Traveling to Sapa, but you have not enjoyed all the dishes at the Sapa food market, you have not come to Sapa completely. So what are the typical dishes of Sapa food market? What should you pay attention to when visiting the market? Let's find out with Dong Travel right through the content of the article below!

Join Dong Travel to discover Sapa food market.

1. Hours of operation and address of Sapa food market

Sapa Food Market is located in the heart of Sapa town. This is a pretty good location to be able to do business. This market is open from morning until evening.

Therefore, you can easily go sightseeing when you have time. Sapa food market always attracts many visitors to check-in and enjoy dishes only available in Sapa, Lao Cai.

giờ hoạt động chợ ẩm thực Sapa

Sapa food market operates both day and night (Source: Internet)

Address: Highway 4D, Sapa town, Lao Cai province (opposite the ancient Stone Church)

Hours of operation: all day

2. Discover interesting things at Sapa food market

The food market is considered one of the busiest places in Sapa. The cars are full of baked goods with smoky smoke and the chilly weather will make you feel very interesting.

Khám phá chợ ẩm thực Sapa

Discover interesting things only at Sapa food market (Source: vo.thuy.trang)

Although it is a food market, this place still has many stalls selling typical handicrafts in the Northwest mountains.

In particular, brocade patterns created by skillful hands of craftsmen attract the attention of many visitors. They often buy brocade bags as gifts for relatives or friends. Attractive colorful colors create one of the beautiful places in Sapa.

2.1 Grilled dishes at Sapa market

Coming to Sapa without enjoying grilled dishes is a pity. The grilled dishes here have a very unique flavor that is hard to mix. You can see a lot of stalls selling baked goods when coming to Sapa food market.

Đồ nướng chợ ẩm thực Sapa

Delicious grilled food at Sapa food market (Source: bii.trang)

Some delicious, fresh and affordable dishes can be mentioned such as: grilled lam rice, grilled pork, grilled stream fish, grilled skewers, ...

Most of the ingredients such as fish and meat are raised by Sapa people themselves, so there are no harmful substances. Therefore, food safety issues you do not need to worry about.

If you have the opportunity to visit Sapa, do not miss these grilled dishes!

2.2 Enjoy hot pot dishes at the market

With the cold weather in the foggy country, "keeping warm" with a hot hot pot is considered a great idea. The most popular hot pot dishes in Sapa include sturgeon, salmon, salmon or chicken hotpot. These are all nutritious, very healthy foods.

khu ẩm thực Sapa

Delicious salmon hotpot at Sapa food court (Source: chien_thanggg)

A hot pot at the Sapa food market usually costs an average of about 300 - 600,000 VND, used for 4-6 people to eat. The quality of the dishes here is very good because the ingredients are not imported, but the people themselves raise them.

Besides the delicious hot pot, salmon and sturgeon are also transformed into many attractive dishes such as grilled dishes, salads,...

2.3 Specialty forest fruits of Sapa

Referring to Sapa, it is impossible to ignore fresh, unique and attractive forest fruits.

This place owns many kinds of forest fruits also due to the characteristic cool and chilly weather. Depending on the time, the Sapa food market will sell different types of forest fruits.

Quả thanh mai đỏ mọng Sapa

Fresh and juicy red apricot fruit in Sapa (Source: luuthuyhuongtnvn)

Some special forest fruits in Sapa can be mentioned: peaches, plums, apricots, etc. In addition, these fruits are also processed into jams for tourists to buy as gifts. , gift friends, relatives.

2.4 Fresh green vegetables of the highlands

Vegetables in the highlands, especially Sapa, will give you a sweeter taste than vegetables in other places. Vegetables grown in Sapa are very fresh and clean, ensuring quality when used. Cabbage, bamboo shoots, cabbage, rock sprouts or chayote, ... are all vegetables that are abundant in the cold country of Sapa.

Each vegetable has a different flavor, so when processed into a dish, it will be very delicious, you will want to eat it all the time.

Some dishes are cooked with vegetables, including boiled chayote with sesame salt, sauteed chayote tops with garlic, fried bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots with meat, boiled or stir-fried mustard greens, etc. To add flavor to the vegetables, you can also eat them. with baked goods.

Cải mèo xào tỏi chợ ẩm thực Sapa

Famous fried cabbage with garlic at Sapa food market (Source: Internet)

2.5 Sapa chestnuts

The chestnut season in Sapa around October and November will be especially delicious, supple, fleshy and 3-4 times bigger than other times of the year. Some forms of chestnut processing include: chestnuts cooked with sticky rice, tea; roasted chestnuts; boiled chestnuts;...

However, the roasted chestnuts are probably the best at the Sapa food market. You will have the opportunity to see with your own eyes large, round chestnuts being grilled over a red fire. And enjoy the hot roasted chestnuts, greasy, delicious ecstasy.

Hạt dẻ rang thơm béo Sapa

Delicious roasted chestnuts, greasy in Sapa (Source: phan.ninh.7)

You can also buy Sapa chestnuts as a gift because it is easy to transport and can be preserved for a few days if you keep it in the refrigerator. But be careful not to leave it for too long because chestnuts will lose their inherent nutrients.

2.6 Can't miss the snacks in Sapa market

Enjoy all the snacks, in Sapa you will feel no waste of time when you explore this misty land. The snacks here include Vietnamese dishes and even French dishes, contributing to the diversity of Sapa cuisine.

Món thịt xiên nướng khu ẩm thực Sapa

Attractive grilled skewers at Sapa food court (Source: _mimayman)

Some typical snacks can be mentioned such as: grilled meat skewers, grilled rice paper, cakes - apple tarts, croissants, tiramisu, chocolate tarts, baguettes, brownies,...

3. Experience visiting Sapa food court

Here are some experiences for your reference when traveling and visiting this bustling Sapa food market.

3.1. What is the best time to explore the food market?

To enjoy all the delicious and attractive dishes, you should explore Sapa food court in the evening. Because this time will be sold the most stalls and the dishes are also especially delicious when the weather starts to get colder than during the day.

Because there are many stalls selling, you can also buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends.

chợ ẩm thực Sapa buổi tối

Should go to Sapa food market in the evening to enjoy the cold weather with delicious food (Source: Google)

3.2. Convenient means to visit the market?

You can walk to enjoy the beauty as well as the cold climate in Sapa because this market is located in a very easy to find location. Or you can also rent a motorbike to move around. The price of the car ranges from 120 - 150,000 VND.

3.3. Prices refer to some popular dishes in Sapa mountain town market

When you come to Sapa food market, make sure you are still afraid of the cost, not knowing if the seller will challenge the price too high or not. Don't worry, we give you reference prices of some popular dishes in Sapa such as:

♦ Orange blue / baked egg: 8,000 VND / piece

♦ Corn (corn), potatoes: 10,000 VND/piece

♦ Honey roasted chestnuts or buttered chestnuts: 150,000 VND/kg

♦ Barbecue: 15,000 VND / skewers

♦ Cakes: from 10,000 VND/piece

♦ Baked rice paper: 30,000 VND/piece

♦ Apples, plums, peaches: from 25,000 VND to 30,000 VND/kg

♦ Types of jam: 100,000 VND/kg

♦ Dried buffalo meat: from 700,000 VND to 800,000 VND/kg

So Dong Travel has just shared with you "all" interesting experiences at Sapa food market. If you have the opportunity to come to Sapa, do not forget to explore this market. It certainly won't let you down. See you in the next posts!

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