Vung Bau Beach Phu Quoc is about 6km long and is located in the northwest of Phu Quoc. This is an extremely beautiful beach with clear blue water, and a unique crescent-shaped sandbar. Let's explore the beauty of Vung Bau beach with Dong Travel through the article below!

vung bau beach phu quoc

Vung Bau Phu Quoc is wild and beautiful. (@mariksson)

1. Geographical location of Vung Bau beach

Vung Bau beach is located in the northwest of Phu Quoc island between Ong Lang and Dai beaches, 20km north of Duong Dong town. This beach is about 6km long, has an impressive semicircular shape, so it is called Crescent Beach by locals.

Dubbed the paradise beach of the pearl island, Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc has white sand during the day and turns golden at sunset, the clear blue sea can easily see the creatures on the seabed. The wildness of Vung Bau sea is shown through quite intact vegetation. Woody plants combined with coastal flowers, palm trees, coconut trees and poplars are easily found here.

2. How to move to Vung Bau Phu Quoc?

The simplest way to go to Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc, is that after starting in Duong Dong town, you follow the direction of Cua Can Bridge to the end of the road. Then turn right and continue for a distance of about 500m, now you will come across a concrete bridge located on a small river.

Go all the way through this concrete bridge, at the junction, turn left. You just need to go straight until you come across the first beach. That is the Vung Bau beach that you want to go to.

bãi vũng bầu phú quốc

The easiest way to move to Vung Bau Phu Quoc (@duongtatua)

3. When is the best time to explore Vung Bau?

Located in the tropical monsoon climate, northwest of Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc always maintains a stable temperature, cool all year round, not hot. One of the favorite attractions of Phu Quoc.

However, the best time to travel here is definitely in the dry season. It is best not to go in the rainy season. At this time, the sea will often be "dynamic" so it is a bit dangerous.

vung bau beach phu quoc island

The best time to go to Vung Bau beach is definitely summer (@almachillie)

4. The wild beauty of Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc

Today, Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Phu Quoc and is not inferior to Bai Sao Phu Quoc, or Bai Dai.

Thanks to the cool, clear blue water and its rich flora and fauna. You can easily see starfish, conch and a few other sea urchin species lying on the extremely vivid sand.

vũng bầu phú quốc

Vung Bau Beach Phu Quoc has a wild, idyllic beauty (@mariksson)

vung bau phu quoc


vung bau beach phu quoc island

Varied vegetation at Vung Bau beach (@meli.gogirl)

vung bau beach phu quoc

Vung Bau crescent beach is one of the reasons why this beach is special in the hearts of tourists (@travelwithleanne)

The slope of Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc is not too large, so it is extremely suitable for families with small children. On the beach, there are also shady trees, so you and your family can relax, have a picnic, eat, or have fun.

vung bau phu quoc

The waters of Vung Bau Phu Quoc are very suitable for you to bring your family to rest (@wandering_trisha)

vung bau beach phu quoc

Immerse yourself in the clear blue water, relax on the fine white sand at Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc (@almachillie)

vũng bầu phú quốc

The shady trees are perfect for resting or relaxing (@hillyroe)

This is one of the famous landscapes in Phu Quoc. Standing on the beach, you can also see the whole poetic landscape here. When the forests and mountains, the beautiful nature of Phu Quoc blends with the long, clear beaches.

A special highlight of this poetic natural picture is Mong Tay Island located far away from the sea.

bai bien vung bau phu quoc

The whole beautiful natural scene of Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc (@jiri.georgie)

vung bau phu quoc

(@aurelie.dct )

In addition to swimming, you can also participate in many unique tourism activities and experiences when coming to Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc, such as renting a kayak to paddle along the coast or to paddle to Mong Tay Island to explore. With the price from 700,000 VND - 1,000,000 VND/person/time.

vũng bầu phú quốc

Boating in Vung Bau is an activity that many tourists choose when visiting (@maripauliinaaa)

Not only that, you can also combine daily tours for fishing, snorkeling, or night squid fishing in Phu Quoc with a fairly cheap cost from only 300,000 VND/tour.

phu quoc vung bau

You can combine a day tour to fully explore Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc (@onbird_phuquoc)

Many tourists come to Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc to watch the sunset and sunrise here, especially on beautiful, quiet days. The peaceful and quiet beauty of nature will definitely help you forget the fatigue and busy city.

vũng bầu phú quốc

The peaceful beauty that mother nature brings to Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc (@alexander_nguyen22)

Not only that, Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc is also a very famous overnight camping site, chosen by many tourists.

See the typical wild scenery of Phu Quoc beaches. You will hear the sound of the sea waves whispering in your ears, have fun and enjoy with friends and relatives. These will definitely be memories that you will never forget in your life.

vung bau beach phu quoc island

Camping at Vung Bau beach is also a very interesting activity (Photo collection)

5. What to eat when coming to Vung Bau beach?

According to the Phu Quoc travel experience of many of you, because this place is still quite wild, the on-site catering service has not yet developed strongly. However, you can choose meals served by the restaurants inside the hotels here for about 100,000 VND/serving.

vũng bầu phú quốc

You can order seafood buffet at Vung Bau beach, Phu Quoc (@nustagram_cooking)

In addition, barbecue grill, seafood buffet are the choice of many tourists. The price of these rations will fall to about 250,000VND/serving.

6. Vung Bau Resort Phu Quoc

At Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc, you can find 2-3 star hotels with relatively simple design, but clean and airy. In particular, the view is close to the sea, quiet, you can walk to Vung Bau beach easily.

vũng bàu phú quốc

The scene inside Vung Bau Resort Phu Quoc (@pf_takeuchi)

Some of the best hotels near Vung Bau beach that you can refer to such as Vung Bau Resort, Gold Sand Beach or Mai Phuong Resort, etc.

vung bau phu quoc


Above are the most detailed Vung Bau Phu Quoc beach travel experiences that we want to send to you. Hopefully, after the sharing of Dong Travel, you know what to play and what to eat at Vung Bau beach. Wishing you an enjoyable, meaningful and memorable trip.

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