Every year, Sapa ancient rocks attracts a large number of tourists to visit and explore because of the mysterious, unsolved mysteries that this place brings. Today, follow Dong Travel to discover all about the ancient rocks in Sapa. This place promises to be one of the attractive destinations that you should not miss when coming to beautiful Sapa.

Explore the ancient rocks in mysterious Sapa.

1. Sapa ancient rocks relic is located in a beautiful valley

Sapa ancient stones is a relic discovered in 1925 from Victor Goloubev - a Frenchman of Russian origin. This is a suitable tourist destination in Sapa for those who love to explore.

bãi đá cổ sapa

The ancient rocks in Sapa was discovered nearly 100 years ago.

A rock ground nearly 8 km² wide with nearly 200 stone slabs with many unique shapes such as stairs, human figures, roads, writings, and many fancy lines, is considered as a legacy of human life. ancient people. However, when this rock appeared, why until now has been excavated, there is no exact answer, all are at the hypothetical level.

However, the H'Mong people in Pho village of Hau Thao commune think that this is the largest ancient "book" left by their grandparents. Some scientists have a different explanation, they think that this is a book recording the old battles of the H'Mong people,...

hoa văn trên đá cổ Sapa

There are many theories about the patterns on the stones here.

Not only that, recently, people have discovered many stone slabs with similar patterns here in Ta Phin commune (Lao Cai) and Nam Dan ancient rock field - Ha Giang. Of course, they all have no answers.

bãi đá cổ sa pa

The shapes on the stones are also extremely diverse.

In 2006, researcher Phillipe Le Failler planned to stamp out patterns on these stones. In the hope that, after gathering all the patterns at all the ancient rocks in Vietnam, he will find the message that our ancestors left behind, in the not too distant future.

Bãi đá cổ thần bí Sapa

In the future, hopefully we will find out the mysterious message left by our grandparents.

2. Instructions on how to go to Sapa ancient rocks

From the center of Sapa town, you can move to the ancient rocks by 2 roads:

  • Travel through Muong Hoa by distance of 1.5km in about 6 minutes.
  • Travel through Fansipan and Violet by 2.3km in about 8 minutes.
đường đi bãi đá cổ sapa

There are many paths to Sapa ancient rocks (@ryannguyen_offical)

You can choose to travel by motorbike or walk by yourself to explore, because the distance is not very far. However, if you go in a large group, and want to save effort, a taxi is also a good choice that you should consider.

3. The "strange - mysterious" beauty of Sapa Lao Cai ancient rocks in the city in the clouds

Having the opportunity to come to Sapa ancient stone ground, you will surely be overwhelmed by the scenery here. Large, small, unequal stone slabs are scattered throughout this land.

khu bãi đá cổ Sa Pa

Stone slabs dotted a large area of land.

These are giant stones, lying "open" on the ground, which are small stones hidden deep in the fields. The largest stone is sometimes up to about 4 m high, 15 m long,... but the small stone is sometimes less than 0.5 m wide, all of them seem to blend together, creating a poetic space that attracts tourists. enthralled guests.

phiến đá cổ Sapa

There are very large stones here.

du lịch bãi đá cổ sapa

And the small stones in the middle of the space are huge. (@thaong911)

Closer, you will find on the stones are very special and fancy symbols, sometimes terraces, sometimes written words, sometimes even human figures,... These patterns Although it is engraved very clearly, it is extremely difficult to understand, evoking curiosity and interest for visitors.

Regarding the meaning of the strange motifs at Sapa ancient rocks, there are many different opinions and interpretations. According to the local population (the H'Mong), this is the largest "book" left by the ancestors about the accumulated knowledge. On the other hand, some other scientists hypothesize that it is an ancient map of the H'Mong people or an ancient book introducing historical battles in the past. However, all of this is just speculation because there is no evidence to prove it.
Bãi đá cổ Sapa thu hút khách du lịch

Sapa ancient rocks attracts tourists by the unexplained patterns.

There are many explanations for the patterns at Sapa ancient rocks, but so far there is no official explanation, all are just speculations of scientists. The motifs go on endlessly, no one knows when and where it ends. Making tourists feel like they're sinking into the "fog of mysteries", wanting to look forever to find the solution.

Hoạ tiết đá cổ Sapa

Textures on the stone slabs are extremely diverse and rich.

ý nghĩa bãi đá cổ Sa Pa

But they mean Sa Pa ancient rocks is still a mysterious question.

Sapa ancient rocks is like a unique work of art, mysterious with many mysteries that surely anyone who has seen it will leave a deep and unforgettable impression.

đá cổ Sapa

The stones are connected to each other, creating an extremely vivid picture.

Not only that, coming here in addition to exploring the ancient rocks, you can also experience other extremely interesting activities, walking around the immense rice fields, dropping your soul into a peaceful space, quietly watching. There's nothing better than heaven, right?

bãi đá cổ sapa lào cai

The beautiful scenery at Sapa Lao Cai ancient rocks is sure to make you fall in love.

Over hundreds of years, up to now, Sapa ancient rocks is still a question that no one can answer. The more you look at it, the more you will like it, it's like there is a strong magic power that makes you can't take your eyes off, just keep looking at them.

During your trip, do not forget this interesting destination that Dong Travel introduces to you. They will surely become great memories in your journey.

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