Coming to Sapa, there will be many interesting tourist attractions to explore, including the stone church architecture. Having existed for decades in Sapa, the Stone Church is always one of the hottest places that you should not miss when coming here. So what is so special about the Stone Church that attracts so many tourists. Discover everything about Sapa stone church right in the article below of Dong Travel!

Explore Sapa stone church.

1. History of Sapa Stone Church

Located in the center of Sapa town, the Sapa stone church is a work designed and built by the French in the 30s of the 20th century. Today, the stone church is considered one of the few buildings, sites and landmarks. A beautiful spot in Sapa bearing the mark of ancient architecture remaining intact of France in our country.

nhà thờ Sapa

Sapa Church is one of the remaining intact works designed and built by the French in Sapa (Source: layla180888)

After decades of construction, due to the influence of war and time, people began to restore this work. However, they still retain their original unique architectural styles.

Standing tall on the beautiful land of Sapa, with its not-so-small age, the Stone Church is as a historical proof of the events as well as the great development of this city.

2. Discover the architecture and beauty of Sapa stone church

Built in a very beautiful location, behind Ham Rong Mountain, the Stone Church carries the French architecture of the previous period.

In general, Sapa stone church was built according to Roman Gothic architecture, shown in the roofs, bell towers,... are all pyramidal, creating a beauty that is both elegant and soaring for the work.

With a large campus area of more than 6000m2, the stone church has enough room to arrange a lot of auxiliary works such as church area, rectory, dining area, area for monks, front yard, fence, etc. livestock house and the holy garden.

nhà thờ đá Sapa

The overall architecture of Sapa stone church follows Roman Gothic architecture (Source:_spaceofjc_)

According to many records, the Stone Church has a structure consisting of 7 main compartments, each of which will be about 500m2 wide. The whole church is built from hewn stone material. Along with that is a mixture of lime, sand, and sugar cane to bind the stone blocks together. Above the church is a bell tower 20m high, with a bell weighing up to half a ton.

In front of the church is a large courtyard, for people to gather or buy and sell. If you step inside, you will see an extremely large and majestic synagogue with more than 32 colorful glass windows. In addition, the synagogue is decorated with rosary drawings and crosses. This is the same highly appreciated architectural detail of Sapa Stone Church.

Unique design inside Sapa stone church

A long time ago, Sapa Stone Church was not only a religious center but also a unique cultural exchange place of Sapa people. Every Saturday, in front of the stone church, there will be love markets or people's prayer activities.

Not only that, if you go to the stone church on weekends, you will hear in your ears the hymns of children in H'mong language.

3. Super nice check-in corner at Sapa ancient church

It would be a pity to visit Sapa stone church without taking advantage of your beautiful moments with this place. Discover the "super cool" check-in corners that we suggest below.

Panoramic angle

Taking a panoramic view of the church is a shooting angle that many young people love today. By not only helping people and churches in the same frame, but also restricting people from appearing around unnecessarily, ensuring the best photo.

Full body photography is the safest option that you should definitely try

Photograph of the church with the square

Dong Travel wants to share a few tips to take beautiful photos in Sapa at this church, let's refer to it now!

This angle is often more about shooting scenes than shooting with people. But in return, with this angle, you can adjust the image color to match the depth of the frame.

To keep the best angle, the photographer should usually stand at the bottom of the stairs, or choose a position far from the church.

This angle with the square will help you get the best panorama

Phones will have a hard time getting the entire frame (except for modern wide-angle phones) so your results are often very prone to skewing to one side. However, you can completely overcome this, if you carefully take the angle of balance on both sides.

Take photos with small details around Sapa stone church

One of the beautiful, unique and creative church photography angles that you should not miss to make your photo album more interesting is taking pictures with small details around the ancient church in Sapa.

In addition to taking pictures of the front, the walls of the stone church are also very popular places for visitors to check in

Details such as the wall, the gate, or the area behind the church are places that are very popular with young people.

Take photos at the church stairs

Thanks to its location right in the central square, in front of Sapa church, there are stairs going up with many useful uses, one of which is to serve the "virtual life" of visitors.

Sitting on the steps of the square, the far angle with the appearance of the stone church is a photography option that you should try.

In order for your photos to be "deeper", you should consider using vintage colors that are both gentle and extremely warm.

Take pictures of the church at night

When the sun goes down, the church lights up. The colorful LED strips surrounding the church are turned on to bring a scene that is both romantic and impressive.

Not only during the day, the stone church also attracts tourists to check in at night because of its beauty

Taking pictures of the church at night is definitely one of the photography suggestions that you should not ignore.

4. Activities for the trip to Sapa, the stone church

Besides taking photos with friends and relatives to make memories, coming to the stone church, you will be able to participate in extremely impressive activities such as:

Join the love market

Sapa love market is a very famous market. This is also a cultural feature with bold characteristics of many ethnic groups in the Northwest, held every Saturday night.

Coming to the love markets in Sapa, you will be spoiled to see, and choose unique souvenirs for yourself or for relatives and friends.

Sapa love market takes place every Saturday night at Sapa stone church

Watch cultural performances

Along with the organization of love markets, people also build many unique cultural performances to have fun and exchange with each other. The special thing is that not only people here participate in performances, but the performances sometimes come from people in neighboring areas. These activities not only help to increase the atmosphere of excitement and fun, but also show solidarity and cultural interference in the regions together.

nhà thờ cổ Sapa

The cultural performances at Love market near Sapa ancient church are extremely diverse and unique that will make you fall in love

Enjoy Sapa's specialties

After visiting the stone church, don't forget to stop by and enjoy the specialties of Sapa.

Some typical dishes here that you should definitely try once if you have the opportunity to travel here such as kitchen pork, salmon, wild vegetables, fried stream fish,... Sapa's chilly weather can enjoy these delicious dishes with some apple cider or corn wine, right? I can't help but think about it.

Salmon is available everywhere but one of the best salmon must be in Sapa

Not only that, Sapa has countless specialties, from cheap, popular to high priced. You can refer to some dishes to give as gifts to your family such as kitchen buffalo meat or cat cider,... which will surely make your loved ones love it.

Today, Sapa Stone Church is considered one of the major tourism and cultural symbols of the Northwest region. If you have the opportunity to come to Sapa, do not forget to visit this church hidden in the thick fog, romantic and full of dreams. The experiences here are guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Hopefully, through the article of Dong Travel, you have had more extremely useful information about one of the hottest tourist destinations in Sapa - Sapa Stone Church. Who knows, if you have the opportunity, you will be able to see firsthand the special beauty of this place.

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