If you have come to Sapa, it is impossible to forget to check-in at Cau May Sapa. This is a very famous place, welcomed by tourists and backpackers. Coming to Cau May, you will be able to see firsthand the wild beauty, with poetic and charming mountain scenery. Right now, invite you and Dong Travel to discover interesting things right now!

The wild but poetic features of Cau May Sapa.

1. Introduction to Sapa Cloud Bridge

1.1. Where is Sapa Cloud Bridge?

Currently, many people still do not know the exact location of the Sapa Cloud Bridge.

Where is Sapa Cloud Bridge? Most information is that this bridge is located in Ta Van village. But according to specific information and more precisely,  Cau May belongs to Giang Ta Chai village, located across the Muong Hoa stream. It is about 17km from Sapa town, in the southeast direction.

Cầu Mây Sapa ở đâu

Where is Sapa Cloud Bridge? Cau May is located in the heart of Giang Ta Chai village (Source: nguyent1832)

With this location, you can conveniently move to visit. If you go on your own, you just need to take the Cau May - Giang Ta Chai bus route and walk another 3km of the trail to get there. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sapa.

Besides, you can also take the form of tours provided by travel agencies.

1.2. History of Cau May formation in Sapa

Previously, Cau May was built for the purpose of travel of indigenous people. This is a means of transportation from Ta Van commune to the busy Sapa town center.

Cau May is formed from the skillful hands of the H'Mong people with the main material being rattan fibers woven together very firmly.

However, over time, Sapa Cloud Bridge began to deteriorate, making it difficult for people to travel. They have replaced Cau May with a bridge made of wood with higher durability. Cau May was remodeled and catered for tourism needs to this day.

phương tiện di chuyển của người dân Sapa

Cau May, a tourist destination attracting tourists in Sapa with the original purpose of being just a means of transportation for the people here (Source: tolunguyen)

Currently, Cau May looks very solid, tightly bound with supple rattan fibers. In particular, it also has a uniform texture, each plank will be 20cm apart to ensure safety. Therefore, Cau May has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and check-in.

In Sapa, the name Cau May is used quite commonly. You can see it in shops, streets or alleys. Not only that, luxury hotels and restaurants also use Cau May to name their brands.

It can be said that Cau May has long been ingrained in the subconscious, showing the closeness and familiarity to the people of Sapa.

2. Where does the name Cau May Sapa come from?

When it comes to the origin of the name Cau May, there are many different explanations. Some people think that the reason for the appearance of the name Cau May is because coming here in the early morning will be able to touch the clouds and count the fog.

Cầu Mây ở Sapa

Cau May in Sapa uses the typical material of mountains and forests, which is rattan rope (Source: au.hiieu)

But according to the local people, the name Cau May was born because the material of this bridge is made from rattan rope. This is a material that is both hard and tough, widely used in the lives of the people of the North.

In particular, it has contributed to creating a famous place in Sapa, which is Cau May.

3. The beauty of Cau May

Fancy and unique texture

When it comes to the beauty of Sapa Cloud Bridge, the first thing that impresses visitors is the very fancy and unique structure.

The entire bridge is fastened with rattan ropes and wooden planks. This ingenuity has created a beautiful bridge, suspended in the air.

Kết cấu độc lạ cầu mây

The unique structure makes Cau May become fanciful in the eyes of tourists (Source: tung.sapphire)

Around Cau May is a poetic and green Muong Hoa stream. Along with that are trees with luxuriant fruits and clear clouds. All create a majestic Cloud Bridge, very wild and rustic.

This has attracted those who have the opportunity to visit and admire the beauty of Cau May in Sapa.

The pristine scenery at Sapa Cloud Bridge

Coming to Cau May, you will have the opportunity to conquer the bands of clouds that have been tightly intertwined. The feeling of adventure but also extremely interesting will creep in you.

khung cảnh Cầu Mây

Cau May with pristine scenery (Source: nguyen.kientruc)

And this is also the ideal condition for you to get beautiful sparkling photos. With the inherent pristine beauty of Cau May, we are sure that you will collect for yourself many "virtual living" images with the natural background, clouds and sky blending.

Giang Ta Chai Waterfall

If you have enough time, you should move through Cau May, go a further trail and you will see a majestic waterfall with your own eyes. This is Giang Ta Chai waterfall, one of the famous tourist attractions in Sapa.

Here, you will hear the sound of water pouring down from above. And close your eyes to enjoy the most comfortable moments with this poetic nature.

Check-in place for young people

Because of its rustic and wild beauty, Cau May Sapa has become a check-in place not only for young people but also for many international tourists.

Check in Cầu Mây ở Sapa

Check-in Cau May in Sapa with poetic natural scenery (Source: tmhanh1306)

If you come to Cau May just to get beautiful pictures, you can come here early in the morning. By this time, fog often appears, making the surrounding landscape blurry. It will make your photos come alive, capturing the best moments of Cau May.

So Dong Travel has just shared with you interesting information about Cau May Sapa. Hope you will get the most memories when you check-in at Cau May as well as visit Sapa in particular and the Northwest in general. See you in the next posts!

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