Come to VinWonders, don't forget to explore Vinpearl Phu Quoc Aquarium (Hai Duong Palace) - an ocean simulation with more than 9,000 unique and interesting sea creatures. Today, Dong Travel introduces and reviews 6 interesting experiences at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc aquarium through the article.

1. Where is Vinpearl Phu Quoc Aquarium?

Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc is located in the VinWonders amusement park with a total area of more than 5,000 square meters. It is currently nurturing and displaying more than 9,000 rare and precious individuals of the ocean.

thủy cung vinpearl phú quốc

Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc is located in VinWonders entertainment area (@ben.nguyen.999)

Entering the aquarium, visitors will be overwhelmed by the scenery that appears before their eyes. You feel like you are entering the vast ocean world with thousands of sea creatures swimming and the wonderful experiences that are available at Vinpearl Phu Quoc.

2. Suggest 6 most attractive experiences at Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc is like a miniature ocean, making visitors go from one surprise to another when exploring tropical rainforests, reptile caves to the vast ocean. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to enjoy interesting and unique performances of beautiful mermaids or cute and friendly fish.

Opening hours: 09h00 - 19h00 daily

Performance schedule:

  • Mermaid performance: 11h00 – 11h10 | 15h00 - 15h10 daily
  • Shark feeding show: 11:15 – 11:25 | 15h15 - 15h25 daily

thủy cung vinpearl phú quốc

Suggest 5+ the most attractive experiences at Vinpearl Aquarium (@ben.nguyen.999)

thuỷ cung kim quy phú quốc


thuỷ cung kim quy phú quốc

(Photo collection)

If you have the opportunity to come to Vinpearl Aquarium, do not miss the fascinating and wonderful experiences that Dong Travel wants to reveal below!

2.1 Visit World's Fastest Gentoo Penguins

As soon as entering Kim Quy Aquarium, visitors will immediately see the area to take care of the fastest Gentoo penguins in the world, with a swimming speed of up to 36km/h. Thanks to careful care and nurturing, the birds here have a chubby and funny gait.

thuy cung vinpearl phu quoc

Visit the world's fastest Gentoo penguins (Collectibles)

Not only that, the Gentoo penguins are also very friendly, ready to cooperate with visitors to create lovely pictures. Therefore, do not forget to check in with these cute friends!

2.2 Admire the beautiful performance of mermaids

At Vinpearl Aquarium, visitors will enjoy an extremely attractive performance from beautiful mermaids. The show time is from 11am to 11h10, the afternoon is from 15h00 to 15h10, each show has a duration of 10 minutes.

thủy cung vinpearl

Admire the performance of beautiful mermaids (Collectibles)

thủy cung vinpearl

(Photo collection)

Visitors will be satisfied with the shimmering colorful ocean world of marine life and the unique performance of mermaids.

This will definitely be a great experience that you will never forget. And of course, do not forget to return to this wonderful moment to save as a beautiful memory when coming to Phu Quoc pearl island.

2.3 Thrilling with the dramatic shark feeding performance

Another interesting experience that you will enjoy when coming to Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc is the dramatic shark feeding performance. This program will take place from 11:15 to 11:25 in the morning and in the afternoon from 15:15 to 15:25.

thủy cung vinpearl land phú quốc

Dramatic shark feeding performance (Collectible photo)

This is probably the most awaited performance by tourists, especially the children. After greeting the audience, the divers will start performing a shark feeding show that makes many people hold their breath.

The diver will stick a fish skewer into the stick and bring it up to lure the hungry shark. This is a performance that received a lot of applause from the audience because of the drama and heart-pounding.

You can rest assured because the divers have professional skills, so this performance always ensures the highest level of safety. In addition, the sharks here are trained and fully fed at certain time frames. Therefore, they are not too aggressive to hunt like sharks in the wild.

2.4 Exploring the seabed at Vinpearl Tunnel Aquarium Phu Quoc

Entering the tunnel of the Vinpearl aquarium, you will feel like you are traveling in the middle of the ocean with thousands of sea creatures swimming around. Visitors will have to be overwhelmed by the scene as if they are lost in the vast, vast world of the sea, surrounded by fish, shrimp, crabs... swimming around.

thuỷ cung kim quy phú quốc

Explore the seabed at the aquarium tunnel (@diemmy__88)

thuỷ cung kim quy phú quốc


The aquarium tunnel is nearly 100m long, more than 4m high, with a capacity of up to 3.5 million liters of sea water. This is home to more than 3,000 marine creatures, helping visitors to satisfy their passion for exploring the vast ocean world.

A small note is that you should not take videos or take pictures with flash because it may have a bad effect on marine life!

2.5. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape space inside Vinpearl Aquariumearl

The habitat space inside the Vinpearl Phu Quoc aquarium makes you admire the beauty of the 1 - 0 - 2 beauty. There is a beautiful Koi fish pond that gives visitors extremely chill pictures. In particular, the aquarium is also equipped with vivid LED lights to enhance the shimmering beauty of these lovely fish.

vinpearl phú quốc thủy cung

Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape inside the aquarium (@hoangzimi94)

thủy cung vinpearl

You will love the Koi aquarium at Vinpearl Aquarium (@thidzung)

thủy cung vinpearl phú quốc

More than 9,000 diverse and rare fish species at Phu Quoc aquarium (@duuyhi)

In addition to the above interesting experiences, visitors can participate in other attractive programs such as feeding, playing, and taking care of the inhabitants of the aquarium with the divers. memorable, unforgettable moments when coming to VinWonders Phu Quoc.

2.6. Visit the reptiles at Vinpearl Aquarium

There are reptiles in Vinpearl aquarium? That's right, don't miss the reptile area in Vinpearl Land aquarium.

thuy cung vinpearl phu quoc

Reptiles at Vinpearl Aquarium (@thidzung )

thuy cung vinpearl phu quoc

(@thidzung )

To get to this area, you will see when looking to the left when standing from the Gentoo penguin area. Follow the error on the left to go to an area with miniatures such as waterfalls, wooden bridges, and Koi ponds, you will find a reptile area opposite those miniatures.

Reptiles here are not too many, but they are all "super realistic". Surely you will be surprised when you look forever but do not see the gecko and then be surprised to find that she is dressed up very similar to the surrounding green bushes. Or the snake friends here will also make some people shiver because sometimes they stick out their tongues and wag their tails, making guests both nervous and excited.

3. Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Aquarium Ticket

When buying tickets to visit VinWonders, Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc is also included in it.

If you read this far, I'm sure you really want to visit the aquarium, so you can rest assured to buy tickets to visit VinWonders and visit the aquarium without buying additional tickets.

You can refer to VinWonders Phu Quoc ticket prices here.

thủy cung vinpearl

Ticket (@qqueen.p)

4. Some notes to know when traveling to Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc

When traveling to Vinpearl Aquarium, you need to note a few things below:

  • When you buy a ticket to enter VinWonders, you will be able to visit the aquarium completely free of charge, so there will be no additional cost to buy tickets!
  • Bring the necessary documents such as ID card/passport, senior citizen card, birth certificate for children to get a discount on ticket price.
  • VinWonders has a policy not to bring food inside, so visitors should not buy too much food because it will be a waste if not used.
  • Currently, there is a state of selling fake tickets to VinWonders, so you should buy tickets right at the reception gate or reputable and reliable agents.
thuy cung vinpearl phu quoc

Note (@_n3q_99 )

thủy cung vinpearl land phú quốc


thủy cung vinpearl land phú quốc

(@anna_vokimchi )

Above is a review to discover the 6 most interesting experiences at Vinpearl Aquarium Phu Quoc that Dong Travel wants to share with you. Wish you will have an interesting trip with the best experiences when coming to the pearl island - the most resort paradise in Vietnam.

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