Sapa Heaven Gate is one of the most attractive tourist attractions of Sapa. Referring to the heaven gate is referring to the immense mountain scenery. There have been many impressive and unique photos born at this tourist destination. If you want to learn more about the heaven gate, don't miss the following article!

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1. Reasons you should go to Sapa heaven gate once

Sapa Heaven Gate is also often called O Quy Ho Gate. The feeling of excitement when conquering the highest point of O Quy Ho - one of the four largest mountain passes of the Northwest will surely become an unforgettable memory for you.

Just like its name, the gate of heaven is the place where the sky and the earth meet. When visiting this place, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic beauty of the Hoang Lien Son range, along with the vast valleys between the white clouds floating.

Cổng Trời Sapa

The breathtaking scenery of heaven and earth intersecting at Sapa Heaven Gate (Instagram: tango_romeo_)

In addition, the change of scenery according to each moment of the day of this place will bring a sense of excitement to each visitor.

When dawn comes, the radiant pink sun begins to rise, coating the surrounding landscape with pastels. Layers of floating white clouds take you away from the real world. This is the most ideal time for those who love to hunt clouds in Sapa.

At sunset, each ray of sunlight faintly disappears behind the foot of the mountain, the scenery of the sky gate becomes more romantic.

Legend has it that couples who love each other, if they watch the sunset at the heaven gate in Sapa, will stay together for life. Therefore, this is a very popular place, attracting many young couples to visit.

Cổng Trời ở Sapa

Many young people witness the sunset of Heaven's Gate in Sapa attests to their love (Facebook: Dang Chuong)

2. When to travel to Sapa heaven gate?

Each season in Sapa has its own charm, making you fall in love, not wanting to leave. Therefore, you can visit the heaven gate at any time of the year.

2.1 Spring

The period from February to April is the time when spring begins to visit Sapa. The weather at this time is starting to warm up, the fog from the end of winter is gradually disappearing. Standing from the sky gate looking down, you can see the mountains and forests bursting with life, sprouting buds to welcome the new stage.

The weather in March in Sapa is very mild and pleasant. This is the time when plum blossoms bloom all over the world. The scent of flowers will bring visitors to mingle with nature, enjoy the warm spring breeze.

hình ảnh Cổng Trời Sapa

Plum blossoms covered in white all over the mountains and hills, bringing poetic beauty are one of the unforgettable images of Sapa Heaven Gate with many tourists (Instagram: bichlieu.195)

2.2. Summer

From May to July is the time of water season in Sapa. Fertile alluvial water from upstream brings nutrients to the terraced fields. Sapa people will take advantage of planting seedlings at this time. The image of green, cool fields will soothe tourists from all over the world, who come to Sapa at this time to avoid the heat.

2.3. Autumn

If you are a hunter of the ripe rice season, this is the right time to visit Sapa heaven gate in particular and Sapa town in general.

From August to the end of October, the fields of Sapa put on a brilliant yellow color. The scent of ripe rice spreads everywhere.

The image of people busy reaping rice, and the innocent smiles of children will leave you with many special memories.

Cổng Trời Sapa ở đâu

Where is Sapa Heaven Gate? Interspersed with ripe rice fields in Sapa is the enchanting beauty of the mountains. (Instagram: thanggodongky)

2.4 Winter

Winter in Sapa starts from November to the end of January next year.

November is the cloud hunting season in Sapa. Visiting Sapa this season, you can not only admire the overwhelming sea of clouds but also purify your soul with the fresh and cool atmosphere. Please visit this place to be able to take beautiful photos in  Sapa in the cool and pleasant atmosphere.

December is the time when the whole mountains of Sapa are engulfed in dense fog. The air is getting colder and colder.

In January, Sapa's weather will be snowy, and if you're lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the vast scenery of mountains and forests covered in white snow at the gate of heaven. However, the road at this time will be very slippery and dangerous. Therefore, when moving to Sapa heaven gate, you need to be very careful.

đường đi Cổng Trời Sapa

The way to Sapa Heaven Gate is engulfed in winter fog (Instagram: gialee_)

3. Where is Sapa Heaven Gate? The most convenient way to heaven gate



From the center of Sapa town, move 18km to the North, you will reach the gate of heaven. There are two main paths depending on the direction of departure.

- If you come from town, follow the path leading up to Thac Bac and Tram Ton ranger station.

This road is not very long, only about 12km, you can drive 30-35 minutes to get there. Then, follow the guide board for a few more kilometers to reach the heaven gate in Sapa - the top of O Quy Ho Pass.

đi Cổng Trời Sapa

Motorcycles are the favorite means of traveling to the heaven gate of many young people when going to Sapa Heaven Gate (Instagram:

For those who are in Lao Cai city, they can take a bus or coach to the town. Then follow the instructions above. Or you can also go by motorbike, however, you should be careful because the road from the city to the town has many dangerous passes.

4. Interesting experiences at Sapa heaven gate

4.1 Discover an interesting pass: Sapa town – Silver waterfall – Love waterfall – Heaven gate – O Quy Ho pass

The road to Sapa heaven gate - the top of O Quy Ho pass is the easiest way to go in the 4 trekking routes to the top of the pass in Sapa. Therefore, anyone can drive a motorbike here by themselves, just pay attention to safety and wear a full helmet.

Along the way, there are also many beautiful scenes for tourists to freely stop and explore such as Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall, valley of terraced fields, etc.

cách đi Cổng Trời Sapa

There are many ways to go to Sapa Heaven Gate. O Quy Ho tea hill is a place not to be missed on the road Sapa - Heaven's Gate (Instagram: svietnammm)

4.2 Check In at the highest point in Sapa: Heaven's Gate

Located right on the top of the pass, with a panoramic view of the majestic mountain scenery, the gate of heaven is a favorite check-in place for many young people. You will probably have impressive photos to "live virtual" or keep memories with this land.

4.3 Enjoy barbecue at Heaven Gate – the top of O Quy Ho pass

There are many restaurants at Sapa heaven gate to serve everyone's eating needs. Besides baked goods, these stalls also sell seasonal fruits and some other souvenirs such as towels, dresses, silverware, agricultural products, etc.

4.4 Visit virtual living places along the way: H'mong flower garden, Windmill homestay

On the way from Sapa town to the heaven gate, there are a number of check-in locations with extremely sparkling scenery such as Hmong flower garden, Windmill Homestay,... If you love keeping memories with pictures, don't do it! Forget these places.

vườn hoa Hmong

Flowers in H'mong garden bloom all year round with many different types of flowers (Instagram: hali.vbg)

The ticket price to enter the H'Mong flower garden is quite cheap, only 20,000 VND / time. Each season will plant a different type of flower, so you can enjoy the scenery of thousands of flowers here on any occasion.

4.5 Sip a cup of hot tea

Right near the gate of heaven there is a small restaurant to serve the increasing number of tourists here. Because it is located on the mountain, the space is not too splendid, but the view of the restaurant is very beautiful, and the atmosphere is very peaceful.

Thưởng trà cổng trời

The opportunity to enjoy tea in the place where heaven and earth intersect is really great, isn't it? (Instagram: 99gun_kiukiu)

You can just sip hot tea and baked goods of the shop while watching the immense mountains outside. The shop has a grilled egg dish with a very strange taste that you should try!

4.6 See Sapa covered with white snow

If you visit the sky gate at the end of December or the beginning of January, you will have a chance to see snow - an extremely rare weather phenomenon in Vietnam. If you can't witness the sight of Sapa burying itself in the white snow, you can also see the trees along the road turning to ice in the minus-C cold.

4.7 Hunting clouds at altitudes above 2000m

Cloud hunting is an adventurous experience that many people enjoy. The feeling of conquering the top of the mountain above 2000m, watching the sea of white clouds float like making them escape from the real ground. Besides Ta Xua, the sky gate is also a place to hunt clouds that attracts many people.

Săn mây đường đi Cổng Trời Sapa

Hunting clouds on the way to Sapa Heaven Gate is an experience that many tourists enjoy (Instagram: lyyyyyyyy)

The appropriate time to hunt clouds is around September, October. If you cannot visit Sapa on this occasion, you can also hunt for clouds in the afternoon, around 3-4 hours. At this time, the sun is almost out, the fog is not as much as in the morning, so you can see the clouds.

4.8 Sightseeing Sapa terraced fields

When hunting clouds in September and October, do not miss the ripe golden terraced fields spread everywhere. Except for the option to go directly to the field, you can enjoy this beautiful view from Sapa heaven gate.

5. Some nearby tourist attractions in Sapa

Ton Station

Instead of riding a motorbike to the top of O Quy Ho, you can choose the cable car service at Ton Station. This is also an interesting check-in place that is loved by many people.

Check in Trạm Tôn

Ton Station is an ideal check-in place with a beautiful view (Instagram: campvietnam)

O Quy Ho Pass

The O Quy Ho Pass area has many roads with beautiful views, many impressive photos were born at this very place.

đèo Ô Quy Hồ đi Cổng Trời

Satisfy your passion for photography with the heavenly scenery of O Quy Ho Pass (Instagram:

Silver waterfall

Silver Waterfall is located at the foot of O Quy Ho Pass. This is the largest salmon farm in the North. You can stop by and enjoy fresh salmon dishes here.

thác bạc cổng trời sapa

The powerful waterfall and the sound of mountains and forests at Silver Waterfall Sapa Heaven Gate will help you wash away all your troubles (Instagram: Trinhduy.hoang)

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is home to a highly developed tourism service. Every corner of the version can be shown in a shimmering, cool way. This place rents brocade costumes for 50k, so you can take pictures freely.

Bản Cát Cát 2

You can rent people's clothes to take pictures to check in at Ban Cat Cat (Instagram: anhmabell)

6. Notes when going to Sapa heaven gate


Heaven's Gate in Sapa is located on the national highway, so there are many vehicles such as container trucks, passenger cars,... moving back and forth. In addition, the terrain of the pass is curvy, so when parking and taking photos, you should be careful, do not run to the edge of the road or stack the car around.


You should visit the sky gate at noon or early afternoon, because this is the time when the light is at its best and you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapa. Remember to bring a jacket, because the way back in the afternoon will often be very cold even in the middle of summer.

When stopping at the top of the pass, do not forget to visit the roadside huts of local people and enjoy dishes such as grilled skewers, rice lam or sweet tea.

With majestic scenery and interesting roadside experiences, Sapa heaven gate is definitely a check-in place not to be missed when visiting this land. Hope the information in the article is somewhat useful for your upcoming trip. Don't forget to share your real experiences with Dong Travel!

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