To meet the accommodation needs of tourists, homestay services in Sapa are increasingly developed. Dong Travel has compiled for you 20 beautiful Sapa homestays with affordable prices, helping you get the most suitable vacation choice for yourself.

1. Top 20 most beautiful Sapa homestays in the fog town

1.1 Little View Homestay

♦ Address: 42 Cau May alley, Sapa

♦ Reference price: 387,000 VND / night

Little View Homestay Sapa is located right on the old street of Sapa town - Cau May. This is a very convenient address for visitors to visit famous tourist attractions in the misty town such as Fansipan cable car, Ham Rong mountain, ancient stone beach, Silver waterfall,....

Little sapa homestay

Little View Homestay aka Little sapa homestay is very popular with tourists. (@fleu_2lys)

homestay sapa

Rooms at Little View Homestay

Homestay has all 15 rooms and is named after the ethnic minorities living in Sapa such as Tay, Dao, Mong, Xa Pho, Giay,... The rooms are designed in ethnic style with motifs. Featured brocade on blankets, pillows, decorations If you want a view overlooking the majestic mountains, you can choose Deluxe double room, king size bed.

1.2 Valley view homestay

♦ Address: Violet street, Sapa town, Lao Cai.

♦ Reference price: 400,000 VND/night.

homestay đẹp ở sapa

Valley View Homestay is a beautiful homestay in Sapa you can refer to. (@cho_minyee)

homestay sapa

Beautiful scenery at the Homestay.

Valley View Homestay is located in Sapa town, 2.4km from Fansipan cable car station and 800m from Ham Rong mountain, convenient for moving to attractions.

All rooms of this Sapa homestay have mountain views. In particular, the rooms are fully glazed with 1 or 2 sides to maximize the viewing vision for visitors. You can enjoy watching the scenery of clouds and morning dew drifting on the mountain slopes right in your room.

1.3 Catcat sapa

♦ Address: 079 Phan Xi Pang, Sapa town.

♦ Room rate reference: from 600,000 VND/night.

Catcat is a beautiful homestay in Sapa with a long operating time, located in the center of Sapa town.

This homestay in Sapa has a very good location, located right near the love market, Stone church, Ham Rong mountain, Sun Plaza,... Therefore, from Catcat visitors can easily move to the bus station and other locations. Famous attractions of Sapa.

homestay Sapa gần trung tâm

Catcat Sapa is a Sapa homestay near the center. (@gogo_travel)

homestay sapa

Great photo living corner at Catcat Sapa

Catcat homestay's rooms are very spacious and bright, with patio doors leading to the garden with sweeping views of Sapa town. Each room type has a choice of single or double rooms, meeting all the needs of visitors.

1.4 Viettrekking Homestay

♦ Address: 33 Hoang Lien, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

♦ Reference price: 200,000 - 300,000 VND/night

Viettrekking Homestay is considered a beautiful homestay in Sapa with a very "quality" view of the sea of clouds. Here, visitors can also see Fansipan peak covered in clouds, Muong Hoa valley in the distance, green in the new rice season or bright yellow in the ripe rice season.

Viettrekking Homestay Sapa

Picturesque scenery at Viettrekking Homestay Sapa. (@10.mandyc.23)

homestay sapa

Surround yourself with nature in your room (@cxxhn_x)

There are a total of 4 single rooms, 1 double room and 1 dormitory room. In addition, Viettrekking Homestay also designed a small bar close to the accommodation and received music at the request of guests. Because there are quite a few rooms, visitors need to book early to avoid room shortages.

1.5 Yen’s House

♦ Address: 100A Dien Bien Phu, Sapa

♦ Reference price: 300,000 VND - 500,000 VND/night

Yen’s House homestay ở sapa

The restaurant area of Yen's House homestay in Sapa. (photo source:

homestay sapa

Twin room at Yen's House

One of the beautiful homestays in Sapa that cannot be ignored is Yen's House. Homestay attracts tourists with a lovely wooden house, which can look directly down to the vast and long terraced fields.

In the ripe rice season, you will be immersed in the warm yellow color, inhaling the fragrant rice scent. All rooms at Yen's House are integrated with glass frames, creating an open space and being able to see the sky and mountains around the house.

Yen's House is also chosen by many families because of its spacious common space for children to play.

1.6 Lee’s House in Sapa

♦ Address: Ta Van Giay, Sapa, Lao Cai.

♦ Room price reference: 800,000 VND – 1,600,000 VND/room.

Lee's House chooses the main color tone is eye-catching bright colors, combined with modern interior decoration, helping this whole Sapa homestay exude a luxurious and high-class look.

Lee’s House in Sapa

Room space of Lee's House in Sapa. (@yuu.yenn)

homestay sapa

Unique design style

Although it is a homestay in Sapa, Lee's House has full facilities that are not inferior to any 5-star hotel. In addition to 4 types of private rooms from Standard to VIP, the homestay also has a modern shared kitchen space for meetings and acquaintances. The front yard also has a BBQ area to organize outdoor barbecues.

1.7 Rua House

♦ Address: Lao Chai commune, Sapa district.

♦ Room price reference: 1,600,000 VND – 2,500,000 VND/room.

Rùa House homestay

Cozy space in a room of Turtle House homestay. (@ruahouse_homestay)

homestay sapa

Peaceful scene at Turtle House (@bavan.tea)

Turtle house is located right on the top of the mountain, surrounded by a valley of four-season terraced rice fields. The space here keeps absolute tranquility, beautiful scenery, is a great relaxing space after hard working and studying days.

Turtle House is also known as the unique and only vegan Sapa homestay in town. Coming to Turtle, visitors will enjoy nutritious vegetarian meals, made from the freshest ingredients.

In particular, visitors also experience learning to cook vegetarian dishes from close and enthusiastic indigenous people.

1.8 An An Sapa

♦ Address: Ta Van, Hoang Lien Son, Sapa.

♦ Room price reference: 550,000 VND/night.

top homestay sapa

A corner of An An Sapa's outdoor space is always in the top of the most chill Sapa homestay of many tourists. (@caramen_87)

homestay sapa

Cozy bedroom at An An

The beautiful homestay Sapa An An received many positive reviews thanks to its simple, lovely and close space. The entire homestay is covered with warm yellow lights, making the space much more cozy.

The bathroom is small but always clean, hot water is always available when needed. Each bedroom is equipped with a heating pad. In particular, on the veranda, there is also a charcoal pot for visitors to sit and chat at night.

1.9 Opal house

♦ Address: Ta Van Giay 1, Sapa, Lao Cai

♦ Reference room price: 650,000 VND/night

Opal Homestay Sapa was built and upgraded from the old house of Giay ethnic people. Therefore, from the architecture to the living space, this place still retains a lot of nostalgic features that are hard to find anywhere else.

homestay Sapa đẹp

The outside of Homestay Opal House - beautiful homestay sapa. (

homestay sapa

Wooden bedroom design, spacious space

Opal consists of 2 floors. The first floor consists of 3 small bedrooms, a fairly large living room and an open kitchen and dining space. The 2nd floor has 2 bedrooms and a common living room. If traveling to Sapa with family, relatives or with a large group of people, this will be an extremely ideal choice.

1.10 Hmong Mountain Retreat

♦ Address: Ban Ho, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.

♦ Reference price: 250,000 VND - 800,000 VND/night/person (depending on room type).

Among the beautiful homestays in Sapa, Hmong Mountain Retreat is chosen by many tourists thanks to its impressive and unique space. Inspired by simple cottages, Hmong Mountain Retreat appears in the eyes of visitors with its simplicity, coolness and open space to blend in with the surrounding natural scenery.

Homestay is located among the immense terraced rice fields of the people. Coming here, visitors will feel the typical taste of rice aroma every morning along with the brilliant and lyrical beauty of the rice sea.

Hmong Mountain Retreat

Dining, relaxing area of Hmong Mountain Retreat. (photo source: kenhhomestay)

homestay sapa

Simple, rustic features of homestay in the middle of the mountain

Hmong Mountain Retreat currently has 3 dormitories and 10 bungalows. There are many convenient services attached, the staff is friendly and enthusiastic. This homestay in Sapa has no wifi and is completely separate from the noisy city. So if you want to find a place to stop for real relaxation and retreat, this is the number one choice.

1.11 Miku Chill House

♦ Address: Hau Thao hamlet, Hau Thao commune, Sapa

♦ Reference price: 300,000 VND/night

Miku Chill House homestay ở sapa

A green relaxing corner at Miku Chill House homestay in Sapa. (@frederikkejuul18)

homestay sapa

Relaxing in the mountains (@julieberliner)

Miku Chill House is a beautiful Sapa homestay located far from Sapa town but loved by many foreign tourists. Coming here, visitors will enjoy a quiet, peaceful space, immersed in the majestic natural scenery of the mountains and terraced fields around.

Homestay is designed very nicely and eye-catching with a harmonious combination of wood and brick walls for carpentry. The decorations in the room are inspired by the familiar brocade motifs of the ethnic people. Everything is very impressively decorated. Miku Chill House also has a garden space to play and relax.

1.12 Stunning Homestay Sapa

♦ Address: Ban Pho village, Hau Thao commune, Sapa

♦ Reference price: 150,000 VND - 300,000 VND / night

những homestay đẹp ở sapa

One of the beautiful homestays in Sapa - cozy bar space at Stunning Homestay. (@mmind_day)

homestay sapa

Find peace at Stunning Homestay

Stunning Homestay is built in the shape of a large stilt house. Standing from Stunning Homestay, visitors can clearly see terraced fields stretching along the Muong Hoa valley. From this homestay in Sapa, visitors can move to famous tourist destinations in Sapa very easily such as: ancient stone beach, Fansipan, love waterfall, Silver waterfall.

Stunning homestay also has trekking and sightseeing tours, exploring the surrounding villages. Help visitors learn and experience the life of local people.

1.13 Homestay Sapa near town – Po Homestay

♦ Address: Ta Van Giay Hamlet, Ta Van Commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai

♦ Reference price: 200,000 VND - 500,000 VND / night

Sapa homestay đẹp

Sapa homestay is as beautiful as a fairy at Homestay Po Homestay. (@_trang_duong_)

homestay sapa

Homestay has beautiful simplicity

According to the cheap Sapa travel experience from Dong Travel, this beautiful Sapa Homestay is quite far from Sapa town, but it is still sought by many tourists thanks to its affordable price. Po homestay is a lovely small wooden house with a rustic thatched roof.

All the furniture in the homestay is decorated and arranged neatly and eye-catching. Homestay also makes full use of brocade motifs and ethnic costumes to make decorations. Po homestay also has a garden area with lots of beautiful virtual living spaces.

1.14 Tavan Ecologic Homestay

♦ Address: Ta Van village, Sapa

♦ Reference price: from 350,000 VND/night

Tavan Ecologic Homestay Sapa

The simple beauty of the terraced fields of Tavan Ecologic Homestay Sapa. (@paupo_pouline)

homestay sapa

Indulge in the beauty of Tavan Homestay (@vijay_ramr)

This homestay address in Sapa is located inside Ta Van commune, so it is extremely convenient for tourists who want to visit Ta Van village. The valley of Ta Van village in the autumn is extremely beautiful, it will really make visitors overwhelmed when watching from the balcony of the living area. Tavan Ecologic Homestay also has a large yard for BBQ parties and a playground for children. Guests can also enjoy a drink at the bar inside the homestay premises.

1.15 Gem Valley Sapa

♦ Address: Cat Cat village, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

♦ Reference price: 200,000 - 250,000 VND/night

Gem Valley Sapa is a fancy combination between an art gallery and a homestay model, a suitable address for those who love art.

Gem Valley Sapa Homestay

A very beautiful virtual living corner at Gem Valley Sapa Homestay. (@ivyhuynh_19)

homestay Sapa đẹp

Homestay Gem Valley among the mountains

In addition, Gem Valley Sapa is also one of the cafes with a beautiful view in Sapa. Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in the clouds and cool wind, enjoy the warm sunshine on the lovely balcony, sip a cup of coffee and read a book.

There are also many artistic frames for creative visitors to turn this place into a beautiful Sapa homestay suitable for those who love travel and art.

Besides, if you stop to rest at Gem Valley (in the tourist area of Cat Cat village), visitors will get free tickets when visiting the village.

1.16 Love house homestay Sapa

♦ Address: 02/433 Dien Bien Phu, Sapaapa

♦ Reference room price: 1,250,000 VND/person/day

Love house homestay Sapa

A corner of Love house homestay Sapa. (@lovehousehomestaysapa2019)

những homestay đẹp ở sapa

Bedroom at Love House Homestay (@lovehousehomestaysapa2019)

Love house homestay is the only beautiful Sapa homestay in Sapa with a huge outdoor swimming pool. Homestay owns a campus with an area of ​​up to 700m2 with an extremely unique architectural style. The rockery and miniatures are arranged very delicately, creating a space that looks very close to nature and airy.

1.17 Phơri ‘s House

♦ Address: Ta Van village, Hau Thao, Sapa district, Lao Cai province.

♦ Room price: 480,000 VND/room.

homestay Phơri's house Sapa

A green corner at Phori's house Sapa homestay. (@phorishouse)

homestay Sapa đẹp

View of green trees in the bedroom area (@so.reiko_)

Phori's House is 8km from Sapa town center, located at the end of Van village, right next to a small stream. This homestay in Sapa follows the simple style of the mountains with distinctive touches through colorful brocade decorations, wood and wicker furniture.

Coming to Pheri's House, visitors will be close to nature and enjoy the freshest atmosphere. In particular, this is one of the few homestays in Sapa that does not increase prices on holidays, Tet or peak tourist season.

1.18 Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

♦ Address: Hamlet Nam Cang 1, Nam Cang Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province.

♦ Room price: 2,500,000 VND/room.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

A virtual living corner, sipping coffee next to the cool stream of Nam Cang Riverside Lodge. (@lonedamkaer)

homestay ở sapa

Unique wooden bridge leading to Nam Cang Riverside (@geneshen)

This is a beautiful Sapa homestay located in a small village called Nam Cang, which is inhabited by Red Dao ethnic people. Homestay has 7 double rooms and 2 large rooms for family. All rooms are fully furnished with the most basic listening facilities. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is surrounded by mountains and trees, so it is very quiet, the climate is very fresh and cool.

Homestay is built of natural wood, giving off a pleasant scent right from the moment you set foot in. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge uses brown tones as the main color, combined with eye-catching decorative items, helping to create an extremely cozy and close space.

1.19 Lá Dao Spa Homestay Sapa

♦ Address: Ta Van village, Sapa district, Lao Cai province.

♦ Room rate: 990,000 VND/room.

Lá Dao Spa Homestay ở Sapa

Relaxing area at La Dao Spa Homestay in Sapa. (@mingking_e)

homestay ở sapa

La Dao Spa cannot be missed when coming to Sapa (@botothoi)

The homestays in Sapa all want to be able to bring a great ecological space to visitors. It is a place where visitors after a long busy time can come back to the purity and green of nature. A place where visitors can mingle with clouds, wind and sunshine. And La Dao Spa homestay is no exception. Each room of the homestay is designed to make the most of the visual space and use completely natural materials.

La Dao is also very professionally organized with a full range of rooms, a cafe with a direct view of the green hill, a restaurant, a relaxing spa with medicinal herbs in nature,...

1.20 TubOtel Sapa

♦ Address: 20 So Than, Sapa center, Lao Cai province.

♦ Room rate: 610,000 VND/room.

địa chỉ homestay ở Sapa

The romantic setting of Homestay TubOtel Sapa is the reason why the homestay address in Sapa is the most sought after. (@gogo___travel)

homestay ở sapa

Distinctive tubular room design (@combodulichpham)

TubOtel Sapa is one of the homestays in Sapa with a very fancy design. Homestay is designed in a honeycomb style with colorful hexagonal rooms. TubOtel is located on a hill with three sides facing the mountains and the center of Sapa town.

Most of the homestay space is a garden and eye-catching green spaces. In the early morning or sunset, there is nothing like sitting at this small campus, sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Although the area of ​​each room of TubOtel Sapa is quite small, it is still fully equipped with amenities, such as: 2-way air conditioner, dryer, soft mattress and separate toilet in each room.

2. Experience choosing Homestay in Sapa

2.1 Homestay has a high view, a wide view

Choosing a Sapa homestay with a high and wide view will help you feel and observe the whole beauty of the quiet and majestic nature in Sapa. Imagine, every morning when you wake up, you can breathe in the fresh air of the Northwest mountains and forests, the room you can see far away is the eye-catching green terraced fields, immersed in the mist. , listening to the murmuring stream in front of the house is nothing better, isn't it?

2.2 Convenient travel, near tourist attractions, entertainment

If it is the first time going to Sapa and still not familiar with the terrain here, choosing beautiful homestays in Sapa close to the town center or tourist attractions is the best choice. This not only saves you time, but also saves a lot of transportation costs.

2.3 Multiple viewing angles to checkin

To have beautiful virtual life photos, you should choose beautiful Sapa homestays near the surrounding beautiful scenes such as rivers and streams, terraced fields, waterfalls,... Or localities close to your life. Local people such as weaving, growing vegetables, ... Surely all these images will bring you wonderful virtual live photos.

Above is a summary of 20 beautiful Sapa homestays you should not miss when visiting this foggy town. And do not forget to contact Dong Travel immediately to book a tour to Sapa with the most reasonable price.

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