SaSapa every season has its own beauty. For example, September and October is the season of terraced fields covered with the golden color of ripe rice. Or is it the season of buckwheat flowers racing to bloom in the entire Northwest sky. However, for many people, a snow-covered Sapa in December is the most beautiful moment. This article will share with you all the necessary experiences when traveling to Sapa in December.

1. What is the weather like in Sapa in December?

Weather when traveling to Sapa in December is segmented into two distinct periods: the beginning of the month and the end of the month. The weather in early December of Sapa is not much different from November, the temperature at this time is not cold enough to cut the skin. The average temperature fluctuates between 10 - 18 degrees Celsius.

But when it comes to the end of December, Sapa gradually becomes colder. The onset of prolonged cold spells, the average temperature is never higher than 10 degrees Celsius. On the top of Fansipan, frost also appears with frequent frequency, even snow.

Sapa về đêm tháng 12

Sapa at night is extremely fanciful. (@vietnamnatural)

2. Attractive features when traveling to Sapa in December

Hunting the sea of clouds in Sapa in December

Sapa's cloud hunting season usually starts from October and lasts a long time, until about March and April next year. Sapa travel experience from many backpackers says that the most ideal time to hunt for clouds is Sapa in December.

No words, a photo or a video can fully describe the enchanting and beautiful beauty of Sapa's sea of clouds. If you have the opportunity to visit Sapa, you must once witness and appreciate this unique beauty. It will definitely be an unforgettable memory.

săn mây Sapa tháng 12

Hunting the magical sea of clouds and sky in Sapa in December. (@thuylinh.sea)

The scenery of white snow covers the romantic Sapa

f you are "charming" to visit Sapa on the occasion of snow, you will surely be overwhelmed with the wonderful beauty it brings. The whole sky of Sapa is covered with a layer of white snow that attracts the eyes. Guaranteed to give you shimmering virtual live pictures no less than Europe.

Check in at the giant crystal pine tree and the snow tunnel

Traveling to Sapa in December, you will be able to witness and experience the extremely sparkling and eye-catching giant crystal pine and ice tunnel, built by Sun Group. These two attractive check-in locations are located at the Fansipan cable car station. So you can conveniently take the cable car to the top and check in right away. Sun Group is also very psychological when equipped with a large capacity fake snow machine, visitors can freely check in with the same frames as in foreign countries.

ghé thăm Sapa tháng 12

The natural scenery always makes tourists everywhere to be overwhelmed when visiting Sapa in December. (@kysun108)

In addition, traveling to Sapa in December, you will experience a series of vibrant Northwestern-style performances right in Sapa town to welcome the winter festival. You will surely forget your way back when participating. Or you can visit the famous Stone Church of the Sapa people here.

See the cherry blossoms in full bloom

Around the end of the year, November and December is the time of cherry blossom season. Previously, the cherry blossoms would begin to bloom and finish in about 1 to 2 weeks. However, due to the influence of today's erratic weather, the blooming season of cherry blossoms is not as fixed as before. To be able to see cherry blossoms when traveling to Sapa in December, you should find out carefully before coming!

du lịch sapa tháng 12

Surreal beauty when cherry blossom season begins

There are many places for you to freely see and live with cherry blossoms in Sapa. Visitors can move to O Quy Ho pass to experience. Especially can not ignore O Long tea hill, this is considered the place to enjoy the most beautiful cherry blossoms, the harmony between the green tea color and the pink color of the flower will not disappoint you.

du lịch sapa tháng 12

Cherry blossom trees bloom on O Long tea hill

Admire the "fire" sky at O Quy Ho

O Quy Ho Pass is a place that should definitely not be missed when traveling to Sapa in December. With an altitude of 2000 meters, the winding road on the mountain will be a great sunset hunting place for visitors. Coming to O Quy Ho pass, we feel like we are in a fairyland amidst thousands of clouds and a cool breeze.

du lịch sapa tháng 12

Fantastic sunset at O Quy Ho

Sunset fell, the red sun flashed behind the clouds. Interspersed with that is the fresh green color of the forests full of trees growing on the mountains. "Heaven's Gate" O Quy Ho brings an unreal scene, far from everyday life.

du lịch sapa tháng 12

Experience the unique sunset at an altitude of 2000m

If you travel to Sapa in December, to enjoy the sunset you should leave early, because the sun begins to set at 4:30-5:00. However, after sunset hunting, it starts to get darker, you should be careful when moving on the pass. After that, you can stop and rest at a local restaurant and enjoy local specialties.

3. What to prepare when traveling to Sapa in December?

3.1 Clothing suitable for winter weather

As mentioned in the weather section, Sapa in December is the cold that cuts through the skin. Towards the end of the month, the temperature in Sapa will drop sharply, especially at night. Therefore, if you go to Sapa at this time, remember to dress as warmly as possible. It is best to buy yourself thick fur coats, thick life jackets with hoods. And also don't forget to bring some other necessary accessories such as:

♦ Woolen hats

♦ Ear warmers

♦ Neck scarf

♦ Gloves

♦ Thermal patches (you can buy them at pharmacies in Sapa)

3.2 Where to stay in Sapa

If you decide to travel to Sapa in December, it is best to try to invest a little to stay in a hotel of 3 stars or more. Because, for the severe weather in December in Sapa, a 3-star hotel or more will definitely be fully equipped with 2-way air conditioning, ensuring the space is always warm and especially with a beautiful mountain view. . The feeling of waking up early in the morning, facing a glass window with clouds and mountains is floating. There really is nothing like it.

du lịch sapa tháng 12 đỉnh Fansipan

Sapa tourism in December at Fansipan Peak - Roof of Indochina. (@myboutiquehotelsapa)

In particular, December is one of the peak tourist months in Sapa. Moreover, Sapa in December has many interesting events, especially Christmas, so it is not uncommon to run out of rooms at this time. Therefore, in order to make the trip as complete and comfortable as possible, you should book a hotel room as soon as possible to get more choices.

3.3 Means of transportation in Sapa

When coming to Sapa, you can choose to travel by motorbike or taxi between sightseeing places. Moving back and forth between locations in the middle of Sapa's weather in December is quite cold, but in return you can be free and active in the hours. Traveling by motorbike on the roads of the Northwest, watching the sea of clouds drifting between the mountainsides and preserving precious moments with friends and relatives is nothing more.

If you are afraid of the cold and lazy to ride a motorbike, you can choose to travel by taxi. However, the cost of traveling by taxi is not as cheap as motorbikes. So the best way is to go with friends and acquaintances to share taxi fare if you want to save money. Most of the private taxi companies here are very attentive, always enthusiastically guiding and also taking photos for guests. There was never any cutting.

4. Food to try when traveling to Sapa in December

In the cold weather of Sapa in December, sit and sip the specialties of the Northwest mountains such as buffalo meat, grilled rice, chicken on skewers, grilled sausages, pork roll with cat cabbage, ... Delicious, hot, there's nothing like it.

 du lịch Sapa tháng 12 thịt trâu gác bếp

Kitchen buffalo meat - a must-try delicious dish when traveling to Sapa in December. (@luuvungoc_1993)

If you want to have a luxurious and cozy indoor space with your loved ones, you can choose famous restaurants in Sapa such as Viet Deli Restaurant - 06 Thu Dau Mot, Sapa (2nd facility), Song Restaurant. Nhi - The foot of Bat waterfall, Pi's Boutique Sapa Restaurant - 41 Fansipan, Mr. Ha Meo's house - the top of Ta Van village,....

The menus at these places are extremely diverse from hot pot, skewers, chicken, horse meat, ... for you to choose freely.

6. Some other notes to know when traveling to Sapa in December

♦ As mentioned many times, the weather in Sapa in December is extremely cold, especially at night, sometimes it will be cold. So when traveling to Sapa at this time, you must always keep your body warm and prepare enough medicine in case you have a cold, fever, runny nose, ...

♦ After going out in the winter here, when coming home, do not take a hot bath immediately. You have to wait a while for your body to adapt to the temperature change.

♦ Winter in Sapa is the peak tourist season, the number of visitors from all over the world is extremely large. Therefore, before going, you need to book accommodation and transportation options in advance.

♦ 1 week before coming to Sapa, you need to carefully monitor the weather and snowfall in Sapa.

♦ The terrain in Sapa is mainly hilly and sloping. Especially in the snow season, the slippery road is even more difficult to walk. Therefore, you should wear sports shoes to facilitate movement and avoid slipping.

Sapa in December in winter will always have rain and snow. Therefore, on the road also often appear fog obscures visibility and slippery. You should exercise extreme caution when moving, avoiding areas with heavy snow.

Above are all the Sapa travel experiences in December that Dong Travel wants to send to you. Hopefully with these sharing will help you have a complete Sapa trip coming up!

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