February in Sapa when the weather is early spring, this time the weather is warmer than the days of January, this is an extremely suitable time for exploration trips. So what's so beautiful about traveling to Sapa in February? Let's explore with Dong Travel right in the article below!

1. Sapa travel weather in February

Traveling to Sapa in February will be a suitable trip for more fun activities, sightseeing and discovery when the weather is spring.

A special feature of Sapa weather that you cannot ignore is that unlike other northern provinces, Sapa's climate is cool all year round. In winter, sometimes it even snows.

Sapa is a mountainous town in Lao Cai province, located at an altitude of 1,650m above sea level.

Sapa quanh năm mát mẻ

Sapa's weather is cool all year round, suitable for trips

Sapa in February is the time of early spring, the temperature will not be as cold as in January. The average temperature at this time will be from 10 to 24 degrees Celsius. Not only that, February in Sapa often appears drizzle. Although not rushing like the summer showers, it is enough to wet visitors' clothes.

However, the drizzle has never been the reason why tourists falter when coming to Sapa. On the contrary, when the weather is colder and more foggy, some tourist destinations like Fansipan will receive a larger number of tourists.

cuối đông đầu xuân Sapa

In the late winter and early spring months, Sapa often has a large number of tourists coming to visit

The reason may come from the fact that Vietnamese people are extremely curious about the first snowfalls of the season, they want to feel and directly see the snow in their homeland of Vietnam.

Therefore, the late winter or early spring months like January and February are more and more chosen as the time to "visit" this misty land - this beautiful Sapa.

2. What's so beautiful in Sapa in February?

What's so beautiful about Sapa tourism in February? Let's explore the brilliant beauty of Sapa with Dong Travel in these early spring days!

2.1 See cherry blossoms, plum blossoms

In the early spring days, Sapa is full of flowers. Along the roads, you will be overwhelmed by the vibrant beauty of cherry blossom, or pear blossom with pure white color.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Enjoy the snow when traveling to Sapa (@sbin.jpeg)

The clear beauty of Sapa in February will surely make the hearts of tourists sob, undeniably pick up your backpack and go immediately.

According to the Sapa travel experience of many tourists, to see the most beautiful cherry blossoms, you can go to O Long tea hill, close to the famous O Quy Ho pass. Green tea hills, winding on the hillsides, this beauty is guaranteed not to be inferior to the tea hills in Da Lat or Moc Chau.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Snow covers the trees (@very.very.nhatduy)

At the time, January or February every year, this place receives a huge number of tourists coming to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, against the clear blue sky and green tea hills in Sapa.

du lịch sapa tháng 2 Đồi chè Ô Long

O Long tea hill is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms when traveling to Sapa in February

From Sapa town, you need to move along Highway 4D, towards O Quy Ho pass. After going about 8km, you will see O Quy Ho kindergarten, opposite there is a small alley. Turn left and continue to go about 500km, you will come to O Quy Ho pass.

hoa anh đào Sapa tháng 2

In addition to O Long tea hill, there are many other places in Sapa where you can see the cherry blossoms in Sapa in February

In addition to the above places, you can also see cherry blossoms at Ham Rong Mountain, a space full of vitality and freshness of spring flowers and grass, always waiting for you to come and explore.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Take pictures with cherry blossoms in Sapa (@_dumplingeverdeen_)

If you don't have time to go to the tea hill to see cherry blossoms, don't be sad, you can still see the beauty of plum or cherry blossoms in the villages. The houses here will often plant cherry blossoms, or plum blossoms in front of the house, making this previously beautiful space even more beautiful.

hoa mận Sapa tháng 2

The pristine beauty of Sapa plum blossoms in February will make you unable to take your eyes off

2.2 Enjoying ripe strawberries in Sapa

One of the activities when traveling to Sapa in February is the experience of harvesting and enjoying strawberries. It is very suitable for you to visit, take pictures, or if you want, you will also experience strawberry harvesting.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Beautiful photos with cherry blossoms (@linhsuu_)

du lịch sapa tháng 2

The road is covered with pink cherry blossoms (@viettran.269)

You do not hear wrong, not only in Da Lat, but strawberries in Sapa are also very famous. In February when the weather is still cold, it is also the season of ripe strawberries in Sapa, with juicy, sweet fruits.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Strawberries should not be missed when traveling to Sapa in February (@luftmensch_2202)

Therefore, if you are a fan of this fruit, do not miss the opportunity to visit the ripe strawberry gardens in Sapa during your trip. It will definitely be interesting.

vườn dâu tây Sapa tháng 2

Strawberry gardens in Sapa in February are as famous as those in Dalat

You can move to the strawberry garden in Ma Tra village, Ta Phin, Sapa (6km from the town center) by Highway 4D, along Dien Bien Phu road to Sa Pa commune.

Then go through the Golden Stream, turn left, you will come to the signpost to the strawberry road. You park the car and then walk about 100m to arrive. The road to the strawberry garden is all paved, so it is very easy to go, you can travel by car or motorbike.

du lịch sapa tháng 2 dâu tây Sapa

When traveling to Sapa in February, Sapa strawberries are not too expensive, you can buy them to enjoy or as gifts for relatives and family.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Strawberry garden is also an ideal virtual living place (@ella.ngx)

In particular, Sapa strawberries are extremely fresh, without chemicals, because they are grown by hydroponic method, along with many other advanced technologies.

You can eat right at the garden, but remember to pick and weigh before eating. Although the entrance fee is free, you won't be able to try the strawberries if you haven't bought them yet.

The price of strawberries at the garden will range from 150,000 VND to 300,000 VND / kg depending on the time as well as the type of strawberry you choose!

3. Where to go when traveling to Sapa in February

Coming to Sapa in February, you should not miss these attractive tourist destinations! Surely they will make your Sapa travel experience more wonderful.

3.1 Fansipan Peak

Once coming to Sapa, you should definitely not miss the top of Fansipan. Dubbed the roof of Indochina with an altitude of more than 3000m above sea level.

To reach the top of the mountain, you need to travel by cable car system. Along the way, you can see the wonderful beauty of the valleys with thousands of colorful flowers, very interesting.

Đỉnh Fansipan Sapa tháng 2

Fansipan peak in Sapa in February is one of the places you cannot ignore.

Standing on Fansipan, the majestic natural scenery appearing in your eyes will surely make you extremely overwhelmed. Not only that, traveling to Sapa in February when the weather is still chilly, this is a very suitable time for you to hunt clouds.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Enjoy the cool breeze from the top of Fansipan (@duynguyendesigner)

And yet, when you reach the top of Fansipan, you can also experience spiritual cultural tourism with activities to pray for good luck, pray for peace for yourself, relatives and friends..

3.2 Dragon Mo tourist area

If you are looking for a little-known Sapa tourist destination in February, then Rong Mo tourist area is an ideal choice.

Located about 7km from the town center, featuring a glass bridge located 2200m high (above sea level), Rong Mo tourist area will surely bring you unforgettable experiences.

địa điểm du lịch Sapa tháng 2

Rong Mo tourist area with glass bridge is one of the hottest Sapa tourist destinations in February today.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

From the glass bridge, you can see the green tea hills, the terraced fields winding along the hills.

Or look at the dangerous O Quy Ho pass, which is always a big challenge for those who are afraid of heights. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience that you won't find anywhere else in Vietnam.

Ticket price to visit Rong May is 400,000 VND / 1 ticket for adults and 200,000 VND / 1 ticket for children.

♦ Bungee jumping: 1,000,000 VND / 1 turn

♦ Zipline slide: 500,000 VND / turn

♦ Paragliding: 900,000 VND/ turn

♦ Climbing: 500,000 VND/1 ticket

3.3 Travel to discover the village in Sapa

Sapa is not only famous for its majestic mountain scenery, but it is also known for being home to many ethnic minorities. It is this cultural diversity that is one of the reasons for attracting a large number of tourists to Sapa every year.

When traveling to Sapa in February to the villages, you not only see the scenery here, but also experience the cultural beauty and cuisine of the ethnic groups living in this Northwest region.

Sapa tháng 2 có gì

What's in Sapa in February? Cat Cat village in Sapa is one of the most beautiful villages here

Some extremely famous villages in Sapa that you should not miss such as Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Lao Chai village, or Ta Van village, etc. Each village here will bring a different unique beauty. each other, what are you waiting to discover right away.

In which, Cat Cat village is the place that attracts the most tourists. Cat Cat village exists the oldest and only 3km from the center of Sapa. Coming here, you will experience the ancient culture and customs of the H'Mong people. In addition, you can also experience crafts such as weaving, growing cotton, making jewelry,...

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Ta Van village among majestic mountains (@im.gtran)

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Meet the H'Mong people at Cat Cat Village (@alihoangduong)

Cat Cat village is the birthplace of many beautiful virtual live photos. The scenery around the village is very poetic with streams, waterfalls and flower gardens. Especially when traveling to Sapa in February, there are often unique traditional festivals taking place in the village.

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Streams gurgled all over the village (@lordy_mr)

du lịch sapa tháng 2

Rent ethnic clothes to experience the culture in the villages (@bangthanh)

Besides the above places, when coming to Sapa in February, you can also visit famous places such as: Sapa night market, Sapa love market, stone church, O Quy Ho pass, ....

4. What to eat when going to Sapa in February

When traveling to Sapa in February, do not miss these delicious dishes!

4.1 Lam rice

It will be extremely regrettable if you ignore the traditional lam rice dish of the ethnic minorities here. Lam rice is present in many places, however, the taste of Sapa lam rice is very special, it will definitely make you unforgettable if once enjoyed there.

Cơm lam của Sapa

Sapa Lam rice has a very unique flavor that you can't find anywhere else

4.2 Fresh Salmon

Salmon in Sapa has firm meat, no fat, has high elasticity, cooked in hot pot or eaten raw is all great. This is the "Western" dish with the best Vietnamese price that you should not miss when coming to Sapa.

du lịch sapa tháng 2 Cá hồi

Don't forget to enjoy fresh Salmon when traveling to Sapa in February!

4.3 Thang Co

Thang Co is a dish cooked from the entrails of a horse and 12 other ingredients, of which the 12th ingredient is Thang Co tree. This is a traditional dish of ethnic minorities in this Northwest region.

Thắng cố Sapa tháng 2

Thang Co is a traditional dish of some ethnic minorities in Sapa

4.3 Buffalo meat in the kitchen

The pieces of buffalo meat in the kitchen are dark red due to being smoked, the appearance is not very eye-catching, but the taste is sure to make you fall in love. The kitchen buffalo meat has a very rich and sweet taste of buffalo meat, the spicy taste of marinated spices, creating a dish that even adults or children are "addicted".

sapa tháng 2 thịt trâu gác bếp

The rich flavor of buffalo meat in the kitchen in Sapa in February

4.4 Khau nhuc

Khau nhuc sounds very strange, isn't it, but it is a dish that looks like braised meat in the lowlands. However, the way it is made and its taste is completely different.

When eating, you will feel the pieces of meat melting in your mouth, along with the taste of basil and five flavors. The taste that Khau nhuc brings you will definitely be hard to forget.

Khâu nhục Sapa tháng 2

Sapa's Khau nhuc dish is a very famous specialty

5. Notes when traveling to Sapa in February

Sapa February is the first days of spring, but the temperature at this time is no longer as cold as January, but in general, it will be much lower than in the lowlands.

Therefore, if you want to travel in February, do not forget to bring a lot of warm clothes. If you have small children and adults with you, absolutely limit going out late at night, to avoid catching a cold in the morning.

You don't want to get caught in the rain while traveling, right? Because February will often have sudden drizzle, you also need to bring an umbrella or raincoat with you to avoid getting wet.

thời tiết Sapa tháng 2

Because the weather in Sapa in February is still cold, you should bring a lot of warm clothes to avoid colds

When traveling, do not forget to bring with you some basic medicines to prevent yourself such as cold medicine, runny nose, headache, stomachache, wind oil, ... very necessary.

Sports shoes or flat shoes will be more suitable for the journey because the terrain of Sapa is mainly hilly.

Lưu ý khi tham quan Sapa thàng 2

Some notes when visiting Sapa in February that you should not ignore

You should also pay attention to find out and book a hotel room 1-2 weeks in advance to get the hotel you want.

Sapa is always one of the hottest tourist destinations in our country, so Sapa's hotels are always overcrowded. To be able to follow the journey that you originally set out, do not forget this note.

Above are all the shares of Dong Travel on the topic of Sapa tourism in February, what to eat, what to play? Hopefully, after our article, you have a little more experience to start your journey. Wish you will have the most interesting experiences in the beautiful Northwest - Sapa with your friends and relatives.

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