Traveling to Sapa is always a great experience. Each month, each season will have its own special beauty. March, late spring and early summer, when the weather is fresh and cool, is a great time for trips. So what to eat, what to play when traveling to Sapa in March? All will be answered by Dong Travel right in the article below. Do not miss it!

1. Sapa travel weather in March

Traveling to Sapa in March is no longer as cold as January or February, but has a much warmer temperature. The temperature at this time falls around 7-22 degrees Celsius with the average temperature falling between 12-19 degrees Celsius.

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

March is a very good time for you to travel to Sapa (@zinnie.nguyen)

As the days get closer to the end of the month, the weather in Sapa in March gets warmer. However, if you want to feel the cold air that cuts into your skin that is hard to get in the lowlands, you should go at the beginning of the month. But if you choose this time, remember to prepare warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

Sapa in March is no longer too cold like the early spring months, less rain, extremely suitable for fun trips to explore.

In the clear, chilly weather of Sapa spring in March, you can freely roam around and enjoy the places you want to go, without worrying about the weather getting in the way.

In the early days of March, the night temperature will be colder, during the day, the highest temperature is only 15 degrees Celsius.

However, this heat only lasted until March 5, after this day, Sapa started to get warmer, officially ending Sapa's coldest days of the year. At this time, daytime temperatures can reach 18-20 degrees Celsius.

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Sapa weather in March is a bit chilly (@danvy0406)

thời tiết Sapa tháng 3

Sapa weather in March will not be as cold as January and February in early spring (@letoet94)

One thing that you should also note is that in March there are still occasional spring rains, but the temperature at this time will not be too cold from 9 to 18 degrees Celsius.

However, the rain in Sapa is just light drizzle, not like summer showers. Therefore, this will not be a reason to prevent you from exploring the Northwest mountains.

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Feel free to explore the Northwest mountains in March (@tripinvietnam)

According to Sapa travel experience from Dong Travel, if you want to avoid the rain, it is best to go after March 25. However, a little drizzle of Sapa weather in March  with family around Pants by the fire, sharing interesting stories is nothing better, isn't it?

2. What is beautiful in Sapa in March?

Your trip to Sapa in March will surely be filled with the scent of countless flowers in the Northwest.

2.1 Watching the peony bloom

Coming to Sapa in March, the plum blossom season is over, but instead there are white pear flowers blooming everywhere. Sapa's cold weather is the right place for pears to grow, so if you want to see white pear flowers, go to Sapa. Pear flowers are larger than plum flowers, taking pictures with pear flowers will be very beautiful.

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Traveling to Sapa with the whole family (@meongbong)

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Pear flowers bloom in the middle of March in Sapa

2.2 Fall in love with the beauty of azaleas

Azalea flowers cannot be missed when traveling to Sapa in March. March is the time when azaleas bloom most brilliantly. If you want to enjoy beautiful azaleas, you should go to Hoang Lien Son range. There are more than 40 different species of rhododendrons, mixed with pink and green plants.

ngắm hoa Sapa tháng 3

March has countless beautiful flowers for you to enjoy freely (@huybank)

In addition to pink, azalea flowers often bloom in yellow, red, .. very diverse. Along with the cold climate in the mountains, azalea flowers will make many visitors passionate and unforgettable about Sapa.

ngắm hoa Sapa tháng 3

March has countless beautiful flowers for you to enjoy freely (@huybank)

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Gentle pink azaleas

2.3 See the new terraced fields on young seedlings

What could be more beautiful, the image of golden fields lying intertwined, winding in the chilly weather of Sapa in March, right?

ruộng bậc thang Sapa tháng 3

Sapa rice terraces in March is one of the most beautiful terraced fields today (@leogust_thai)

Image of terraced fields in the ripe rice season in Sapa, recognized as one of the 7 most beautiful terraced fields in Asia as well as in the world.

Wandering in the vast fields, close your eyes, you will feel the faint smell of ripe rice. A feeling of peace and tranquility that you will hardly experience anywhere else.

2.4 Enjoy the taste of apple cider

Referring to the specialties that you should not miss when coming to Sapa, you cannot ignore the apple cider. Traveling to Sapa in March when the air is still cold, there is nothing better than enjoying a little apple cider.

Apple cider is an extremely rustic wine of the people of Sapa, cooked from an extremely simple fruit, but contains a lot of air, as well as a lot of passionate feelings of the sincere people in the highlands.

Rượu táo mèo Sapa tháng 3

Apple cider is a specialty in Sapa that you cannot ignore

Every night, when you and your relatives, or friends sit around a red fire, sip some apple cider, and tell each other interesting confidants or stories.

Feeling both peaceful and lightheaded. No one can understand being drunk or in love, but people are still stunned by the movement of the heavens and the earth.

2.5 Cloud hunting in March

Sapa March is the most appropriate and wonderful time if you intend to hunt clouds. On the top of Fansipan 4134m high above sea level, the clouds are floating, just reach out and you can touch.

The feeling of freedom to master nature, the vastness of heaven and earth, just thinking about it makes you excited, right?

săn mây Sapa tháng 3

Besides Fansipan peak, there are many places where you can hunt Sapa clouds in March (@nho.bui)

3. Where should travel in March go?

3.1 Fansipan Peak

Someone said that coming to Sapa without once setting foot on the top of Fansipan mountain is considered a waste of a trip. Coming to Fansipan when traveling to Sapa in March, you will be able to see the majestic natural mountain scenery in sight.

The scenery of Sapa in the pouring water season, the azalea flowers adorn the beauty of the mountains and forests here.

Đỉnh Fansipan Sapa tháng 3

Fansipan peak in Sapa in March is a place you can't always be on a tourist's list (@trinhquangthinh)

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Cloud hunting on top of Fansipan (@whereizhanhan)

Not only that, if you are lucky, when you go to the top of Fansipan by cable car, you can also hunt clouds, isn't it great?

3.2 Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is a village with a long history, inhabited mainly by the H'mong ethnic group in Sapa.

Coming here, you can not only visit interesting places, but also immerse yourself in the peaceful life, experience the culture and customs of the people here.

Bản Cát Cát Sapa tháng 3

Cat Cat village in Sapa in March is one of the most beautiful villages

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

Experience traditional culture at Cat Cat village (@raus_ins_belle)

At Cat Cat village, you can rent traditional costumes of the H'mong ethnic people to take pictures. This is definitely an unforgettable memory.

3.3 Ham Rong Mountain

One of the hottest places in Sapa that we would like to introduce to you is Ham Rong Mountain. Almost every tourist coming here does not want to miss this attraction when traveling to Sapa in March.

du lịch Sapa tháng 3 núi Hàm Rồng

Enjoy the beauty of Ham Rong mountain when traveling to Sapa in March (@eb_ccc)

Coming to Ham Rong mountain, you will experience an impressive climbing time. In particular, the scenery that appears before your eyes during the journey from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is not the same.

du lịch Sapa tháng 3

The whole town of Sapa in sight when standing at Ham Rong mountain (@tht_nga)

Not only that, Ham Rong mountain is also famous as the place to see the best Sapa city. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Sapa, do not forget to visit Ham Rong mountain.

4 What to eat when traveling to Sapa in March

4.1 Salmon hot pot

One of the dishes that you should not miss when traveling to Sapa in March is salmon hotpot. Salmon in Sapa is firm, not fat, delicious. Enjoying a hot pot of salmon in the cold weather of Sapa, what could be more wonderful, right?

Cá Hồi Sapa tháng 3

Sapa's salmon is delicious, hot pot cooking is amazing (@banoitrodieu)

4.2 Armpit Pigs 

The armpit pig is only 5-6kg a head, but it is extremely delicious, and the taste is very different from the lowland pork you often eat.

Thịt lợn cắp nách Sapa tháng 3

Underarm pig is the number 1 specialty in Sapa

With armpit pig, one can cook countless dishes, but the most delicious must be roasted armpit pig. Or else you can call pig under the armpit, eat with some vegetables.

Surely, if enjoyed once, the wonderful delicious taste of Sapa armpit pig in March will make you remember it forever.

4.3 Thang Co

Thang Co is a dish cooked from the internal organs of horses with 12 different ingredients, of which the 12th ingredient is Thang Co tree.

This is one of the traditional dishes of the highland people. Eating Thang Co and drinking it with corn wine will make you "addicted".

Thắng cố Sapa tháng 3

If Thang Co has corn wine, it's even better when visiting Sapa in March

4.4 Wild vegetables

Sapa is known as the paradise of cold vegetables. Maybe the reason is that Sapa's weather is always low all year round, so forest vegetables are extremely developed.

Some wild vegetables that you can only find in Sapa, so don't forget to enjoy the dishes made from these vegetables. It's so delicious and fresh!

Rau ở Sapa tháng 3

Vegetables in Sapa are extremely fresh, don't forget to enjoy

5. Note when traveling to Sapa in March

Before going to Sapa, some notes that you should know by heart, should not be ignored are:

Sapa weather in March is no longer as cold as early spring, but the temperature here is definitely higher than in the lowlands. Therefore, to avoid catching a cold, it is best to prepare enough coats, gloves, and scarves to use. Especially for those of you who intend to go for a walk at night.

♦ Don't forget to bring your identification for emergencies, as well as to rent a motorbike or a hotel.

Đi Sapa tháng 3

Going to Sapa in March, you should also pay attention to the following issues (@vietlong2297)

♦ You should not carry too much cash with you. Instead, you should estimate the necessary amount, plus some money to prevent arising costs, to avoid losing money unfortunately.

♦ Remember to bring some basic medicine such as headache, heat or fatigue to protect yourself.

Above are all useful experiences for Sapa trip in March that Dong Travel wants to send to you. Hopefully, through our article, you have accumulated some of the most basic knowledge, making your trip with relatives and friends convenient and full of fun!

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