Safe travel during covid-19, this "new normal" may last until 2024
du lich gia dinh an toan

Vietnam is in the second wave of covid-19, the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic is developing in a positive direction, different from the first wave of covid-19 is that travel between localities is not available. As the pandemic continues, this is actually the "new normal" until we all get vaccinated. During this time, safe travel and destination is important to all of us.
Watch the video below of Vietnam Airlines to better understand the safety process. Travel with peace of mind, and commit to following the regulations to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Safe travel during the covid-19 period.
an toan du luch

Safe travel situation in period

Currently, a few countries around the world are applying a policy of suspending entry for passengers coming from epidemic areas, requiring the presentation of a medical certificate, and mandatory 14-day quarantine. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that you should actively update the COVID-19 situation at the place you are going to to decide whether to travel or not.

Safe tourism business

Travel businesses must comply with safety criteria against the COVID-19 epidemic when: Only sign travel contracts with domestic and foreign individuals and organizations, provided that tourists are not subject to medical isolation. Only take tourists to safe tourist destinations

Actively coordinate with competent health authorities in organizing training and granting certificates of participation in epidemic training that must comply with specified criteria.

Proactively coordinate with competent health agencies to organize training courses and issue certificates of participation in training courses on COVID-19 for drivers, tour guides, and attendants on tourist transport vehicles. facility calendar.

Publication of the list of safe tourist destinations on the website of enterprises and Vietnam Tourism Association for tourists to know.

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