In the journey to discover Ta Van Sapa village, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beautiful, green natural picture of terraced fields. It also has traditional stilt houses, lovely homestays and typical culture of the Mong people in the village.

Ta Van Sa Pa village is home to extremely romantic scenes.

1. About Ta Van Sapa village

Ta Van Sapa village is about 12km from the center of Sapa town, in the territory of Ta Van commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. In the Hmong language, the word Ta Van means a big arc because this village lies with its back against the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, in front of the beautiful winding Muong Hoa stream.

bản Tả Van cách thị trấn Sapa bao xa

How far is Ta Van village from Sapa town? Ta Van village lies with its back against the Hoang Lien Son range. Photo: thinhkute8tui

Today, Ta Van village is the residence of the Mong ethnic group. In addition, there are Red Dao and Giay ethnic groups living in harmony, preserving the beauty of long-standing traditional culture.

If you want to admire the beautiful scenery of Muong Hoa valley, once visit Ta Van - one of the tourist attractions in Sapa, to see the wonderful nature of Vietnam.

2. Instructions on how to build Ta Van village

Ta Van Sapa village is located 12 km from the town center, so visitors can rent a motorbike taxi, take a taxi or drive their own car to this village. If traveling to Sapa on your own, you can ask the hotel you are staying to rent a motorbike to help Ta Van.

If you have a hard steering wheel and like to travel, then rent a car and explore the beautiful scenery here.

For those of you who are afraid of getting lost or rarely go to the mountains, it is best to rent a motorbike taxi. Because the road to the village is a bit zigzag, there are many rough and rocky sections, relatively difficult to go. In case you go in a large group, you can hire a taxi or car to get to the village.

The journey from Sapa town to Ta Van village is relatively easy. You move through Cau May street, follow Muong Hoa stream to Ta Van village. From Muong Hoa Street, visitors go all the way to the inner city of Sapa to the ticket gate.

From here, you will be directed to Ta Van village. At the beginning of the village, there is a red iron bridge across the Muong Hoa stream leading to the village, which is easy to recognize.

đường làng Tả Van Sapa

The road to Ta Van village in Sapa is peaceful and beautiful. Photo: hoang.px

On the way to Ta Van, visitors will pass many famous places such as ancient stone beach. This is a relic area, with an area of ​​about 8 km2 with nearly 200 stone blocks. Each stone block has a unique shape such as a human figure, a ladder shape,...

Across this rocky beach, you can stop to take beautiful pictures of Sapa as a souvenir.

Besides traveling by motorbike, motorbike taxi or taxi, you can also choose trekking, which means walking to the village. This way is for young people who are in good health and comfortable in terms of time when visiting Ta Van.

On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Muong Hoa valley, take pictures. Currently, the road to the village has been paved for easy walking, while walking you can chat with ethnic girls to understand more about their lives.

3. Ta Van Sapa village fare

Previously, when coming to Ta Van Sapa village, visitors did not have to pay for tickets. However, now, this village is being developed into a tourist destination, so visitors will be charged tickets. The purpose of this is to help support the lives of people in the village. The money from ticket sales is also used to repair and maintain the road to the village.

làng Tả Van Sapa

Ticket price to Ta Van Sapa village is 75,000 VND/person. Photo: thejellybomb

Currently, the ticket to visit Ta Van village is 75,000 VND/adult. However, the ticket gate is not too strict. On bad weather days or noon, there are usually no conductors at the gate. Therefore, you can visit for free.

4. What's so beautiful about Ta Van village?

Ta Van Sapa terraced fields

Like many other villages in Sapa, Ta Van has a "specialty" of terraced fields created by the hard work of local people. The fields meandered on the mountainside, hillside and spread out into the distance.

At any corner of the village, you can zoom in and enjoy the beauty of the green fields.

The terraced fields blend with the natural picture of mountains and mountains of Ta Van village in Sapa, creating a magical masterpiece that captivates travelers. The most wonderful feeling is standing in the middle of the vast sky, breathing in the chest of the fresh, pristine air of the highlands.

It was a wonderful experience, feeling the peace and peace in the soul.

Ruộng bậc thang Tả Van

Ta Van terraced fields in the ripe rice season. Photo: lexson97

Visiting Ta Van, you will return to the wild, primitive mountains and forests without the destruction of industry. Here, there is no hustle and bustle in the city, no fatigue that constant life suppresses.

If you want to find the balance for your soul and want to "escape the deadline", this is really the ideal place to stop.

Any season of the year visitors can also explore the beauty of Ta Van terraced fields. Coming here in the rainy season, you will see people leading water into the fields. At this time, each plot turns into a giant silver-white mirror, reflecting the picture of the mountains of the Northwest mountains.

In the summer, the terraced fields in Ta Van Sapa village are covered with a fresh green color. But then when autumn comes, the fields put on a new shiny yellow shirt, just looking at it, they feel passionate.

If you have the opportunity to stay in this village for a longer time, you will see the image of children herding buffaloes on their backs - a very dear and idyllic image of the Vietnamese countryside since ages.

Ta Van every season has its own beauty. If autumn is the crowning of golden rice fields, in spring, the village becomes sweet with the old houses mixed with the bright pink color of peach blossom and the white color of pear and plum flowers.

In winter, rain and fog cover, creating a beauty that is half real and half virtual.

Ancient house of ethnic minorities in the village

Coming to Ta Van village, the most impressive thing is the old houses along the road. Although they are old houses, they are still kept very clean and tidy. Dong Travel suggests you some beautiful houses that you can come to take souvenir photos such as Mr. Hoang Din's house, Lo A Muc,... Mr. Mu's house was built in 1934, the wooden house on the ground is the highlight. characteristics of the Giay people.

bản Tả Van Sapa

The old house is located close to the roadside in Ta Van Sapa village

The beautiful natural picture of the Northwest mountains

Discover the idyllic, rustic natural scenery of the village here. You will be immersed in the sound of the wild birds singing, clear and the fever murmuring. Ta Van village is located opposite the magnificent Muong Hoa stream, the houses here all face the northeast and do not face the mountain and avoid going down the stream because of the custom passed down by the ancestors.

Experience the daily life of the people in Ta Van village

Although Ta Van Sapa village is a place that attracts many tourists to come here, the people in the village do not do tourism in a seasonal way, enticing tourists to buy goods. In addition to creating places to provide accommodation and restaurants for guests, their daily lives still go on as usual, working in the fields in the morning, weaving and knitting at night. For the indigenous people here, they see tourists as travelers who stop by, come and go right away.

The villagers are not too impulsive, excited to make visitors uncomfortable but also not superficial, they give you a feeling of friendliness, honesty, and hospitality like the human nature of the Northwest mountains.

When traveling, you can experience the life of the indigenous people, learn about the daily routine as well as the traditional customs of the local people. Come to Ta Van village, sit by the fire on stilts, sip a glass of corn wine and listen to the village elders tell old stories about the village. You will find yourself opening up many new things about the culture here.

bản Tả Van Sapa

The scene of rustic and idyllic life in the mountains and forests of the Northwest in Ta Van village, Sapa.

House on stilts with traditional beauty

Today, Ta Van Sapa is one of the villages that still retains many old houses located close to the roadside. It's called an old house, but every house is built beautifully, people live clean and tidy.

Coming here, visitors can visit and take pictures at the house of Mr. Hoang Din or Mr. Lo A Muc... Every house is beautiful and has a very beautiful traditional architecture.

tại bản Tả Van Sapa

Traditional stilt houses of local residents in Ta Van Sapa village. Photo: huong.uni

Visitors can visit the indigenous people, learn about the living habits and customs to better understand the ethnic minorities in our country. What could be more wonderful than sitting by the fire and sipping corn wine, listening to the elderly tell interesting stories about their village.

Check in at the beautiful homestay in Ta Van

To have more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Ta Van Sapa village and learn about the life of the people here, you should choose to stay at a homestay. Like in Cat Cat village, there are homestays in Ta Van to serve the needs of domestic and foreign tourists.

In the village, there are many places to hang signs for renting overnight accommodation at affordable prices.

homestay Tả Van Sapa

There are many beautiful and affordable Ta Van Sapa homestays. Photo: gaumeow87

Tourism in the village is more and more developed, the homestay is more and more beautiful and fully equipped. Every homestay is clean, with enough blankets and pillows to bring a good night's sleep for visitors.

From only 50,000 - 100,000 VND, you can spend the night in lovely homestays with indigenous colors in the beautiful Ta Van village. If you travel to Sapa in the high season, you can contact the homestay to book front place.

Some homestays that are very hot, checked in heavily on Facebook in the past time are Ta Van Go homestay, Ta Van Family homestay, La Dao Homestay, Ta Van Hill homestay, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the most suitable place to stay.

Unique costumes in Ta Van Sapa

Traveling to Ta Van Sapa village, visitors must definitely try the experience of wearing traditional costumes of ethnic minorities here. Wearing the dress of ethnic girls, you will feel like you have become a local resident.

kinh nghiệm đi Tả Van Sapa

Experience going to Ta Van Sapa - choose the beautiful traditional costumes of the residents in Ta Van village. Photo: minhquan.nguyen1006

In the village, there is a rental service for photography costumes, you can rent to wear, try the feeling of wearing traditional clothes of ethnic minorities.

In addition, when wearing colorful clothes, visitors can take pictures in the middle of the terraced fields, go to the suspension bridge over the stream and take pictures with ethnic children.

Go shopping at Phien market

Visiting Ta Van, in addition to sightseeing and learning about the lives of the residents, remember to visit Phien market to buy local specialties and souvenirs, as gifts for relatives and friends after the trip.

chợ phiên Tả Van Sapa

The bustling Ta Van Sapa market is a unique cultural feature. Photo: namduong10_

In the fairground, there are many colorful brocade items and attractive colorful ethnic costumes. Each item at the market has its own unique style of the Northwest ethnic group. Surely you will buy the most unique and special items when coming here.

Participate in the cultural festival of the ethnic people

If you visit Ta Van Sapa village in the spring, you will have the opportunity to participate in the traditional festivals of the ethnic people. Visitors will be immersed in the unique and bustling dance, surrounded by the sound of the trumpet and the fiddle of the ethnic boys.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the culture, traditions and beauty of the unique customs and habits of the ethnic minorities. At night, local residents also organize campfires, stand dancing performances, blowing trumpets, fan dancing, ...

All these experiences will bring back many memorable memories of a beautiful and warm village named Ta Van.

Visiting the Cloud Bridge in Ta Van

In the journey to discover Ta Van village, visitors must definitely check in to Cau May. This is the bridge that causes fever all over social networking sites. Even famous abroad.

In the past, this bridge was used by people across the stream to facilitate travel. The whole thing is connected by forest rope and braided with thin slices of wood, so it is called Cau May.

cầu Mây bắc qua suối

The Cloud Bridge over the stream is a place that many tourists check in. Photo: hoang.px

Today, the bridges across rivers and streams are all made of iron, so the May Bridge in the village has only one tree left.

Therefore, people in Ta Van have dedicated this bridge for visitors to visit and check in. Whether it's a sunny day or a foggy morning, the bridge shows up with an impressive and unique beauty.

However, the bridge is quite difficult to walk, you need to be very careful during photography. In the rainy season, the thin wood slices are easy to slip, you just need to stand at the top of the bridge to have a good photo right away.

You can combine accessories such as transparent umbrellas for a more romantic photo set. Not only need to stand on the bridge to have a good photo right away.

5. Specialties at Ta Van Sapa

Grilled stream fish

Traveling to Ta Van Sapa village, do not forget to enjoy the specialty stream fish. The interesting thing is that there are many kinds of stream fish here, but there is no fishy taste. No need for sophisticated processing, the fish is grilled over charcoal and then enjoying the food on the spot is the best.

In addition, stream fish is crispy fried, fried with tomato sauce and curry powder, pepper powder is an attractive dish on the rice tray.

Stream fish in Ta Van has the size of 2-3 fingers and has many bones, so people in the village often deep-fried to eat both bones and meat. It is wonderful to enjoy fresh, yellow fish with a fatty head and crispy scales. Inside is a layer of fragrant and sweet meat, delicious to eat anywhere.

cá suối nướng Tả Van

Coming to Ta Van, you definitely have to enjoy grilled stream fish. Photo:metoyou162

Deep-fried or deep-fried spring fish can be dipped with fish sauce mixed with lemon and chili, accompanied by boiled cabbage and eaten with hot rice. On chilly evenings, there's nothing better than eating crispy hot fish.

Besides deep-fried fish, indigenous people also have the intestines of stream fish, which is considered a folk medicine to help young women and men stay healthy.

Thang co

Ethnic minorities in the Northwest mountainous region all love Thang Co. This is a delicious dish that is sold a lot in highland markets. Thang co is traditionally cooked from horses, later with beef, buffalo, and pork, forming many different recipes.

Each place will have a typical Thang Co dish, but the best is in Bac Ha, Muong Khuong and Sapa.

Thắng Cố bản Tả Van Sapa

Thang Co village in Ta Van Sapa is a specialty of the Northwest. Photo: ndtrung01.han

Traditional Thang Co usually has horse meat, liver, heart, heart, blood ... and 12 other heirloom cardamom spices. In which, the 12th spice is Thang Co - also the name of the dish.

Basically, this dish is simply prepared by putting ingredients marinated with traditional spices in a large pan and then stir-frying, then adding water and simmering until cooked.

The way to enjoy this dish is like eating hot pot, often accompanied by basil, mustard greens, kohlrabi and dipped in a special chili sauce with a salty, spicy, and strong taste. Thang Co is not only a specialty dish but also delicious and nutritious for health. That's why you should enjoy this dish when coming to Ta Van Sapa.

Bac Ha's armpit pig

Coming to Sapa, visitors will enjoy the dish of pig under the armpits, which is made from pigs raised freely in the natural environment.

This pig is raised in the garden, goes to find wild vegetables to eat, not permanently raised in the barn, nor is it bathed like industrial pigs in the plains. Therefore, they grow slowly, in a year only from 10-20 kg.

Thịt lợn cắp nách

Rice tray with famous armpit pork. Photo: Quy_qquinn

Thanks to this special breeding method, the pork armpit is very sweet and firm. Pork is low in fat, very fragrant, when eaten, it does not feel as sick as pork man. In addition, pork is not as dry as wild boar. In that gas, the pork fat is not boring.

Armpit pig is usually grilled whole on charcoal or fried, steamed, fake civet,... are all very delicious. If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa, remember to enjoy grilled pork belly. Surely you cannot forget the delicious taste of this specialty dish.

Grilled chicken

Like pigs, Ban chickens in Ta Van Sapa are raised by local people, and chickens feed themselves, so the chicken meat is very firm and relatively tough.

Coming here to travel, you should try grilled chicken with lemon pepper, sweet and tender chicken pieces. When eating, you must use your hands to tear the chicken and then dip it with spicy sauce to fully feel the delicious taste of the dish.

Bà bản nướng bản Tả Van Sapa

Ta Van Sapa grilled village is a delicious dish that you cannot ignore. Photo: foodislife_nz

6. Places to visit near Ta van Sapa village

Lao Chai village

Lao Chai is a village located 7km from Sapa town, with pristine beauty imbued with traditional beauty like Ta Van village. It has terraced fields, mountains and beautiful houses of local residents, bringing many interesting experiences for visitors.

Lao Chải xinh đẹp

Lao Chai is also a beautiful village in Sapa. Photo: Duyen.bapbi

Fansipan Peak

Dubbed the roof of Indochina, Fansipan peak is the peak that you should check in when traveling to Sapa. Now you can take the cable car to easily go up the mountain, watch the majestic clouds and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Muong Hoa valley from above.

đỉnh Fansipan săn mây

Going to Sapa, how can you ignore Fansipan peak to hunt clouds. Photo: caoqiong.wu_

Stone church

The stone church is located in the center of Sapa town, with French architectural style, very beautiful to check in. From the church, visitors can go to the central square - where there are love markets on weekends.

Check in Nhà thờ đá

The stone church is checked in by many tourists. Photo: liveasy.y

Cat Cat village

This is the most beautiful and ancient village in the Northwest, only 3km from the town. Cat Cat possesses majestic natural scenery with high and wide mountains, cool streams, craggy bridges and unique watermills.

Bản Cát Cát bình yên

Cat Cat village is beautiful and peaceful. Photo: lnn961112

Sin Chai village

Sin Chai village, about 5km from Sapa town, is an attractive destination that you should visit. In Sin Chai village, tourism has not yet developed much, so this village still retains its wild and mysterious beauty.

Tả Van Sapa

Besides visiting Ta Van Sapa, visit the picturesque Sin Chai village. Photo:thaolinh.thaolinh

Ta Van Sapa village is one of the beautiful villages of Sapa with terraced fields, traditional stilt houses and typical indigenous culture. Coming here to travel, visitors can breathe in the fresh air, admire the fresh scenery and enjoy many delicious dishes such as grilled chicken, stream fish, suckling pig,...

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