Coming to Sapa, a famous tourist destination in the Northwest, if you do not check-in all the following 21 places, it is too wasteful. So what are you waiting for, let's explore with Dong Travel immediately the cool spaces of check-in Sapa!

1. Check in Sapa at Swing Sapa

Check in Sapa Swing Sapa at the address: No. 87, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Sapa town, Lao Cai (right next to Hoang Lien National Park)

Although it has just appeared not long ago, Swing Sapa has attracted a lot of tourists. This is also one of the destinations with high search volume on social networking sites.

Swing Sapa

The gentle beauty of Swing Sapa (Source: rubi.quynhanh)

Swing Sapa is a complex business model, both a cafe, a check-in place, and a resort with a beautiful shimmering homestay. The reason Swing is loved by many people because it owns a spacious campus, airy mountain scenery.

núi rừng Swing Sapa

Check-in with a large mountain view at Swing Sapa (Source: im.thanhbinh)

Coming to Swing Sapa, you can "live virtual" with the scenery of mountains and forests playing with clouds or a bed, swing flying in the air. Or you can also check-in at the pool with blue, fanciful water.

In particular, the ticket price to Swing Sapa is not too expensive, only 80k/person (including water). Here, you can rent more appropriate costumes for the scene to take the best photos.

check-in Sapa

Green natural scenery (Source: kicloudy)

check-in Sapa xích đu Swing Sapa

Check-in Sapa swing Swing Sapa: check-in beautiful shimmering swings suspended in the air (Source: phanlinhaien)

check-in Sapa

Many miniatures at Swing for photography (Source: bingoch_h)

check-in Sapa

Check in today's hottest place in Sapa (Source: thanh_moe)

2. Secret Garden

Address: 056 Violet, Sapa town, Lao Cai

Secret Garden is one of the most attractive homestays and also a beautiful place to check in Sapa. Check-in here you will get a panoramic background of Sapa with rustic but majestic mountain beauty.

check-in Sapa

Fairy scene at the secret garden (Source: Nhimsoc13)

Secret Garden Sapa

Secret Garden with beautiful misty mountain view (Source: Linhlingg)

At the Secret Garden homestay, you will be able to choose a room with a view of your choice such as mountain view, Sapa valley view,... The price for each room at Secret Garden is calculated at 1 million VND/night.

Homestay Secret Garden

Beautifully shimmering with Secret Garden's glass house design (Source: lamluong.dulich)

check-in Sapa Secret Garden

Check-in Sapa Secret Garden: beautiful swimming pool view (Source: Duyanhhnee)

3. Infinity Pool and Floating Breakfast

Address: 18 Muong Hoa, Sapa town, Lao Cai

The infinity pool and Floating Breakfast are the best places to check in Sapa, located on the premises of Bamboo Hotel. Here, you can immerse yourself in the warm water of the pool and take magical pictures with “Floating Breakfast”. This is the model originating from Bali.

check-in Sapa

Enjoy afternoon tea by the pool (Source: bamboosapahotel)

Bamboo Hotel

The infinity pool with warm blue water at Bamboo Hotel (Source: begodivn)

check-in Sapa

Immerse yourself in the cool water with an impressive view (Source: tuan.luu.anh)

You just imagine wearing a sexy bikini, letting your soul float on the water, admiring the poetic and wonderful scenery of the mountains. It's great, isn't it?

Because it is a 4-star hotel, the price at Bamboo Hotel will be higher than that of other homestays or hotels.

Floating Breakfast Sapa

Swimming in the pool and enjoying "Floating Breakfast" is nothing like (Source: oaihuong91)

check-in Sapa Bamboo Hotel

Check-in Sapa Bamboo Hotel: Immerse yourself in the swimming pool with the luxurious “Floating Breakfast” (Source: Duy.a.n)

See more about Muong Hoa Valley Sapa and Ancient stone beach Sapa here.

4. Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge - check in Sapa combined with adventure experience

Address: The top of O Quy Ho pass, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau

Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge was born on November 16, 2019 with up to 1000 visitors on the first day of opening.

check-in Sapa

Challenge yourself with a group of friends to walk on the glass bridge (Source: haitho_)

Cầu kính Rồng Mây nổi tiếng

The newly established Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge has attracted the attention of many visitors (Source: vietnam_travelnews)

This work is built with a path from the mountain bed and up by an elevator system with a length of about 70m. This elevator will take you to the position at Sapa glass bridge with an altitude of 2200m. The bridge deck is about 60m from the cliff. With such a height will make you feel floating in the air, creating a sense of adventure and excitement.

sống ảo tại Cầu kính Rồng Mây

Check-in "virtual life" at Rong May Glass Bridge (Source: thanhtam5035)

The capacity of the guest room of Rong May glass bridge is about 30 people / turn. When sitting here, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around. Ticket price to enter Rong May glass bridge for children is 200k / child and for adults is 400k/person.

check-in Sapa Cầu kính Rồng Mây

Check-in Sapa Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge: Explore the Glass Bridge and take souvenir photos of new experiences (Source: thanhthu_jpa)

check-in Sapa

Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is a place to check-in when coming to Sapa (Source: aimenkim324)

5. Viettrekking Coffee

Address: No. 3, Hoang Lien Son, Sapa town, Lao Cai

If you want to admire the morning dew in Sapa, you can check-in at Viettrekking Coffee.

This is a place visited by many tourists, especially in the early morning to enjoy the chill scenery and check in Sapa to live virtual.

check-in Sapa

Watch Sapa train running and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee (Source: khanhhuyen2)

Viettrekking Coffee

The shimmering scene at Viettrekking Coffee (Source:

check-in Sapa

Viettrekking helps to collect many beautiful photos with nature (Source: hoajuly)

Imagine in your hand a cup of hot coffee, in front of your eyes is a misty landscape, slowly dawning. It's so awesome right.

Viettrekking Coffee is only about 2km from Sapa bus station. So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa, come here once to get beautiful photos and keep as a souvenir for your trip.

Viettrekking Coffe cafe view đẹp Sapa

Viettrekking Coffee with a view of the building and rolling mountains (Source: thuonghoang168)

check-in Sapa Viettrekking Coffee

Check-in Sapa Viettrekking Coffee: Vivid mountain view from Viettrekking Coffee shop (Source: khuongden)

check-in Sapa

Vibrant mountain view from Viettrekking Coffee shop (Source: khanhhuyen2)

6. Cat Cat village

Address: Cat Cat village, San Sa Ho commune, Lao Cai province

Cat Cat village in Sapa is where the vast majority of H'Mong people live, located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain. The scenery here is very charming, with a simple and simple beauty. Looking far away, you will see the green terraced fields and the traditional stilt houses of the people of the Northwest.

phong cảnh bản Cát Cát

Charming scenery in Cat Cat village (Source: _mkl_linhhh)

This is a very worthwhile place to check in Sapa, isn't it? To get to Cat Cat village, you just need to move about 3-4 km from Sapa town, follow the road towards Fansipan mountain.

Sự bình yên tại bản Cát Cát

Peace in Cat Cat village (Source: rainietrinh)

check-in Sapa bản Cát Cát

Check-in Sapa in Cat Cat village: The poetic beauty of Cat Cat village (Source: maithuha1996)

7. Rose Valley

Address: Hamlet 1, Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Sapa Rose Valley covers an area of ​​about 22 hectares, with more than 150 different species of roses grown here. These can be mentioned as: ancient roses in Sapa, Ecuador or red climbing roses, etc. Coming to this valley, you feel like you are lost in a fairy garden, full of poetic, heartwarming. Because of that, you will be spoiled for taking beautiful virtual live photos.

Thung lũng Hoa hồng

Rose Valley captivates people (Source: Internet)

Thung lũng Hoa hồng với 150 loại hoa

Rose Valley with more than 150 different types of roses (Source: huyenlazy34)

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful Rose Valley, you should come between March and September of the year. Because the climate here is starting to get warmer.

check-in Sapa Thung lũng Hoa hồng

Check-in Sapa Rose Valley: It is recommended to go to the Rose valley from March to September to admire the best beauty (Source: Internet)

8. O Quy Ho Pass

Address: Highway 4D, ⅔ pass in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau; ⅓ pass in Sapa town, Lao Cai

O Quy Ho Pass has an altitude of about 2000m, is the most majestic place in the Northern region. This pass has a length of nearly 50km, located in Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces. O Quy Ho Pass Sapa is famous for its deep abyss and sky-high cliffs.

đèo Ô Quy Hồ

The majestic scenery of O Quy Ho pass (Source: puravidahomes)

Are you a person who loves to explore, adventure, adventure? Then O Quy Ho pass will be a great place for you to conquer. If you climb to the top of the pass, you will have the opportunity to see the clouds floating in the sky, like a fairyland.

It is also because of this simile that O Quy Ho pass also has another name, which is Heaven's Gate. What are you waiting for without adding Heaven's Gate to your list of check-in in Sapa when you have the opportunity to visit.

đèo Ô Quy Hồ Sapa

Beautiful check-in at O Quy Ho pass (Source: dungtruyen)

check-in Sapa đèo Ô Quy Hồ

Check-in Sapa O Quy Ho Pass: bring the "vibe" of adventurers here and there. (Source: Ngapham96)

9. Conquering Fansipan Peak

Address: Sapa, Lao Cai

Fansipan Peak is located in the center of Hoang Lien Son range, only about 9km from the center of Sapa town in the southwest direction. With an altitude of 3143m, Fansipan is considered the highest mountain in the Indochina peninsula. And it is this that has made many young people want to conquer and check-in at the top of Fansipan.

đỉnh nóc nhà Đông Dương

Fansipan peak - the highest peak on the roof of Indochina (Source: jujudemilneuf)

If you do not climb the mountain by yourself, you can choose to go by cable car to see the top of Fansipan clearly in this Lao Cai country. It takes only about 15 minutes to take the Fansipan cable car and you can admire the highest mountain in Indochina.

Especially, if you want to hunt snow, then come to Fansipan in the time frame from November to February of the year.

Đỉnh Fansipan nắng ấm

Fansipan peak on warm sunny days (Source: hello_iamzanzan)

check-in Sapa Đỉnh Fansipan

Check-in Sapa Fansipan peak: Fansipan peak is very high (Source: doankimthuong)

10. Sun Plaza Gate

Address: 1 Cau May Lane, TT. Sapa, Sapa, Lao Cai

Sun Plaza is a new commercial center of Sapa. Since the completion of construction, this center has attracted many tourists and young people to check in.

Cốc San của Sapa

Unique features in the architecture of Sun Plaza (Source: swifthoundart)

thác và hang động Cốc San

Designed in the form of a dome with 3 large clocks (Source: sonseosac)

Sun Plaza is designed in European style, with elegance and sophistication. Inspired by large clocks in England, the center is built in the shape of a dome, showing royal style. The center is mainly blue, with some yellow and orange accents, giving the feeling of being in Europe.

check-in Sapa Cốc San

Coming here is like experiencing a certain European country (Source: vuhuongthuy100199)

check-in Sapa

The place in front of Sun Plaza gate is very popular with young people in Sapa (Source: xiuxiu2802)

check-in Sapa

Wearing a beautiful dress to the center gate is enough for a virtual living collection (Source: _sally.vu_)

It is easy to recognize a tourist who has checked into Sapa when they have a photo taken with Sun Plaza on their phone. This is one of the hottest places today, definitely a must visit when traveling to Sapa.

11. Heaven's Gate

Address: Sapa town, Lao Cai

To get to Heaven's Gate, you need to go from Sapa town, going north for about 18km. The road to discover Sapa Heaven Gate is always winding in the middle of the mountain, quite zigzag. Therefore, you need to go carefully, lest you slip.

Cổng Trời vào buổi chiều

Heaven's Gate in the afternoon when sunset gradually falls (Source: hoaiii.phuong.99)

Cổng Trời Sapa 1

Check-in at Sapa Heaven Gate (Source: nonniga)

Sapa Heaven Gate is the peak of the majestic Tram Ton Pass. Many people like to come here to take beautiful pictures of Sapa because they can zoom in to see the vast and vast scenery of Sapa. And especially admire the majestic beauty of Fansipan peak.

check-in Sapa Cổng Trời

Check-in Sapa Heaven Gate: The majestic scenery seen from Heaven Gate (Source: yeuxalathe)

12. Silver Waterfall - Peak Pass

Address: National Highway 4D, San Sa Ho, Sapa, Lao Cai

Silver Waterfall is quite a famous place when it comes to places to check in Sapa. You just need to start from Sapa town and move about 12km to the west, you will meet Sapa Silver Waterfall.

khung cảnh Thác Bạc

Silver Waterfall with a mountainous landscape (Source: victoriatien)

This waterfall has a water height of more than 200m. Here, you will listen to the impressive sounds from Silver Waterfall rushing.

Passing Silver Waterfall, you go about 3km, you will come to the top of the pass. This place will help you see the beautiful Fansipan peak.

hình ảnh Thác Bạc

Lovely picture when checking-in with Silver Waterfall (Source: emily.luongg)

check-in Sapa Thác Bạc

Check-in Sapa Silver Waterfall: When looking from afar, the waterfall is very large (Source: frs86andy)

13. Muong Hoa valley - Sapa ancient stone beach

Address: Hau Thao Commune, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Muong Hoa valley is about 8km from Sapa town, in the southeast direction. You just need to go through a pass, follow the road to the high mountain range to reach this place.

Thung lũng Mường Hoa 1

Muong Hoa valley blends in with nature (Source: bonguyen2103)

Check-in Thung lũng Mường Hoa

Check-in with Muong Hoa valley (Source: berry.2107)

Coming to Muong Hoa valley, you will learn about ancient rock formations carved with different shapes. These ancient rock fields are interspersed between terraced fields and grass.

This place is known by the people with the familiar name of Sapa ancient stone beach, causing the association of people who love to check-in Sapa to catch fire because of the "giant" beauty of the ancient stone beach and the mysterious motifs on it.

Besides, Muong Hoa valley also has a small stream about 15km long, very beautiful. This stream flows through places such as Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao and Ban Ho.

check-in Sapa Thung lũng Mường Hoa

Check-in Sapa Muong Hoa Valley: Taking a commemorative photo with a background of thousands of blooming flowers is a great choice (Source: khongga)

14. Ham Rong Mountain

Address: Sapa town, Lao Cai

Ham Rong mountain peak in Sapa is the place where you should try to experience the panoramic view of Sapa town from an altitude of 1800m. Here, you will feel the roads, houses, villages or tourist areas,... suddenly become small.

Phong cảnh núi Hàm Rồng

Unique landscape of Ham Rong mountain (Source: ngallectn247)

hình ảnh đẹp núi Hàm Rồng

Preserving beautiful pictures with Ham Rong mountain (Source: hoangyen93123)

In addition, check-in at Ham Rong mountain, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful flower garden and see Thach Lam rock garden. This is a place with a long history, appearing with strangely shaped stone pillars, making visitors feel impressed and excited.

check-in Sapa núi Hàm Rồng

Check-in Sapa Ham Rong mountain: Welcoming dawn on Ham Rong mountain (Source: tranthinhutuyet)

15. Sapa Stone Church

Address: Sapa town center, Lao Cai province

Sapa stone church is a unique ancient architectural mark, built in 1895, during the French colonial period. Currently, Sapa stone church has been repaired and has become a famous Sapa tourist destination. If you have come to Sapa, do not forget to check-in this place.

nhà thờ đá Sapa cổ

Ancient architecture of Sapa stone church (Source: hn.dtram)

lịch sử lâu đời nhà thờ đá Sapa

Sapa stone church with a long history (Source: luongduongduc)

check-in Sapa nhà thờ đá Sapa

Check-in Sapa Sapa stone church: a place to attract tourists to check-in (Source: stephenlam2109)

16. Ta Phin village - check in Sapa everywhere is beautiful

Address: The edge of Sapa town, Lao Cai

Ta Phin village is home to a large number of H'Mong and Red Dao people. This is a typical place with green terraced fields. All year round, plum trees and peach trees are blooming brightly, welcoming tourists from all over the country to visit.

Bản Tả Phìn núi rừng bạt ngàn

Ta Phin village with thousands of mountains and forests (Source: _nhhim_03_)

nhà truyền thống Bản Tả Phìn

In the distance is the traditional house of Ta Phin people (Source: ahnngueyn1005)

Visitors come to Ta Phin village not only because the scenery here is very peaceful, but also because of the long-standing traditional culture of the Red Dao and H'Mong people.

check-in Sapa Bản Tả Phìn

Check-in Sapa Ta Phin village: Peaceful scenery in Ta Phin village (Source: lenana)

17. Sin Chai village

Address: San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa, Lao Cai

Sin Chai village is one of the places that still keep the original wild features, with a population of about 1,400 people. And the Black Hmong make up the vast majority. To get to Sin Chai village, you just need to walk more than 4km.

Bản Sín Chải nguyên sơ

Sin Chai village, which has not been "tourized", still retains its pristine features (Source: Nguoicongaitronxoe)

người dân Bản Sín Chải

The life of the people of Sin Chai village is always associated with the mountains and forests (Source: harikanguyen)

Sin Chai village is characterized by the cultivation of upland rice, hybrid maize, and cardamom. This is the main source of income of the people here.

check-in Sapa Bản Sín Chải

Check-in Sapa Sin Chai village: pristine village beauty (Source: luhotrung)

18. Ta Van Village

Address: Sapa town, Lao Cai

From Sapa town, you move about 8km along Highway 4D, southeast, you will reach Ta Van village. This is where the vast majority of Giay people live. Here, you can learn about their lifestyle, style, and culture imbued with their identity.

Bản Tả Van nhộn nhịp

Ta Van village with a bustling scene (Source: lee.hinn)

Check-in Bản Tả Van xinh đẹp

Check-in with the beautiful Ta Van (Source: doquanghuy1997)

The life of the Giay mostly depends on the cultivation of rice and maize. Therefore, when entering Ta Van village, you will see green and fertile terraced fields.

Coming to Ta Van village, you can both inhale the scent of the mountains and forests, and checkin Sapa comfortably because every corner is beautiful and poetic. Don't forget to enjoy the Cafe and enjoy the view here too!

check-in Sapa Bản Tả Van

Check-in Sapa Ta Van village: captivated by its natural beauty (Source: ryannguyen)

19. Ha Khau

Address: Hong Ha, Yunnan, China

Hekou is located in the south, in the Yunnan province of China. The boundary between Sapa and Ha Khau is just a small river. Ha Khau is always very busy by shopping activities and the visit of many tourists.

Gem Valley gạch cũ

Super hot check-in place when traveling to Sapa (Source: christine_nguyen91)

View quán Gem Valley

Need to be fully equipped and careful when traveling by motorbike to Ha Khau (Source: Tranhuyminhhoang)

Not only taking beautiful pictures of Sapa in Ha Khau, you can also learn a lot of interesting points about the culture here.

check-in Sapa Gem Valley

The Light Park lights up beautifully (Source: dalatravel12)

To get to Ha Khau from Sapa, it takes about 1 hour by motorbike. The road is 35km long, going from Coc Leu then to Hoang Lien street. You need to pay attention because the road has many bends.

check-in Sapa

The border gate is also a cheap shopping place for tourists (Source: lenana_)

check-in Sapa

Visiting Hekou, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Chinese cuisine (Source: baovan_108)

Ha Khau has many shopping centers for tourists to shop freely. In addition, you can also experience Chinese cuisine here. Referring to the check-in points in Sapa, Ha Khau is definitely indispensable. Do not miss this interesting destination when experiencing Sapa!

20. Golden Stream Love Waterfall - check in Sapa in the deep green forest

Address: Tram Ton, Sapa, Lao Cai

Love Waterfall in Sapa is about 14km from Sapa town, quite close to the top of O Quy Ho pass. However, to reach this waterfall, you need to move deep into the forest. And especially on the way there is a very beautiful and green bamboo forest.

Thác Tình yêu ở Sapa

Love Waterfall, the check-in place of many tourists when coming to Sapa (Source: nqt.genius)

Suoi Vang Love Waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. This is a check-in point not to be missed.

Check-in Thác Tình yêu

Check-in the beautiful shimmering Love waterfall (Source: _imtintin)

check-in Sapa Thác Tình yêu

Check-in Sapa Love Waterfall: the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam (Source: _kinglady)

Above are 20 places to check in Sapa that Dong Travel shares with you. We hope that with this information, you will get beautiful pictures, save the best moments in your Sapa "trip" with your family!

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