Ham Rong Mountain Resort Sapa is known by its charming name, The Little Mermaid of Sapa. Blessed with majestic beauty, attractive at first sight, Ham Rong mountain has now become one of the ideal stops for a part of people who love travel. But how to visit Ham Rong mountain properly, when is the best time to see the beauty of this place? The following article of Dong Travel will be a guide to help you answer all of the above concerns.

Join Dong Travel to discover the dreamy beauty of Ham Rong mountain.

1. Where is Ham Rong mountain resort in Sapa located?

Located right in the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, about 3km from Sapa town, Ham Rong Sapa mountain resort becomes one of the ideal stops for tourists when coming to Sapa.

Due to the influence of Hoang Lien Son range, Ham Rong mountain has a cold climate all year round. The temperature will fluctuate from 15-18 degrees Celsius depending on the season. Sometimes it also snows here, creating a very interesting feeling for visitors. This is one of the fun places in Sapa that is loved by many people.

khu du lịch Hàm Rồng Sapa

Ham Rong Sapa tourist area is only about 3km from Sapa town, very convenient for tourists to visit (Image source: Internet)

2. Romantic legend of Ham Rong mountain

Have you ever wondered, why is this place called Ham Rong Mountain? There are also many people who think that this name comes from the shape of the mountain, because it looks like the head of a dragon. However, about the story behind that figure, not everyone knows.

truyền thuyết núi Hàm Rồng Sapa

Legend of the mysterious Ham Rong mountain in Sapa (Image source: Internet)

Ham Rong Mountain is not only beautiful, but also has interesting historical roots, especially the romantic legend of the dragon couple. It is said that this place was once the residence of a pair of dragons who loved each other passionately. The two were wrapped in tangerine together in the middle of a fairyland.

giới thiệu về núi Hàm Rồng Sapa

A love story as well as an introduction to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa and its religious culture (Image source: Internet)

I thought that the love story was complete. But then disaster struck again in an unexpected way, the great flood seemed to have washed it all away. The strong dragon was lucky to escape the flood, and the dragon girl was helpless struggling in the water.

Then I could only look up and follow the dragon flying to the sky. Over time, the dragon petrified, the head is Ham Rong mountain now, and the body has turned into the majestic Hoang Lien Son range.

Núi Hàm Rồng

Ham Rong Mountain is hidden in the mist (Image source: Lingtrang)

3. When should you go to Ham Rong Sapa tourist area?

Due to the influence of Hoang Lien Son range, the climate in Ham Rong Sapa mountain resort is always in a mild and pleasant state.

Located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, Ham Rong mountain enjoys a mild breeze, a little bit sedentary in the early winter but very pleasant. That's why tourists can come to Ham Rong Mountain at any time of the year, whether it's winter or summer.

núi Hàm Rồng Sapa cao bao nhiêu

How high is Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa? At 2000m above sea level, visitors can visit Ham Rong Mountain at any time of the year, whether it's winter or summer (Photo source: Tanya_catu96)

The scenery here changes with the seasons, and each season brings a different highlight. However, according to the experience of going to Ham Rong mountain resort that Dong Travel has concluded, visitors should limit coming here at around July and August.

Because at this time, there are often heavy rains, which are inconvenient and also more difficult to move up the mountain, let alone take beautiful photos in Sapa.

đường lên núi Hàm Rồng Sapa

The scenery of the road to Ham Rong mountain in Sapa varies with the seasons, each season has its own color (Image source: Daisy_hnnd)

4. How to get to Ham Rong Mountain

There are many ways to move to Ham Rong Sapa mountain resort, the most popular is walking or riding a motorbike. Ham Rong mountain is located right next to Sapa town, so it is easy to find and here you can also easily rent motorbikes and motorbike taxis to move up the mountain.

However, to be able to fully enjoy the majestic scenery and enjoy every breeze of the Northwest touching the skin, walking is probably the best choice.

Moving to Ham Rong Mountain, there are also many beautiful scenes that if you don't stop to check in - hunt clouds in Sapa with friends, it will probably be the most regrettable thing when coming here.

cách đi núi Hàm Rồng

Visitors can reach Ham Rong mountain by motorbike or on foot (Photo source: Thao_pim)

One more thing, because the walking path is quite far, you and your friends should prepare cool water bottles to drink along the way.

5. icket price to visit Ham Rong mountain in Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain is so beautiful, but the ticket price to visit every corner here is extremely cheap. Ticket prices to visit Ham Rong tourist area in 2020 are currently:

  • Adult ticket: 70,000 VND;
  • Child ticket: 30,000 VND;
  • Child ticket under 1m: Free.

With only 70,000 VND, you can freely visit every corner at Ham Rong Mountain. Take advantage of that money to get to the most worthwhile places in Ham Rong mountain. What places are those? Follow Dong Travel's article to be revealed.

du lịch núi Hàm Rồng Sapa

The cost of traveling to Ham Rong mountain in Sapa is also very affordable for many young people (Photo source: Anna_Hyle)

6. Why should you travel to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa? 

Ham Rong Mountain Sapa tourist area is up to 140 hectares wide. Because it belongs to the famous tourist destination of Sapa city, Ham Rong mountain brings surreal beauty, giving the feeling of a fairyland. There are designed many flower gardens, miniatures for visitors to freely take pictures.

Besides the colorful artificial scenery, the mountain still retains the simple features of the wind and clouds. In particular, the more you climb the mountain, visitors will enjoy the garden with more than 194 types of orchids, every season is brilliant. At an altitude of 1800m, both the valleys of Sapa, Ta Phin and Muong Hoa are shown before the eyes, interspersed with white clouds to create a fanciful feeling.

If you travel to Ham Rong mountain in the winter months, you can also watch the flying snow. Traveling in Ham Rong with chilly weather will help you immerse yourself in nature and relax and be comfortable after tiring days.

Hàm Rồng Sapa

The beautiful scenery of Sapa city appears on Ham Rong mountain in Sapa

7. Attractions at Ham Rong Mountain Sapa

7.1 Orchid Garden, Peach blossoms Garden

The first stop that Dong Travel wants to introduce to visitors is the orchid garden, the peach blossoms garden. Just hearing the name is enough to know that this place will be filled with the scent and color of peach blossoms and orchids. First of all, the orchid garden. It's not natural that lan players are often those who like the ethereal, gentle but still a bit difficult to please. Because orchids too. Orchids have always been a manifestation of ethereal and elegant beauty, a beauty that is simple but very attractive to the eye.

núi Hàm Rồng ở Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain Orchid Garden in Sapa with more than 200 different species of orchids makes visitors feel excited (Photo source: Trung_nele)

Orchid garden at Ham Rong mountain Sapa resort has more than 200 different species of orchids with full color and fragrance. The first feeling when setting foot here is probably the light scent of the orchid pots. The scent is not strong but enough to make visitors come here. The fragrance is light but strong enough to crept into each shirt, and then attached to the footsteps of visitors.

Vườn Lan núi Hàm Rồng

The orchid pots under the care of the people here become fresher than ever (Photo source: Quynhhoang)

The orchid pots here are meticulously cared for, plus the climate is mild, so the four seasons are fresh. This is also what makes visitors satisfied because they can see orchids at any time of the year at Ham Rong Sapa tourist area.

Vườn đào núi Hàm Rồng

Peach blossoms garden is also one of the familiar stops of young people (Photo source: Mr_vu)

Next to the orchid garden is a peach blossoms garden. The peach blossoms roots here are equally diverse as the orchid pots. There are peaches, warm peaches, fade peaches and there are varieties of Japanese peaches. Most of the peach trees here are old peaches, so the branches are quite big and the petals are also regular.

núi Hàm Rồng Sapa Lào Cai

Peach blossoms bloom on Tet holiday at Ham Rong mountain, Sapa Lao Cai (Photo source: Trang_Luna)

Whenever I see peaches, I see Tet. So there is nothing more wonderful than walking around the peach garden with loved ones, watching the flowers and enjoying the chilly air that is not available everywhere. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones during this travel season.

7.2 Thach Lam Rock Garden

f the peach garden or orchid garden gives visitors a feeling of relaxation, then coming to Thach Lam rock garden, Ham Rong mountain Sapa, the scenery here will be a completely different experience.

This place is covered by rocky niches but extremely tidy. The stone niches appear over the years, without the intervention of human hands. But now, it has become an indispensable destination of Ham Rong mountain tourist area.

Vườn đá Thạch Lâm

Thach Lam rock garden still has a unique, strange and rare beauty that is hard to find (Image source: Internet)

Whether the scenery at Thach Lam rock garden is beautiful or not depends on each person's imagination. Some people find it beautiful because the cliffs look like the sturdy fins of a dragon, arranged in an extremely orderly manner.

Some people find it beautiful because the cliffs look like the claws of a dragon. Whatever it is, Thach Lam rock garden still has a unique, strange, rare and hard-to-find beauty.

7.3 Sapa Telecom Station

Sapa telecommunications station is located on the top of a mountain, about 2000m above sea level. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to see the majestic beauty of Fansipan. Perhaps a few words can hardly describe the attraction of the scene when coming here. Because only by going by yourself, seeing and feeling with all your senses, can you understand why people are so passionate about this place.

Trạm viễn thông Sapa

Sapa telecommunications station attracts young people (Image source: Internet)

7.4 San May in Ham Rong mountain area, Sapa

The cloud yard or Heaven's gate was born for those who love the endless, like to drop their souls into the fairyland. Cloud field is just like its name, only clouds, sky and wind. But that is enough to make our soul feel at peace, feeling like entering some dreamy paradise.

Sân mây núi Hàm Rồng

Ham Rong mountain rattan yard has always been the most sought-after destination by young people (Image source: Chip_pham)

The rattan yard is like a milestone recording the personal impression of each visitor when having the opportunity to set foot on Ham Rong mountain Sapa. Most tourists coming here have a common feeling of satisfaction.

That feeling is like when you've just achieved something great, or rather surpassed your limits.

The feeling of victory, it's almost like climbing to the top of Fansipan mountain and proudly planting a flyer there. So, if you have the opportunity to visit Ham Rong mountain resort, don't miss the Cloud Court, Heaven Gate.

hình ảnh núi Hàm Rồng Sapa

Experiencing a day in paradise at Sapa Heaven Gate is also an image of Ham Rong mountain in Sapa worth recording (Photo source: Ecarny)

7.5 Garden of the 12 Zodiacs

The last stop is the garden of the 12 zodiac animals. This place is also not too strange for tourists here. The garden of the 12 zodiac animals is also decorated quite impressively, especially the colorful gerbera and hair fairy flowers that attract viewers. You can choose for yourself and your friends a lot of interesting shooting angles with the image of the zodiac animals.

Vườn tượng 12 con giáp Sapa

The garden of the 12 Zodiacs brings a pretty cool experience (Image source: Trang)

8. Interesting activities at Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

Besides sightseeing, Ham Rong Mountain tourist area also has many interesting activities that promise to leave visitors with many memorable memories.

8.1 Stop by the toad shop to make a cup of tea to warm your stomach

What to do if you're tired on the road and crave a cup of hot tea? So, stop by the toad shop, a cup of fragrant, smoky tea will be served to you right away.

The toad shop is not as luxurious as the iced tea shops in the city. Here there is only the rustic, simple but very toxic and substance. There are no fancy tables and chairs, only a bamboo table with a few low but sturdy chairs. The tea here is very fragrant, the aroma is strange, like being mixed with the color of the heavenly fragrance of Sapa. Visitors choose to stay here because they find it simple and close. Sit and rest at Ham Rong Sapa mountain stop, sip a cup of hot tea, review a few stories, warm your stomach, and then hit the road again.

đặc sản dọc đường lên núi Hàm Rồng

Enjoy specialties along the way to Ham Rong mountain (Image source: Internet)

8.2 Enjoy the specialties along the way

Coming to Ham Rong Sapa tourist area without enjoying the specialties here is a big omission. Due to the cold weather, most of the dishes along the way up the mountain are mainly grilled dishes. But when it's cold, there's nothing better than having a barbecue.

Some dishes that are known as specialties of the Northwest that you should try are grilled skewers with heirloom recipes, grilled honey sweet potatoes that are both juicy and sweet and even a strange grilled egg dish that is not available everywhere.

The food here is also very cheap, so you can eat as much as you want without worrying about money.

đặc sản đường lên Hàm Rồng

The stalls of corn and baked potatoes along the way are enough to attract visitors here (Photo source: Internet)

8.3 Camping with close friends

Camping in the forest is also a good idea, right? Especially when you get to go with your best friends. Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa is mainly mountainous, so it is not too difficult for you and your close friends to see a place to camp.

The preparation for the "picnic along the way" is also quite simple, including: 01 canvas and food. Note that the group of friends should bring many plastic bags so that they can clean up immediately after eating and drinking, both showing respect to nature and protecting the environment.

Cắm trại dừng chân tại Sapa

Camping in Sapa is also an experience worth trying (Image source: Internet)

8.4 Discover the unique indigenous culture of the ethnic groups

Ham Rong Sapa tourist area is also a place of cultural interference of many ethnic groups in the Northwest. Coming here, visitors can not only admire the beautiful scenery but also immerse themselves in the life of the people here. Concert nights with the sound of trumpet and flute will definitely make your heart want to escape to immerse yourself in each melody.

áo váy truyền thống của dân tộc H’mong

A pretty girl in a traditional dress of the H'mong ethnic group in Ham Rong area (Photo source: Phuongdung218)

Traditional games also make visitors to Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa feel excited. This is also an opportunity for you to exchange and learn many interesting things about the life of the people here. "Cultural party" among the Northwest mountains is probably one of the most impressive experiences of visitors when coming to Ham Rong mountain tourist area.

9. Sapa tourist sites near Ham Rong mountain Sapa

If you have walked around every corner of Ham Rong mountain tourist area but you still do not want to leave your feet, Dong Travel recommends that you visit some places near Ham Rong mountain that are equally interesting.

The first is Sapa stone church. Sapa stone church is located right on the way to Ham Rong mountain, so it is not too difficult for visitors to recognize. The church was built in the 85s, in the style of a very unique stone structure. It won't take you too long to have some unique check-in photos with your friends when passing by here.

Nhà thờ đá sapa gần Hàm Rồng

Sapa stone church with special architecture (Image source: Internet)

Next is Cat Cat village. Cat Cat village was originally inhabited by the Dao and Mong ethnic groups. Most of the people here try to preserve the traditional beauty inherent in the Northwest mountains. Beautiful cultural highlights such as brocade or waterfall, bamboo bridge are still handed down by people until now. One more thing if you have the opportunity to come here, try to enjoy the apple cider of the Dao people. The intense sour taste of apple cider is sure to make you swoon.

dân tộc Dao và Mông ở Bản Cát Cát

Cat Cat village in Sapa was originally inhabited by the Dao and Mong ethnic groups (Image source: Internet)

Finally, Muong Hoa valley. Muong Hoa valley is famous for its rows of terraced fields. If you come here in the right season of ripe rice, you will definitely be captivated by the beauty of the yellow color.

10. Experience climbing Ham Rong Sapa


Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa is very beautiful in all four seasons, but the most attractive is probably spring. You will have the opportunity to see peach blossoms in full bloom, pure white plum blossoms still dew, or pear blossoms in full bloom. When the mountains and forests put on their most colorful clothes, that is the moment you get lost in the beautiful scenery here.


Hunting clouds right at Ham Rong mountain without having to go far. Usually, tourists often like to conquer Fansipan peak to hunt clouds. However, compared to having to climb to the top of Fansipan more than 2000m, hunting clouds right at the top of Ham Rong mountain will be much simpler. At the top of the mountain, you can see the whole town of Sapa right in front of your eyes. And if you want to hunt clouds, you should come here at the time from October to December which is the most appropriate.

Visitors should also avoid going to Ham Rong mountain tourist area in July, August, and August because heavy rain often occurs during this time. The weather is not favorable, the trip is difficult to complete.

One last note that Dong Travel wants to message in advance to visitors who are planning to come to Ham Rong Sapa tourist area is preparation. No matter what time of year, winter or summer, the weather in Sapa is still cold as usual, so warm clothes are indispensable. In addition, the hike up the mountain is also quite long and tiring, so you can prepare more drinking water and snacks to replenish energy on the way.

The sharing about the experience of discovering Ham Rong mountain Sapa recently ended Dong Travel's article today. After all, Ham Rong mountain resort is also one of the destinations worth trying during this tourist season. Hopefully the information that we have mentioned above will help you better prepare for this trip.

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