water rigs pouring down from above makes you able to relieve stress and fatigue, bring positive energy to continue to discover interesting things here.

suối tranh phu quoc

Immerse yourself in the clear blue water (@absoluteraga19)

suoi tranh o phu quoc


6.3. Hundreds of virtual check-in corners at Tranh stream in Phu Quoc

Come to Tranh Stream, don't forget to save yourself the most wonderful and memorable moments. Here brings you hundreds of extreme virtual check-in corners such as waterfalls, forests, rocks, roadside wildflowers,... All can fit into your frame to bring to life. photos "for a lifetime".

suối tranh phú quốc


hình ảnh suối tranh phú quốc


suoi tranh dao phu quoc


6.4. Explore the mysterious Tranh Stream Bat Cave

Bat Cave is a cave located halfway up the mountain, right on the way to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc tourist area. The cave is about 200m high, 50m deep, inside are stalactites with many unique shapes.

In particular, if you go in the dry season, you will admire the beautiful scenery when the sunlight creeps in, making the stalactites become shimmering, magical and strange.

hang dơi suối tranh phú quốc

Explore the mysterious bat cave

7. Note for tourists when traveling to Tranh Stream Phu Quoc

suối tranh phu quoc


To have a complete trip with many wonderful experiences at Tranh Stream in Phu Quoc, according to Dong Travel's experience, you need to note a few things below:

  • You should carry a bottle of insect repellent with you because in the jungle there will often be many insects such as mosquitoes, squeezing ...
  • Choose for yourself a pair of comfortable sports shoes to conquer the roads, making the movement more convenient and safe.
  • If you have children with you, you need to pay close attention to them to avoid getting lost or unexpected incidents.
  • Be civilized guests, have a sense of common hygiene, do not litter indiscriminately so that you can enjoy the freshest and freshest atmosphere.
suối tranh phu quoc

(Photo collection)

8. Frequently asked questions about Tranh Stream Phu Quoc tourist area

8.1. Is the water at Tranh stream cold?

Depending on the time of day, the water temperature at Tranh stream in Phu Quoc varies slightly. In general, the time when there is sunshine the water will be warmer. This is the right time for you to safely drop into the cool stream and not be freezing cold.

8.2. Is it possible to eat and drink in Tranh stream?

You can eat comfortably in Tranh stream tourist area. According to many visitors, it is best to bring your own food and drinks for the picnic here.

In addition, the management here allows visitors to cook, so you can completely organize a small BBQ for the whole group here.

8.3. Is Tranh Stream open on Sundays?

Tranh Stream Phu Quoc is open from 7:00 to 21:00 every day so you can visit on Sunday.

8.4. Is it possible to fish at Tranh Stream Phu Quoc?

At Tranh stream, fishing is not allowed.

If you love fishing, you can join other fishing tours in Phu Quoc.

8.5. Is Tranh Stream tourist area far away?

Tranh Stream is quite easy to find when it is located right on the main road of Duong To.

Tranh Stream Phu Quoc address is located in May Stream hamlet, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc, about 10km from Duong Dong town.

8.6. Does Tranh Stream have water flowing all year round?

No, the amount of water at Tranh stream in Phu Quoc varies from season to season.

Before and after the Lunar New Year, Tranh stream will have no or very little water. At this time, you will see hundreds of flowers blooming and lush green grass.

In contrast, in the rainy season, Tranh stream overflows with water from upstream. If you like taking pictures with white waterfalls, you can consider visiting Tranh stream at the beginning or the end of the rainy season.

suối tranh phu quoc


suối tranh phu quoc


suối tranh phu quoc

(Photo collection)

Tranh Stream Phu Quoc - where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the mountains and forests, bringing the best moments of relaxation, entertainment and rest. Contact Dong Travel immediately for advice, help you have an interesting trip with memorable experiences!

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