Sapa is not only famous for its majestic scenery, fresh and cool space, but also for its delicious and cheap specialties that make visitors fall in love. If you have the opportunity to come to this land of flowers and mountains, don't forget the top 25 extremely famous Sapa specialties that Dong Travel helps you to summarize right under the article below.

Sapa specialties - the most famous cheap delicious of the mountains.

1. Sapa specialties - Sapa cabbage

The first specialty of Sapa must be the vegetables. Cabbage is a rare specialty and only found in Sapa.

At first glance, it will be difficult for you to distinguish between cruciferous vegetables and cruciferous vegetables, which also have sheaths, also have long leaves, and also have curly leaf edges. But the taste is completely different.

The taste of cat's radish is bitter at first, then sweet, and has a crispy taste, cooking soup, boiling, stir-frying or cooking hot pot are all wonderful.

Although they are so rare, their prices are extremely cheap, anyone can buy them. Surely this is a delicious and inexpensive gift that your family will love.

đặc sản rau Sapa

Once you come to Sapa, don't forget the cat cabbage dish - Sapa's vegetable specialty.

The price of cat's wealth: About 20,000 VND / large bunch can be cooked 1 to 2 times.

2. Sapa Lam rice

Lam rice is a specialty of Sapa that contains many flavors of the mountains and forests, and of course Sapa is no exception. Sapa Lam Rice is made from the most delicious rice grains, harvested from the terraced fields in Bat Xat, or Bac Ha, ..

From the best upland glutinous rice grains, put in a bamboo tube and then bake them on hot coals, the results will be batches of fragrant and delicious lam rice.

If you want to buy Sapa lam rice as a gift for your family, don't forget to reheat before eating to make it more delicious.

Cơm Lam Sapa thơm ngon

Lam rice is available in many places, but Sapa rice seems to be more delicious.

Price of Sapa lam rice: 80,000 VND/bundle (for about 10 rice tubes)

3. Sapa Cham cheo Salt

Cham cheo is a specialty spice of the Northwest mountains, almost every delicious dish here such as grilled, roasted or even fruit is used with this salt to dip.

The batches of Cham cheo salt are made from more than 10 different spices, grown at an altitude of 160m such as Mac Khen, cardamom, and other spices such as chili, garlic, or ginger,... to help enhance the flavor of the dish. Eat more delicious and special. This Sapa specialty is really interesting, isn't it?

Muối Chẳm Chéo Sapa ăn cùng

Eating with Sapa Cham cheo Salt will make your dish more flavorful.

The price of Sa Pa salt: 60,000 VND for a box of 500 grams.

4. Sapa cat cider

Cat cider is a specialty of Sapa that every pub here serves. Sapa cat cider is brewed from meo apples and forest leaf yeast, when drunk, it will have a bitter taste but extremely delicious.

This is a gift that is sure to be liked by all men, there is nothing better as a gift for a husband or father.

đặc sản ở Sapa

Cat cider is one of the specialty wines in Sapa that you should try.

The price of Sapa apple cider will range from 60,000 to 90,000 VND/liter.

5. Shan Lung Wine Sapa

Along with Cat cider, Shan Lung Sapa wine is known as one of the two most famous wineries in the Northwest.

The best Shan Lung wine is only available at the fairs of the Red Dao people - a specialty in Sapa with many cultural meanings.

In addition, you can go directly to Shan Lung village, Ban Xeo commune (Bat Xat) to both see the winemaking process and enjoy the most delicious batches of wine when they have just been released.

đặc sản Sa Pa

Shan Lung wine in Sapa is one of the two most famous wine - Sapa specialties here.

The price of Shan Lung Wine in Sapa will be about 90,000 VND/liter.

6. Sapa corn wine

“When entering, remember the Trung Do slope. When you go out, remember Bac Ha corn wine", this is an extremely famous saying of the people of the Northwest region. This is one of the rustic Sapa specialties but worth trying.

The most delicious batches of Sapa corn wine are cooked with quality yellow glutinous corn kernels, fermented from the rose mi tree. Then, they are distilled into wine according to the unique traditional cooking method of the H'Mong people.

Sapa corn wine has an aromatic, pungent, sweet taste, extremely easy to absorb but takes a long time to get drunk. This is definitely a very meaningful and unique gift for you to give to men in the family.

Rượu ngô Sapa

Sapa corn wine is delicious but a little drunk.

The price of Sapa corn wine is about 90,000 VND/liter.

7. Sapa cat apple

Apple cider is extremely famous, but you may not know, the apple cat is extremely delicious. Especially for the sisters, the sour, crunchy, and spicy apple and chili, just thinking about it makes your mouth water, right?

Apples are in season from August to October every year. However, not everyone can choose the original specialty apples of Sapa.

When buying this fruit, you should choose stalls that sell small, uneven apples with rough, dark skin. As for the shops with big, beautiful apples, it's easy to be "Chinese" so you should be careful.

đặc sản của Sapa

Sweet and sour apple is one of the specialties of Sapa that is very popular with women.

The price of a melon apple is usually from 40,000 to 50,000 VND/kg.

8. Sapa armpit pork

Sapa armpit pig or Muong Sapa pig is a specialty in Sapa that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to come here. Sapa armpit pig is extremely small, only 5-6kg per head, it's great for grilling or roasting.

Each piece of Sapa armpit pork is extremely delicious, with crispy skin, soft and sweet lean layer. There's nothing better than buying a pig under the armpit to drink with apple cider, this flavor will definitely make you never forget.

món ăn đặc sản ở Sapa

Sapa's armpit pig is a specialty dish in Sapa that you should not ignore.

The price of Sapa armpit pork: about 100,000 – 120,000 VND/kg.

9. Sapa Vau bamboo shoots

Vau bamboo shoots are taken from the roots of bamboo and young shoots about 20-30cm, with a sweet but slightly bitter taste.

Vau bamboo shoots are one of the specialties of Sapa that you should not miss if you want to give your family a gift. With Vau bamboo shoots, you will be able to process many delicious dishes such as boiled bamboo shoots with fish sauce, fried dried bamboo shoots or sour Vau bamboo shoots. Make your family's meal, which is already great, even better.

Sapa có gì đặc sản

What's special in Sapa? Bamboo shoots is a gift you should not miss if you want to give it as a gift to your family.

The price of Sapa Vau bamboo is about 200,000 VND/kg.

10. Sapa forest mushrooms

Sapa forest mushrooms are very different from those in the unlucky region that we often enjoy, they are extremely fragrant and clean.

With Sapa forest shiitake, you can buy it to process dishes such as fried spring rolls, bamboo shoots or vermicelli, guaranteed to make the dish extremely flavorful and delicious.

However, if you want to buy the original Sapa forest shiitake, you should go to the villages in Sapa to buy it, to avoid buying "fake mushrooms" that are both not delicious and can be harmful to health.

Nấm hương rừng Sapa

Sa Pa forest shiitake has a very unique taste, unlike the mushrooms in the lowlands.

The price of shiitake mushrooms in Sapa is about 270,000 VND/kg.

11. Buffalo meat guarding Sapa's kitchen

Once coming to Sapa, you should definitely not miss the kitchen buffalo meat, this is a very famous Sapa specialty in this land. If you have the opportunity to enjoy it once, you will definitely become "addicted".

Sapa kitchen buffalo meat is cooked completely from buffalo, marinated with spices, then dried with wood stove smoke from day to day.

When enjoying the first pieces, you will feel a slightly dark taste due to the dark smoke, which will not last long. And instead, it has a sweet, spicy taste that stimulates all the senses of the tip of the tongue.

món ăn đặc sản Sapa

Kitchen buffalo meat is a specialty of Sapa that will surprise you from the way it is processed to the taste.

The price of Sapa kitchen buffalo meat is about 700,000 - 800,000 VND/kg. This is considered a rather high price.

12. Sapa Stone Sprout

Sapa stone sprouts sound a bit strange, but their appearance is a bit similar to the legs of vegetables used for pickling. But their taste is extremely sweet and crispy, especially when cooked with buffalo meat.

Sapa rock sprouts is an extremely rare specialty that only grows in winter, usually from November to March every year, on high and dangerous mountain peaks.

Not only bringing delicious flavor to the dish, Sapa stone sprouts are also very good. They not only help to strengthen bones and joints, but also help to detox extremely effectively.

đặc sản Sapa mùa đông

Sapa rock sprouts are an extremely rare winter Sapa specialty that is not available everywhere.

The price of Sapa stone sprouts is only about 50,000 VND/kg.

13. Sapa apricot tree

Sapa apricot filling is a very good fruit for health. They have the ability to reduce the amount of fat absorbed into the user's body.

To buy genuine and delicious Sapa apricot umbrellas, you have to work hard to go to Dong Loi street. This is exactly a very meaningful and unique Sapa gift for your relatives and friends.

Ô mai trám Sapa

Sapa apricot filling is not only delicious but also good for health.

The price of Sapa apricot filling is about 75,000 VND for a 400gram jar.

14. Sapa specialty almonds

Sapa almonds, also known as forest chestnuts, are grown naturally, but have an extremely high nutritional content, not inferior to other types of imported almonds.

Once enjoyed through Sapa almonds, you will surely become "addicted" and can not stop.

Hạt hạnh nhân Sapa

Sapa almonds with quality not inferior to imported nuts.

The price of Sapa almonds is about g 250,000 VND/kg.

15. Sapa specialty pine nuts

Referring to the best nuts to give as gifts to loved ones, besides almonds, you cannot ignore pine nuts. Pine nuts are not only beautiful, nourishing, but also extremely good for health.

To buy the best pine nuts as a gift, you should buy them at Sapa, right at Viet's Farm store.

đặc sản Sapa làm quà

Sapa pine nuts are extremely beneficial to the health of users, suitable as a specialty of Sapa as a gift.

Price of Sapa pine nuts: about 200,000 VND for 1 box of 350 grams.

16. Grilled stream fish

The most delicious stream fish must mention the fish in the land of Sapa, grilled over embers. Sapa stream fish has many types with very different flavors, delicious but not fishy.

However, the price of a plate of grilled stream fish in Sapa is not cheap. However, the delicious taste that this dish brings will definitely not disappoint you when you invest in it.

Cá suối nướng ngon Sapa

The best grilled stream fish must come to Sapa to enjoy.

Price of grilled fish in Sapa stream: 120,000 VND/plate.

17. Bac Ha bird's foot mushroom

If you are a true fan of mushroom dishes, don't miss Bac Ha bird's foot mushroom - the only mushroom in this Northwest region. The bird's foot mushroom is not rolled, the shape is fanned like a mussel shell, the mushroom meat is white, and it's delicious to buy in soup or stir-fry.

In particular, Bac Ha bird's foot mushrooms are not only delicious, but they are one of the overpriced medicinal herbs with extremely high nutritional value. And the price is very cheap.

Nấm chân chim Bắc Hà

Bac Ha bird's foot mushroom is only available in Sapa.

Price of Bac Ha bird's foot mushroom: 3,000 VND/bowl.

18. Muong Khuong chili sauce - a specialty dish in Sapa that can't be found anywhere

Unlike common chili sauces on the market, Muong Khuong chili sauce is cooked with a unique, heirloom recipe that you can hardly find anywhere.

In addition to indispensable ingredients such as chili, garlic, and chili sauce, Muong Khuong also uses many other ingredients such as coriander, dill, cardamom and countless other vegetables, for a unique and rich flavor. Different from the chili sauce bottles you enjoy before.

đặc sản Sapa mua về làm quà

Muong Khuong chili sauce is a unique chili sauce on the market worthy of a specialty Sapa bought as a gift.

Price of Muong Thanh chili sauce: from 35,000 to 45,000 VND/bottle.

19. Red plum, Hau plum Sapa - a specialty of Sapa in the summer

Plums are not only available in Sapa, but one of the most delicious and safe plums is Sapa plum.

Sapa plum, also known by other names such as red plum, plum plum is usually in season in May every year and is a specialty fruit of Sapa that should not be missed.

Hau plum Sapa with a glossy appearance, eating green is crispy, sour and sour, when eaten cooked, it is sweet. This is definitely a Sapa gift that your family and friends will love.

hoa quả đặc sản Sapa

Red plum, Hau plum Sapa is a specialty fruit of Sapa that should not be missed for family and friends.

Price of plum after Sapa: 20,000 - 50,000 VND/kg.

20. Peach Sa Pa

If you visit this Northwestern land in the summer, don't forget to enjoy digging once. Peach Sa Pa specialty peaches will not be as sweet as plums, but will have a sour, slightly acrid but sweet taste.

If you don't like the sweetness, you should choose the fruit with yellow flesh, and if you like it sweeter, you can choose the fruit with white flesh.

đặc sản Sapa mùa hè

Peach Sa Pa is a specialty of Sapa in the summer that you should not miss when coming to the Northwest.

The price of Sapa Gabion: 20,000 - 50,000 VND/kg.

21. Sapa salmon specialties

One of the best "Western" Vietnamese dishes that you should not miss when coming to Sapa is salmon. Sapa salmon has firm texture, no fat, firm meat, bright pink color, extremely soft and sweet.

With Sapa salmon, you can cook countless delicious dishes such as sashimi, deep-fried, steamed, fish salad, or grilled fish,... In the cold weather of Sapa, you can eat salmon, served with salmon. With a variety of cold vegetables and delicious wine, what could be better?

đặc sản cá hồi sapa

Sapa salmon specialties are extremely delicious and attractive.

Price of salmon in Sapa: about 250-280,000 VND/kg of raw fish.

Address: Hoa Dao Restaurant - 48 Le Van Tam, Sapa, Lao Cai.

22. Black Chicken

Black chicken is one of the specialties of Sapa that is extremely loved by diners, often appearing in delicious dishes at restaurants.

Black chicken is often processed into many dishes such as steamed, fried, boiled,... but the best is still grilled with honey and salt, pepper and lemon. The rich flavor of the dish will surely make you "stunned".

Thịt gà đen Sapa

Black chicken is not only delicious but extremely healthy.

Price of Sapa black chicken: 80,000 – 220,000 VND/plate.

Address: Hoang Minh Restaurant - 23-24 food court in Sapa, Sapa, Lao Cai.

23. Cornbread

Corn cake, also known as "Pau po cu" cake, is a cake made from delicious corn, pureed, crushed into balls or wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed.

To eat tortillas properly, you need to eat with a cup of sugar. This is a rustic dish of Sapa people. Often used as a snack when going to the forest to work, or as a dessert in family meals.

Bánh ngô Sapa

Corn cake is an extremely popular dish in this Sapa land.

Price of tortillas: 10 000 VND/cake.

Address: around the markets in Sapa.

24. Sapa sour bamboo shoots

Not only a daily dish of Sapa people, sour bamboo shoots are also extremely popular ingredients at restaurants here.

After being purchased, bamboo shoots will be cleaned, thinly sliced, drained, then incubated in jars for 20-30 days. You can cook sour bamboo shoots with fish, meat or use as side dishes.

The sour taste, plus the spicy and spicy taste of chili, the strange crunchy crunch of this dish will surely make you fall in love with this Sapa specialty.

đặc sản Sapa lào cai

Sour bamboo shoots are a specialty of Sapa Lao Cai - a very popular cooking ingredient here.

Price of sour bamboo shoots: 80 000 VND/500gr.

Address: around the markets in Sapa.

25. Thang co - a specialty in Sapa for travelers who like new challenges

Thang Co is one of the specialty dishes of the Mong people in Sapa, mainly made from horses.

A pot of Thang Co Sapa is usually cooked with the heart, liver, heart, blood of a horse and 12 different spices such as cardamom, cinnamon chi, lemongrass, ginger, ... in which the 12th ingredient is Thang Co tree. .

This Thang Co dish is usually served with a variety of vegetables such as cat cabbage, kohlrabi or hot pot, .. the user will scoop the broth into the pot, then cut the horse meat and drop it in.

When eating Thang Co, it is best to drink it with corn wine, a fragrant and warm drink, like crystallized from the quintessence of the mountains.

This is definitely a culinary experience that you will never forget if you have the opportunity to enjoy it once.

đặc sản thắng cố Sapa

The specialty of Thang Co Sapa is one of the must-try dishes.

Price of Thang Co: 80 000 VND/500gr.

Address: around the villages and markets in Sapa of the Mong people.

Above are the top 25 best Sapa specialties for you to enjoy and as a gift for your loved ones if once you have the opportunity to come to the beautiful and poetic Sapa land. In addition to the dishes that Dong Travel introduced above, are there any delicious dishes that you would like to share with everyone? Please leave a comment below, so that everyone can have more experience when traveling to Sapa.