Sapa not only has poetic majestic scenery and many unique specialties, but also owns many sacred religious sites. One of them is the Upper Mother Temple in Sapa - the place to worship the Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh. This temple is not only a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world, but also an interesting attraction for those who are passionate about discovering the unique culture of this Northwest land.

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1. Where is Sapa Upper Mother Temple located?

Sapa Upper Mother Temple, also known as Sapa Mother Temple, is one of the three extremely famous temples of Sapa. Mother Temple is located in group 11, Sapa town. From the town center, you can move another 3km to reach the place. Visitors can visit Upper Mother Temple by any means.

Đền Mẫu Thượng

Upper Mother Temple is located near the town center so it can be easily visited (Instagram: huyen.bes)

2. How to move to the Upper Mother Temple in Sapa

If you are a self-sufficient traveler, you can rent a motorbike taxi (about 30,000 VND) or use the hotel's motorbike rental service.

Ask the hotel staff for directions if you are worried about not being able to get there. For large families, you can hire a taxi or a car (about 50,000 VND/way) to drive directly to the temple.

For those who join the Sapa package tour, you will move to the Upper Mother Sapa temple under the guidance of the tour guide by car of the tour company.

3. The right time to visit Sapa's Mother Temple

The period when most tourists visit Sapa's Mother Temple is January - July every year. Especially in the first spring of the year, because Vietnamese people have a tradition of going to temples and shrines to pray for a good new year.

Lễ cúng đầu năm tại đền Mẫu Thượng Sapa

New Year's Worship, Wishing luck and health to the family (Instagram: kivotomato)

On average, 4,000 - 5,000 tourists visit the Mother temple every month. Especially on the 1st and 15th, many people come to the temple to burn incense and worship. If you do not have the need to offer incense, please avoid this time.

4. Unique features in the design of Mau Son Temple

Sapa Mother Temple is a temple with a long life, up to 200 years old. Originally, Mau Son was a small temple, located along the Red River and Nam Thi River. Because the temple is quite small, few people come and go, so the temple is seriously degraded. This is a beautiful place in Sapa that you should definitely visit.

In 2013, Mother Temple was refurbished, creating many historical, religious and spiritual values. Since then, more locals and tourists know about Mother Temple.

The Nguyen Dynasty had three times conferred the title on the Mother Temple in 1853, 1888 and 1924. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized the Mau Son Temple as a National Historical and Cultural Relic in 2011.

It can be seen that the Mother temple plays an important role on the cultural and religious map of Vietnam.

Đền Mẫu tâm linh

Mother Temple plays an important role in Vietnamese spiritual life (Instagram: mskritsana)

The temple was built with the position of leaning on the mountain, located at a rather high position. The gate of the Upper Mother Temple in Sapa is designed according to the three-way gate on the roof, facing a large space, creating a sense of solemnity at the Buddha's door.

The entrance gate consists of three aisles, the main entrance is in the middle and two small gates on the sides. The temple has a single main hall, inside there are three altars. The main hall worships the holy mother Lieu Hanh, the smoke here is always lingering all year round.

5. Unique cultural and religious values of Sapa's Mother Temple

Sapa's Mother Temple is the place to worship the goddess Lieu Hanh. According to legend, she was the second daughter of the Jade Emperor and made a great contribution to helping the people overcome difficulties, maintain peace and the borders of the country.

The temple area was formerly a place where sacred forests, poisonous water, and wild animals often appeared and disrupted people's lives.

Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh often appears to bless rice and water to help poor people. She also helped the imperial army protect the border area when the enemy invaded.

Mẫu Liễu Hạnh Sapa

Model Lieu Hanh has made great contributions to protecting people's peaceful lives

To commemorate her merits, people built a temple in the place where she often appeared and called Mother Lieu Hanh. Duc Mau is also listed as one of the four immortals in Vietnamese folk beliefs.

Except for the Upper Mother Temple in Sapa, there are still many worshipers of her throughout the country. This proves the position of Mau Lieu in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. She is the representative of a peaceful, prosperous and happy life.

The place of worshiping the Mother Goddess often brings a sense of prosperity and purity to pilgrims. In the hazy scent of smoke, people's hearts become more peaceful, forgetting all daily worries and going deep into the subconscious to better understand themselves and life.

A visit to the Mother temple will surely help you to realize many things.

đền Mẫu Thượng Sapa

Magnificent and pure space inside Sapa Upper Mother Temple (Instagram: elivaca)

Despite being ravaged by war and worn down by time, the original architecture of the temple is still very well preserved. The architectural style remains the same as the building style of hundreds of years ago.

6. Some other famous Sapa temples

6.1. Hang Pho Temple

Hang Pho Temple is located at 32, Fansipan Street, Sapa town. The temple is about 50m from the town center square, and is located on the route to Cat Cat H'Mong village.

The location of the temple is considered to be very beautiful, "before water and after mountain", in front there is Muong Hoa valley, behind is rocky mountain. Therefore, the temple gives visitors a solid and dignified impression.

Hang Pho Pagoda worships Saint Tran Hung Dao. Every year, the pagoda organizes an offering on August 20 (lunar calendar) according to the standards of ancient palace ceremonies. This worshiping ceremony attracts many incense customers to visit and pray.

Đền Hàng Phố lịch sử

Hang Pho Temple worships the national hero Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan

People of high virtue, respected will wear silk clothes, wearing hats. During the ceremony, they have the task of giving wine and playing the flute and offering a ceremony to commemorate the soul of the national hero Tran Hung Dao.

6.2 Upper Mother Temple

Upper Mother Temple, also known as Co Doi Thuong Ngan Temple, is located about 3km northwest of the town center. Upper Mother Temple is very sacred, every year, the temple welcomes thousands of tourists to worship Buddha.

Inside the temple, there is a statue of her sitting in meditation with her legs crossed, her hands clasped in front of her chest. According to legend, this is the daughter of Saint Tan Vien and Princess Mi Nuong. After her parents returned to heaven, she replaced two people to protect the southern land and rivers, and had many great merits.

Đền Mẫu Thượng tại Sapa

The Upper Mother Temple in Sapa worships the daughter of the Holy Saint Tan Vien and Princess My Nuong

6.3. Fansipan cultural and spiritual complex

Fansipan spiritual cultural complex was just built and put into operation two years ago. The attraction of this place is the statue of Amitabha Buddha over 21m high, surrounded by Arhat road with 18 bronze statues 2.5m high.

tượng của đền Mẫu Sapa

Amitabha Buddha statue and Arhat path of Sapa Mother Temple seen from a distance

At the end of Arhat Street is a complex of 11-storey towers and many other Buddhist buildings. This place is also known as Kim Son Bao Thang. To visit all these places, you will probably have to spend about 1 day!

7. Things to know when traveling to Sapa

Sapa's Mother Temple is an important religious sanctuary of the indigenous people, so when visiting you need to respect beliefs and customs, not just pointing or laughing.

In addition, when going to the temple to burn incense and worship, you should dress politely, limit wearing skirts, shorts or revealing clothes too much. While visiting, try to keep quiet, walk lightly, speak quietly to avoid disturbing the peaceful space of the temple.

Đền Mẫu từ trên cao

The Mother Temple viewed from above will be an unforgettable scene

On the days when Upper Mother Temple is crowded, please go in and out in order to avoid jostling. At the same time, there are also many pickpockets in the Temple, so you need to pay attention to preserving your belongings.

Finally, please remember to maintain general hygiene, do not throw garbage indiscriminately, to avoid affecting the beauty of this sacred temple!

When visiting the Upper Mother Temple in Sapa, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the spiritual life and beliefs of the Vietnamese people. This is a tourist destination not to be missed for those who love quiet space or want to discover more about Vietnamese culture. Hopefully with the information that Dong Travel provides in the article, you will have a meaningful visit at this temple.

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