Located in the middle of nature, mountains and forests of the Northwest, Sapa Love Waterfall is a testament to the wild, majestic and captivating beauty of the foggy town of Sapa. Not only that, but this is also a place to record a beautiful and touching love story handed down through generations.

1. Sapa Love Waterfall - basic information

1.1 Where is Sapa Love Waterfall located?

Sapa Love Waterfall is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. The location is about 14km from the town center, about 3.2km from O Quy Ho pass in the southwest direction.

Love Waterfall is located on the road to Fansipan mountain, so it can be considered as a stopover for people who are looking to conquer the mountain and check in Sapa with the wonderful scenery.

thác tình yêu sapa

The wild but attractive beauty of Sapa Love Waterfall.

Love Waterfall is located at an altitude of 1800m above sea level, belonging to Hoang Lien Son National Park.

If you want to get here, you have to go through an unspoiled trail. The waterfall is a suitable place for people who love nature and love to explore the mountains. Love Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in Sapa for those who like majestic natural scenery.

1.2 Move to Love waterfall

From the center of Sapa town, visitors can rent a motorbike or a car, follow Highway 4D to Lai Chau. When you have just passed the foot of O Quy Ho pass, you will see the entrance to Sapa Golden Stream tourist area, this is the entrance to Hoang Lien Son National Park.

1.3 Ticket price to Love waterfall in Sapa

You stop at Tram Ton gate to buy sightseeing tickets. Tickets to visit Tram Ton gate, Golden Waterfall tourist area and Sapa Love Waterfall cost about 45,000 VND.

1.4 Which month should you travel to Love Waterfall?

The beauty of Love Waterfall at any time is brilliant. If you come here in the spring, you will feel the cold breeze, the white water and the colorful flower garden. If you come in the summer, you can freely experience fun activities at Sapa Love Waterfall such as fishing, bathing in the clear water, camping experience, etc.

2. Legend of romantic love of Sapa Love Waterfall

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The name Love waterfall originates from a beautiful love story. (@anhtuyett106)

Sapa Love Waterfall is the name taken from a love story that was passed down orally and told by people. According to legend, this place is the meeting place of a gentle woodcutter named O Quy Ho and a beautiful heavenly fairy.

Love Waterfall is a place in the human consciousness where fairies often have fun and cool off. One day, the Saturday fairy heard the flute of the guy O Quy Ho nearby. Because she was absorbed in the sound of the flute, she did not have time to fly back to the sky. When the night was cold, the Saturday fairy asked O Quy Ho for a little fire to warm him up. From here, the two began their romance at Love Waterfall.

Some time later, the heavens discovered and did not allow her to come down to earth anymore. Because of grief and love for O Quy Ho, she turned into a golden bird, day and night flying around the top of the mountain crying 3 painful sounds "O Quy Ho".

3. Natural beauty is only available at Sapa Love Waterfall

Coming to Sapa Love Waterfall, visitors seem to be lost in the natural picture of mountains, forests, water,... full of poetic and lyrical. The wild, winding roads challenge any person who wants to experience a natural, captivating space.

The gentle and diligent stream of water pours down, nurturing the lush primeval forest. The sound of birdsong mixed with the sound of flowing water creates an indescribable sense of peace that makes any visitor feel nostalgic.

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The winding roads create a unique beauty for the scenery of the love waterfall in Sapa.

Compared to Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall has a smaller area. However, the water under the waterfall is very clear, the lake is safe, so you can still bathe here.

thác tình yêu sapa

Crystal clear water at the foot of Love waterfall. (@phalee__)

In addition, this will be a rare opportunity for you to visit and learn about the primeval forest with the most diverse vegetation in Vietnam. Leave the hustle and bustle outside the city, drop yourself into the land here to feel the peace and relaxation in your own soul.

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Love Waterfall Sapa - A place that attracts foreign tourists. (@jodesmw)

thác tình yêu sapa

The scene above the gate of Love waterfall

thác tình yêu sapa

Panorama of the beauty of Sapa Love Waterfall when viewed from above.

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The water flowing down from Love waterfall is like a beautiful and smooth silk.

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Love Waterfall Sapa - Favorite check-in place for young people (@chipabulous)

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The place that couples should not miss when coming to Sapa. (@realpeps)

4. Fun activities at Love waterfall

4.1 Flower road at Golden Stream

To get to Love Waterfall in Sapa, you have to go through a road about 300 meters long full of stones. From January to June each year, azalea flowers on both sides of the road will bloom red. In addition, Suoi Vang has a beauty true to its name, the source of iridescent yellow water creates romance. At this point, surely all moving efforts are worth it, right?

thác tình yêu sapa

Golden sparkling water as the name suggests - Golden Stream

4.2 See the city of Sapa at the Vong Canh Pavilion

Sapa Love Waterfall tourist area has a monumental entrance, also known as Vong Canh Lau. The gate is made of solid stone, which has existed for a long time at Love waterfall. Standing at the Vong Canh Laurel, you will have a panoramic view of Sapa town, O Quy Ho pass, Silver Waterfall and Hoang Lien Son range.

thác tình yêu sapa

Definitely must visit Vong Canh Lau when traveling to Love Waterfall

4.3 Visit Tram Ton to enjoy nature

Tram Ton is also located on the way to Love Waterfall. This road is considered the most zigzag in the Northwest, but do not be discouraged because the beauty will make an unforgettable impression. Moving to Tram Ton, you will enjoy the fresh air, the majestic but simple features of the Northwest mountains.

thác tình yêu sapa

Majestic nature at Tram Ton

4.4 Try to overcome Love waterfall

This is an interesting activity that should not be missed when traveling to Sapa Love Waterfall. When crossing the falls, you will be guided and prepared with the necessary tools to ensure safety. However, if you are physically weak, you should not experience this activity!

thác tình yêu sapa

Unique experience when crossing Love waterfall in Sapa

5. Some notes when visiting Sapa Love Waterfall

  • Love Waterfall in Sapa has a quite large area, you should schedule a visit before coming to Sapa to be able to spend all your time here.
  • To reach Love waterfall, visitors have to cross a difficult and dangerous forest road. Therefore, you should prepare comfortable, comfortable clothes and a pair of sturdy bata shoes.
  • You should plan to go in the morning or noon, not going at night will be very dangerous.
  • You also need to prepare a jacket, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and medical equipment to prevent risks from happening.

Sapa Love Waterfall - A dreamy, unspoiled place for those who love to experience adventurous nature. Hopefully the above sharing of Dong Travel will help you have a happy and memorable trip during your visit to Sapa this time.

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