Sapa Ho village is surrounded by the clear Muong Hoa stream, green terraced fields and peaceful and rustic houses. Visiting Ho village, visitors can enjoy the fresh air, admire the beautiful scenery of the Northwest mountains and enjoy the delicious specialties of the Tay ethnic people.

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1. The beauty of Ho village Sapa

Ho village Sapa commune is located in the southwest of Sapa district, about 30 km from the town center. This village has a completely different climate compared to other destinations of Sapa.

The weather in the village is quite warm and the winter is not as cold as many other villages, which also helps this place become one of the tourist attractions in Sapa that tourists are interested in.

vị trí Bản Hồ Sapa

Location Ho village Sapa is 30km from town. Photo: taraqhiggins

Although not as famous as Cat Cat village, Ho village is also a beautiful destination in Sapa. There are 2 streams Muong Hoa and La Ve intersecting, the water is clear and cool, creating a peaceful beauty for the whole village.

Visiting Ho village, visitors can admire the traditional villages of the Tay people, learn about the lifestyle and lifestyle of the residents in the village.

Walking around Sapa Ho village, visitors can visit the house of Tay ethnic people, discover how to weave brocade and exchange singing and dancing with them.

Suối Hồ Sapa

A poetic and peaceful stream in Ho village. Photo: ingrittchen

Ho village in Sapa, you can also walk on the winding road leading to the village. On one side are majestic mountains and hills, on the other side is an abyss, painting a beautiful picture for the village.

In the nine rice season from September to October, the small village is surrounded by iridescent golden terraced fields, revealing the houses of the Tay and Giay people, bringing a very peaceful and dreamy scene.

2. Special dishes in Ho village

Visiting Sapa Ho village, visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of community activities of indigenous people. They will treat you to many delicious dishes from nature such as grilled fish with salt and pepper, lam rice, purple sticky rice, grilled wild boar, rice wine, grilled wild chicken or sour bamboo shoots cooked with duck,...

Xôi tím đặc sản Sapa

Purple sticky rice is a specialty of Sapa. Photo: riringohoai

Gà nướng La đặc sản Sapa

Grilled chicken with lam rice is also an attractive dish in the village. Photo: openmymindforfood

3. Stay at the homestay in Ho village

In the Sapa Ho village, visitors can choose to stay at famous homestays such as H'Mong Mountain Retreat to experience the 70-year-old stilt houses and thatched houses.

Depending on the room rate, the price is from 200,000 to 800,000 VND, for 2-4 people staying.

Bản Hồ ở Sapa

Ho village in Sapa has many homestays with beautiful views. Photo: carlspato

Cà phê sáng Sapa

Enjoying morning coffee and enjoying the view is a poetic experience. Photo: didajoey

4. How to get to Ho village

Rent a Jeep

Jeeps are popular means of traveling on winding steep terrain such as in Sapa Ho village. You can rent this car to go to the village, easily explore all the beautiful scenery here and ensure safety during the trip.

Car rental price from 350,000 - 500,000 VND / way.

Bản Suối Hồ Sapa

The peaceful village picture of Ban Suoi Ho Sapa makes visitors fall in love. Photo:sketcher12

Ruộng bậc thang Bản Hồ

Ho village terraced fields are green in the rice season. Photo: _norrie

Catch a motorbike taxi

In addition to Jeeps, visitors can also rent motorbike taxis around the church, bus station, train station and Xuan Vien street. The motorbike taxi here has a strict management team, the price is listed publicly without worrying about guillotine.

From Sapa town center to the village is 120,000 VND / way and 200,000 VND / 2 ways.

Đi xe ôm đến Bản Hồ

Taking a motorbike taxi is also a suitable option if you are not familiar with the road. Photo: therookbook

Check in Bản Hồ ở Sapa

International tourists excitedly check in to Ho village in Sapa. Photo: jdfotography

Rent Motorcycles

To freely explore Sapa Ho village and beautiful scenery along the way, you can rent a motorbike and conquer the winding roads by yourself, find out your favorite places, take the initiative in time and space. 

The price of motorbike rental in Sapa is from 80,000 to 150,000 VND/car from 6 am to 18 pm. However, you can negotiate a more proactive price on time.

Đi xe máy đến Bản Hồ

Riding a motorbike brings many fascinating experiences. Photo: wonsrebma

5. Ho village travel experience in Sapa

Ho village commune is located farther from the center of Sapa town than other villages, but the scenery is still unspoiled, suitable for Phot people and young people who love to explore. Currently, the road to this village has been paved, so it is easy to go, you can safely visit this village at all times.
Cảnh đẹp Bản Hồ

The beautiful scenery of Ho village captivates travelers. Photo: jchavetta

If you have a need to rent motels and homestays, you should choose the Den village in the center of the commune. This area has 2 converging streams, Muong Hoa stream and La Ve stream, with dreamy beauty and fresh space.

If you have a need to buy brocade, you should ask local residents to find the right address to sell beautiful and affordable brocade.

Du lịch Bản Hồ

Coming here, you will have many interesting experiences. Photo: _nicolelodeon

Although Sapa Ho village is located far from the town center, it possesses a wild and poetic natural picture. This village is an ideal place for visitors to discover the beauty of the culture and lifestyle of the people here.

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