Sapa is so beautiful. Even the clouds seem like nothing special, but because it is in Sapa, it becomes even more strangely attractive. Therefore, recently, a new tourism term called "Sapa Cloud Hunt" has appeared that young people and even travel lovers wholeheartedly pursue. So where is the best place to hunt for clouds in Sapa? Follow the article of Dong Travel to pocket right away the best places to hunt clouds in Sapa in this tourist season.

1. Sapa cloud hunting places.

1.1 Fansipan Peak

It is not natural that the top of Fansipan Sapa is at the top of the list of Sapa cloud hunting places worth trying in the year. Located in the heart of Hoang Lien Son range, Fansipan peak is nowhere else but the intersection between earth, sky, clouds and wind.

săn mây sapa

Fansipan peak is nowhere but the intersection of earth, sky, clouds and wind Photo source: Kimngan1210

In the past, conquering Fansipan peak was also considered one of the most illusory things, and it seemed only for those who were "courageous" enough to spend time, energy and will to conquer it.

But now, reaching the landmark of the Roof of Indochina is no longer difficult because it is equipped with a modern cable car system, which is certified by the Guinness record.

săn mây sapa

Young people are excited when standing next to the landmark of the Roof of Indochina. Image source: vanh.0806

The most suitable time to hunt Sapa clouds at Fansipan peak is October - November or February - March next year. During this time, the weather is usually mild, with little rain, so the clouds are beautiful and airy, plus a little chilly of the weather in early winter and late spring, so it's even better.

1.2 The top of O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho Pass is about 15km from Sapa town, which is known as the Four Great Peaks of Vietnam is the second most attractive place to hunt clouds that we want to mention. O Quy Ho Pass is the boundary between the two provincial roads Lao Cai and Lai Chau.

Perhaps because of this special geographical feature, the natural scenery at O Quy Ho Pass has always changed in an extraordinary way.

săn mây sapa

O Quy Ho Pass is known as the Four Great Peaks of Vietnam - a famous place to hunt Sapa clouds. Image source: Thuongdinh97

O Quy Ho Pass is very popular with young people and travel lovers because it is beautiful in a majestic way to hunt Sapa clouds.

If you are once set foot here, you will surely be overwhelmed by standing from the O Quy Ho pass, you can shrink the whole Lao Cai city right in front of your eyes.

săn mây sapa

The irresistible charm of O Quy Ho pass. Image source: Thuongdinh97

Just like conquering Fansipan peak, visitors should go to O Quy Ho pass to hunt clouds at the beginning of winter - October - November and late spring.

Dong Travel recommends that you prepare a phone and camera with a full battery because once you come here, you will not be able to resist its attraction.

1.3 The Stone Cave village

The stone cave is not a tourist attraction. However, because this place is so favored by nature, although it is quite secretive, it is still welcomed by many people.

Hang Da village is still one of the poorest villages in Sapa. Or maybe that's why God sent down here a place more beautiful than heaven as compensation?

săn mây sapa

Although Hang Da village is not a tourist destination, its attraction is enough to attract many people. Photo source: wowvietnam

True to its name, Hang Da village has only clouds and rocks, entwining each other to create a scene that cannot be more attractive. Although the landscape is somewhat wild due to the absence of human impact, it has a completely different attraction.

Coming to Hang Da village, people find there a little wildness, a little peace and an ideal place to hunt Sapa clouds.

săn mây sapa

A very cool background for your frames. Image source: Internet

Many wedding couples have chosen Hang Da village as a place to take wedding photos, because really this place is no different from heaven with real clouds, real wind exists right in front of your eyes.

The white clouds, floating through each cliff will definitely be a very good background for your frames.

1.4 Sau Chua Village

Going along Dien Bien Phu street towards Lao Cai city, about 8km from Sapa town is Sau Chua village. One of the most sought after spots for hunting clouds in Sapa, Sau Chua village looks wild, yet has a strange charm.

săn mây sapa

Sau Chua village is ravishingly beautiful under the lens of tourists. Image source: Internet

"Beautiful Cinderella of the Northwest" - the loving name that tourists have given to Sau Chua village has partly shown the beauty of this place. Sou Chua village is so beautiful that it is beautiful from the way to each cliff.

If you come here, remember to find the legendary crocodile cliff, which creates photos of a lifetime that you can't take anywhere else.

săn mây sapa

Beautiful and poetic scenery when hunting Sapa clouds. Image source: Internet

Sau Chua village is located quite high on the pass, so you can come here at any time and you can hunt clouds. Make a note of the unique and strange cloud hunting places on your phone so you can go right in this year's tourist season.

1.5 Ham Rong Peak

The next Sapa cloud hunting place that Dong Travel wants to introduce to readers is Ham Rong Peak. Some people often say that "The happiest thing in life is probably every morning walking on Ham Rong mountain by yourself".

săn mây sapa

The scenery of clouds and nature in harmony is really beautiful, isn't it? Image source: Internet

Ham Rong mountain peak in Sapa is most beautiful in the early morning, when the sun has just dawned, the clouds have not yet dissipated. If you are brave enough to wake up early in the morning and come here to hunt for clouds, it is probably one of the best experiences that you should try.

Ham Rong Peak brings the beauty of wildness, where mountains, forests, clouds and wind become one, creating an unprecedented wild symphony.

săn mây sapa

Ham Rong Peak is most beautiful in the early morning, when the sun has just dawned, the clouds have not yet dissipated. Image source: Internet

In addition to hunting clouds, you should also experience the wild sunflower gardens here. Wild sunflowers live in the Northwest climate, so they are very beautiful. The cloudy scenery and yellow color of wild sunflowers will definitely not disappoint you.

1.6 Y Ty Commune

Y Ty commune is located at an altitude of about 2000m, in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. The highest peak measured here is also about 2600m. However, with the current weather, you don't have to work hard to climb to the top of the mountain but still have beautiful clouds to hunt Sapa clouds.

săn mây sapa

With the current weather, you don't have to work hard to climb to the top of the mountain but still have beautiful clouds to hunt. Image source: Internet

Clouds in Y Ty commune are also abundant and flow through each cliff, each field.

In particular, this place has beautiful terraced fields. If you have the opportunity to come here at the time of harvest, you will experience the scene of white clouds intermingling in each ripe golden rice. A poetic scene that was previously only in pictures.

1.7 Cloud Hunting Spots In Sapa On Heaven's Gate

The last place to hunt clouds in Sapa is nowhere else than Heaven's Gate in Sapa. This place is also known as the City in the Clouds. Just hearing here is enough to know how many and beautiful the clouds at Heaven's Gate are.

săn mây sapa

Everything exists in front of your eyes so real that you can't believe your eyes that such beautiful places exist. Photo source: Hoaiii.phuong

Sapa Heaven Gate is too famous. Who has ever set foot in the land of mist without visiting Heaven's Gate. From the Sapa heaven gate, you can also see the majestic Fansipan peak on the other side.

Everything exists in front of your eyes so real that you can't believe your eyes that such beautiful places exist.

2. Experience hunting Clouds in Sapa.

2.1. What to bring when hunting Sapa clouds

In order for the Sapa cloud hunting to go smoothly and help you bring you lots of great photos, Dong Travel will suggest you some things you need for the cloud hunt. Include:

  • Sports shoes (climbing shoes are better): To get to a safe cloud hunting site, you may have to climb passes and wade a lot, so above all prepare yourself a good pair of shoes.
  • Drinks and snacks: Of course, you have to eat enough to have the strength to take pictures, right? You can bring some snacks, and a bottle of water or ginseng tea to both fight thirst and keep your body warm.
  • Phones and cameras are full of batteries.
  • And a travel companion.
săn mây sapa

If you want to hunt beautiful Sapa clouds, you must go at the right time. Image source: cokyky

2.2. The best time to hunt clouds

If you want to hunt beautiful clouds, you must go at the right time. Many people have regretted missing out because they came to hunt for clouds at a time when there were no clouds or too many clouds. The best way to see the ideal time is to look at the weather forecast.

If during that week, the weather forecast has days with sun and cloud symbols, then the possibility of clouds will be beautiful on these days. So, don't ignore the weather monitoring if you want to go cloud hunting.

Some of the secrets of hunting clouds have also ended Dong Travel's sharing here. Hunting clouds is no longer too difficult, if you are crazy about your feet, don't hesitate to try some of the ideal Sapa cloud hunting spots that we have suggested above for you.

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