Sapa Rose Garden is one of the hottest destinations recently. Colorful, lively and fresh rose gardens always attract visitors to stop to enjoy flowers, relax and keep for themselves beautiful photos. Join Dong Travel to spot the 6 most famous Sapa rose gardens in the misty town right in this article!

vườn hồng Sapa

Discover the most beautiful rose garden in Sapa.

1. Sapa Rose Garden - The origin of Sapa ancient roses

When visiting Sapa rose garden, you will have the opportunity to admire the ancient varieties of roses here. The most famous in Sapa is the ancient persimmon variety, also known as French ancient persimmon, Old Tra Co, Sapa ancient peach,...

The ancient persimmon variety has come from Sapa since the French colonial period. The French brought ancient varieties of persimmons from France and planted them on their mansions in Sapa.

Sapa Rose Garden - The ideal check-in location

These varieties of roses have a long life, large stems, many leaves, many flowers. Ancient roses are propagated and planted in many places by people in Sapa.

In particular, the persimmon roots that are several decades old have very high economic value, creating a source of income for many people here. Rose Garden is one of the tourist attractions in Sapa for those of you who like to take pictures or like plants and flowers.

2. Top 6 rose gardens in Sapa that must be visited

2.1.Soul ancient rose garden

Sau Chua ancient rose garden is one of the famous landmarks, attracting visitors because of the beauty of the large rose branches, meticulously cared for.

The ancient Sapa rose garden is located in Sau Chua village, about 6.5Km from the center of Lao Cai town in the direction of National Highway 4D. In front of the way to the rose garden, there is a sign saying "The area to visit the ancient rose hill in Sapa". Entrance fee: 30K/person.

Check-in with roses on Deep Chua rose garden.

Roses at Sau Chua rose garden.

The road to Sau Chua rose garden.

2.2 Ancient rose garden SLK homestay

SLK is a resort homestay for tourists inspired by simple, traditional houses in the middle of a beautiful rose garden like a fairy tale.

Sapa Rose Garden is located in the center of Ta Phin village, about 4km from the center. When you come here, you just need to search for the address on google and follow the directions, the way to the homestay is quite easy to find. From early March to May is the time when the rose garden here is in full bloom. Rose Garden SLK homestay does not charge entrance fees and check-in at the rose garden.

Welcome gate SLK homestay.

Garden with neatly trimmed persimmons.

Welcoming the sun up at the rose garden.

In addition to roses, the garden also grows vegetables and other flowers.

2.3.Ancient rose garden 11B Nguyen Chi Thanh street

The ancient Sapa rose garden 11B Nguyen Chi Thanh street was inspired by small, simple rose bushes, neatly trimmed. The ancient rose garden 11B Nguyen Chi Thanh street is a combination of resort homestay, rose garden, vegetable garden and some other flower gardens. This is the ideal place for you to stay when visiting Sapa.

Ancient Rose Garden 11B Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

The persimmon trees are crowned and carefully pruned.

Tourists visit the rose garden.

People are taking care of the rose garden.

2.4. Sapa ancient rose garden

Sapa ancient rose garden is located at 86 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Sapa town. Here gathers many kinds of rare and unique roses that are carefully collected and cared for by indigenous people. Colorful roses: Red, orange, yellow, white, blue, pink, ... take turns blooming, creating a vivid and poetic picture of nature.

In addition, visitors can also stay at homestays in the Sapa rose garden or enjoy tea in the garden's premises.

Sapa ancient rose garden at 86 Nguyen Chi Thanh.

Ancient rose gardens were planted throughout the paths.

Antique pink shoes are starting the blooming season

2.5. Rose garden at Fansipan cable car station

The ancient Sapa rose garden at Fansipan cable car station is a famous place, most checked in by young people. The rose garden in the gas station gathers more than 1000 roses with different lifespans, carefully landscaped and cared for by people.

Rose garden at Fansipan station.

Ancient rose garden at Fansipan cable car station.

The ancient rose garden is uniquely decorated and designed.

2.6. Sapa dreamy rose garden

Sapa dreamy rose garden has an area of ​​up to 2 hectares, located about 10Km from the center of Sapa town in the direction of National Highway 4D to Lai Chau. The rose garden was designed and created by the owner here as a beautiful fairy garden, moving people's hearts.

From the rose garden, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sin Chai village and Fansipan peak. The rose garden is also convenient for you to visit famous tourist attractions such as Silver Waterfall, Heaven Gate, O Long Tea Hill.

Rose bushes are in full bloom.

Check in with the rose garden.

3. Types of roses according to each season of the year

If you want to come to Sapa to see flowers, spring and summer are the two most ideal seasons. In addition to the rose gardens in Sapa, you can check in at the azalea gardens on the top of Fansipan or the fragrant lavender garden along the road in front of the entrance to the cable car station.

Purple azalea flowers on the top of Fansipan.

Red azalea flowers.

Dreamy purple lavender.

Lavender has a pleasant fragrance that you will surely love.

Visitors check in the lavender garden.

Sapa Rose Garden is definitely a must-visit place when visiting the foggy town of Sapa. Hope readers have chosen for themselves a suitable rose garden to check in for their upcoming trip to Sapa.

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