Where is Phu Quoc? How to move? Are there any interesting places to play? What food is special? If you are looking for a trip to Phu Quoc but don't understand the island well, let's find out right here!

Where to learn Phu Quoc?

1. Where is Phu Quoc? Brief introduction about Phu Quoc

Although Phu Quoc is a famous tourist destination, many people still wonder where Phu Quoc is. On the map of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is known as an island with the largest area of ​​our country. Currently, this island is located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Phú Quốc Kiên Giang

Phu Quoc belongs to Kien Giang province.

Where is Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc Island together with neighboring islands and Tho Chu archipelago form Phu Quoc city. This is one of two cities in Kien Giang province. It is also the first island city of our country.

Phu Quoc stretches across latitudes from 9º53′ to 10º28′ North and 103º49′ to 10405′ East. The area is about 593.05 km2, 50 km long, located in the southwest of the country. The island is only about 45km from Ha Tien town and 120km from Rach Gia city.

Next, let's learn about the history, festivals and more interesting things about Phu Quoc.

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Phú Quốc nằm ở đâu

Where is Phu Quoc located? (Source: nganha86)

2. History of Phu Quoc

In 1671, under Mac Cuu - a native of China, Phu Quoc was officially discovered. Mac Cuu was known to be a talented man but dissatisfied with the Qing court. Therefore, he led a group of soldiers to the South to settle down. At the same time, he was also the one who helped the Nguyen Lord to pacify and reclaim the western provinces.

Although after reclaiming and pacifying, Mac Cuu gave the territory to Lord Nguyen. However, Phu Quoc island at that time was still in the territory often disputed with the Cambodians. It was not until 1855 that Phu Quoc was confirmed by Emperor Napoleon III as our country's territory.

Phú Quốc là đô thị loại 2

Wherever Phu Quoc is, this is also a point not to be missed when traveling to Vietnam's sea (Source: min.1608)

In 1964, King Sihanouk of Cambodia officially accepted the Brévié line drawn by France. Therefore, Phu Quoc has also been recognized by Cambodia as Vietnamese territory. Since then, these territorial disputes have also decreased.

In 2014, Phu Quoc was officially recognized as a grade 2 city. Since then, it has focused on investment and stronger development, especially in tourism.

3. Where is Phu Quoc? Ngoc island tourist guide map

If you already know where Phu Quoc is, then join us to explore the map of Phu Quoc here. Phu Quoc currently possesses many beautiful and world-famous wonders. It will definitely bring you many wonderful experiences.

địa điểm tại Phú Quốc

Full details of locations in Phu Quoc.

In the North, the island concentrates primary forests. The forest thrives, is green and has rich and rare flora and fauna. In the south, there are many beautiful beaches. There are many pristine beaches, which have not been exploited to their full potential.

Going back to the North, there are many beautiful landscapes, comfortable resorts, suitable for families. If you like swimming, participating in interesting games, you can go to the South.

Here are a few tourist routes that have come to Phu Quoc you should know:

♦ Nguyen Trung Thuc Street: Visiting the area of Bai Thom commune

♦ National Highway 46: This is the route connecting Duong Dong town and An Thoi town. On this route you can visit tourist attractions such as An Thoi port, Bai Khem, Phu Quoc prison

♦ National Highway 47: Connecting Ham Ninh and Duong To communes

♦ Tran Hung Dao Street: Leading to Long Beach

♦ Duong Dong - Ganh Dau - Cua Can route: Leading to Dong Duong town, Cua Van commune and Ganh Dau commune. In addition, on this route, there are many famous tourist attractions. For example, Ong Lang beach, Dai beach, Ganh Dau beach, Cua Can beach, Vung Dau beach

Phú Quốc ở đâu Gành Dầu

Where is Phu Quoc and what is there? The famous Ganh Dau beach (Source: benben2806)

♦ Suoi Cai - Mui Duong route: This is the route to Phu Quoc national forest

♦ Route 30/4: Going on this route you can visit Dinh Cau temple tourist attraction. Or turn to Tran Hung Dao Street, Hung Vuong Street, Highway 47

4. Phu Quoc Special Festival

Where is Phu Quoc and what cultural features? In Phu Quoc, there are many big and unique festivals. However, because it is an island area, most of the festivals are also associated with the sea profession. Some famous festivals that if you have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc you should attend are:

♦ Dinh Cau Festival: The festival is held on the 15th day of the 10th lunar month every year and is one of the oldest festivals here. The purpose of the festival is for people to pray for a year of favorable weather and good seafood. During the festival, in addition to the ceremony of worshiping, there are many interesting activities. For example, boat racing, tug of war, sack jumping

♦ Phu Quoc Nghinh Ong Festival: This festival is held in August every year. Every year, each western province will hold this festival. However, the time to organize the festival of each province is not the same. The festival is held for the purpose of honoring and expressing the people's gratitude to Ong fish. For the people of the sea, Ong fish is the god who protects them against big waves and big storms. They believe that if they go to sea and unfortunately get shipwrecked, the fish will protect their safety. In this ceremony, people will parade, bring the tablet of Ong fish to the sea, make offerings. After that, everyone came back together to celebrate

Lễ hội Nghinh Ông Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc Nghinh Ong Festival (Source: wpgsfo)

♦ Thuy Long Thanh Mau Phu Quoc Festival: The time of the festival is the full moon of January every year. The meaning of the festival is to honor the goddess Kim Giao. This is the god who openly discovered Ngoc Phu Quoc Island. Therefore, the people here revere this god very much

5. How to get to Phu Quoc

Not only wondering where Phu Quoc is, but many people are also curious about how to move to this place. Currently, you can come to Phu Quoc in many different ways. Among them, the most popular is traveling by plane. In cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, ... all have direct flights to Phu Quoc. Ticket price is only about 1,200,000 VND for a pair of round trip tickets. Or, from Ho Chi Minh City, Rach Gia, and Ha Tien, you can also travel by vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, and high-speed trains.

To travel on Phu Quoc island, people mainly use motorbikes. However, if you go in a group, a family of 4 or more, you should rent a private car. This is both convenient, cost-effective and more relaxed.

Above is the answer information for those who are interested in where Phu Quoc is. Besides, we have also shared with you some interesting activities and famous dishes here. If you have the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc, do not forget to visit these activities and enjoy Phu Quoc sea specialties. Surely you will have memorable experiences and memories with this island.