Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is a challenging tourist destination for adventure lovers and thrill-seekers. Here, you can walk on the transparent glass bridge, slide the Zipline, jump Bungee and see the beautiful picture on the O Quy Ho pass.

Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge Sapa - the highest glass bridge in Southeast Asia.

1. Where is Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge?

Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is a very famous destination in Sapa. This is the tallest glass bridge in Vietnam, located on the top of O Quy Ho pass, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province.

This beautiful glass bridge is also known as Heaven's Gate, owning a beautiful view, bringing many attractive experiences for visitors. This is one of the favorite Sapa tourist destinations of travelers who want to experience extreme sensations.

khu du lịch cầu kính Rồng Mây Sapa

Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge tourist area is located on O Quy Ho pass. Photo: vietnammoi

From Sapa town center to Rong May glass bridge adventure tourist complex, it is only 17km, convenient for tourists from near and far to come here to explore. Although only recently gone and operated, the glass bridge has attracted the attention of many tourists near and far.

In the future, the glass bridge will become a very hot tourist destination in the North, a destination that you should visit when visiting Sapa.

2. Decoding the attraction from Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge

From the first days of appearing on social networks, the image of Sapa glass bridge opening has created a fever. Many people are skeptical because they think this is a glass bridge of China.

However, when the Dragon Glass Bridge went into operation and was published in the media, people really believed that there was such a monumental construction in Vietnam. In the first days of opening, Rong May glass bridge welcomed about 1000 visitors a day.

The transparent Sapa glass bridge was built at a position 300m higher than the top of O Quy Ho mountain with a length of 500m, giving visitors the experience of embracing the nature of the Northwest mountains. The passenger elevator system to the glass bridge and the glass bridge structure is guaranteed according to international standards for safety.

To visit the panorama of Cau May, visitors are taken up by a dedicated elevator system, bringing an extremely interesting experience.

cầu kính Sapa

International tourists excitedly check in Sapa Glass Bridge. Photo: ardinalinley

Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is designed in a circular shape with 4 directions around and a part of the area above for visitors to visit. To admire the stunning beauty of this building, you will follow the road from the mountain bed to the 70 meter long elevator.

Then enter the elevator to continue moving to the sightseeing area higher than 300 meters. Surely you will have many excellent check-in photos in Sapa here.

The impressive point of Rong May Glass Bridge is the transparent glass material. Don't be on the bridge, you feel like you are floating in the air, you can see the cliffs and abyss below. That is why this destination will not be suitable for those who are afraid of heights. For those who love adventure, this is a great challenge not to be missed.

3. Instructions on how to go to Sapa glass bridge

Currently, moving to Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is quite convenient because the road is easy to go. Although this destination is located in Lai Chau province, it is only 17km from Sapa town, so it is not too difficult for you to reach. You can go to the glass bridge by motorbike, taxi or rent a motorbike taxi as you like.

If traveling by motorbike, you can follow the following 2 routes:

  • Route 1: You start from Hanoi and follow Highway 32 to Phu Tho, through Yen Bai and then to the territory of Lao Cai province. Next you go through Highway 4D and come to Rong May tourist area.
  • Route 2: You move along National Highway 6-12 from Hanoi capital, through Hoa Binh province to discover the identity of the Muong ethnic group. From here, you continue to move to Son La to learn the beauty of the Thai ethnic group, visit Dien Bien Phu battlefield. Finally, you continue your journey to Rong May tourist area in Lai Chau province.
vị trí cầu kính Sapa

Location Glass Bridge is only 17 km from Sapa town. Photo: spc1618

If you travel to the Northwest by car, you should choose to follow the Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway. Then continue to follow Highway 4D to quickly come to Rong May Glass Bridge tourist area.

4. Ticket price for Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge

Currently, the ticket price to visit Rong May Glass Bridge tourist area is 400,000 VND/adult and 200,000 VND/child.

giá vé cầu kính Sapa

Ticket price for Sapa glass bridge is 400,000 VND/adult. Photo: ngthanh_

5. Experience extremely interesting challenges at Sapa Dragon and Cloud Glass Bridge

5.1 Walking in the clouds

Coming to Sapa Glass Bridge, visitors can experience the feeling of adventure when standing on a transparent bridge. As soon as you step out of the elevator, you will see the Glass Bridge system reaching out from the cliff about 60 meters. Looking down at the bridge, you will clearly see the deep abyss right below your feet.

Many visitors who experience going to the glass bridge for the first time can't hide their excitement and nervousness. Because you will be standing on a high altitude, surrounded by cliffs, mountains and hills in the distance, extremely magnificent and magical.

đi trên cầu kính

Walking on the glass bridge, visitors are like walking on clouds. Photo: hienpham_sp

If you are afraid of heights, standing on the glass bridge will somewhat "tremble" because the deep space below is clearly visible. However, please be reassured because the glass material is very sturdy.

Just regain your composure, you can enjoy the rare beauty of O Quy Ho pass - one of the most impressive "four great peaks" in Vietnam.

On cloudy days, especially in winter, visitors will feel like walking on clouds or immersed in white clouds. The feeling of being immersed in the hazy space of clouds and sky is a wonderful thing.

You can rest assured to enjoy these exciting moments because the resort ensures absolute safety criteria for visitors.

5.2 Bungee jumping at Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge

As an adventure tourist area, when coming to Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge, visitors can also participate in the famous bungee jumping game. This game is popular in the world but first appeared in Vietnam.

You will be wearing a safety belt and then jumping from the glass bridge to the cliff, enjoying the real feeling of "yomost". After a certain time, visitors will be pulled up again.

Nhảy Bungee cầu kính Sapa

Bungee jumping on the glass bridge in Sapa is a great experience for tourists who like thrills. Photo: Collectibles

5.3 Zipline slide at Sapa glass bridge

This game is designed with 1 long cable connected at 2 points far apart. Visitors who want to go Zipline must wear protective gear and hang themselves on a rope before sliding down from the top of the mountain.

Trượt Zipline tại cầu kính Rồng Mây Sapa

Zipline skating at Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is also an attractive game. Photo: elnuevodia

5.4 Paragliding at Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge Sapa

Paragliding is also an activity that many tourists love when coming to Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge. This game is somewhat safer because you get to fly with a professional flyer. Each flight takes from 10 to 15 minutes.

Dù lượn Sapa

You can also try your hand at paragliding. Photo:vuonglam0000

6. Some notes when exploring at Rong May glass bridge

Currently, the ticket price for Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is listed at 400,000 VND/adult and 200,000 VND/child. However, on every occasion of the year, ticket prices will have cheaper discounts.

You can follow Lao Cai tourist information pages to update information. In addition, when buying some cheap travel combos, you will also receive a discount on tickets to visit Glass Bridge.

cầu kính Rồng Mây tại Sapa

To experience other services of Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge in Sapa, you have to pay an extra ticket. Photo: velvetmilk1420

In addition to the listed price, visitors who want to experience adventure games and other services within the resort's premises will have to pay certain additional fees.

Thrilling games such as paragliding, bungee jumping and zipline skating are priced from 500,000 VND - 1,000,000 VND. While climbing price is 500,000 VND/person.

In addition, in the process of discovering Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge, visitors need to comply with the regulations of the resort to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone.

You are not allowed to climb on the railing or cause actions that affect the quality of Rong May glass bridge and other visitors.

thăm cầu kính Rồng Mây Sapa

Coming to Sapa, you must definitely visit Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge. Photo: hongoclanvi

Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge tourist area offers many unique experiences for visitors, an ideal place to admire the majestic beauty of the Northwest and try challenging games. Your trip to Sapa will be more memorable if you check in this adventure destination.

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