You are planning to travel to Nha Trang but do not like to follow boring tours? Or Do you want to have a self-sufficient trip but don't have much money? Our article below will summarize to help you self-sufficient travel experiences in Nha Trang to save costs and still have fun without worrying about the price. Let's find out to have a fun, memorable experience with family and friends!

1. Overview of the coastal city of Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the most famous coastal tourist cities of our country, geographically located on the shores of Cam Ranh Bay, Khanh Hoa province. With a mild climate, modern transport infrastructure system and beautiful beaches such as Mun island, Mieu island, Tam island, Mot island, Yen island, Diep Son island, Nha Trang beach, Doc Let beach,... and other beaches. World-class resort, Nha Trang is always the destination of many domestic and foreign tourists.

2. What time of year is suitable to travel to Nha Trang?

Nha Trang is a city with a mild and cool climate all year round, but the most ideal time for you to travel is from January to August because at this time, the dry weather is suitable for sightseeing and participating in activities. Exciting outdoor activities.

From September to December, Nha Trang often rains, so it will not be convenient for travel and excursions.

Time of travel is an extremely important factor, contributing to deciding whether your trip is successful or not. So choose for yourself the right time to travel to get the best feelings.

From January to August is the most ideal time of the year to travel to the coastal city of Nha Trang

3. Transportation to Nha Trang

With developed transport infrastructure and a variety of means of transportation such as airplanes, trains, coaches,... Tourists can easily choose for themselves the appropriate form of transportation to move to Nha Trang quickly.

3.1 Airplane

Airplanes are the fastest means of transportation to Nha Trang. Currently, major airlines such as Vietnam airline, Bamboo, Vietjet,... have opened routes from major cities in the country to Nha Trang with many different time frames for tourists to choose from. Using an airplane as a means of transportation will help you save time, energy and be able to "play the roof" with your teammates as soon as you arrive at the airport without worrying about motion sickness.

3.2 Train

Train is a very familiar means of transport for us. You can buy tickets directly at the counter or book round-trip tickets online at  which is very convenient. Trains to Nha Trang station have many types of seats such as hard seats, air-conditioned soft seats, beds as well as a variety of time frames of the day that you can refer to. This is a form of transportation suitable for tourists in cities that do not have flights to Nha Trang.

3.3 Passenger car

Every day, there are dozens of buses to bring tourists to Nha Trang, so this is a very popular and often used means of transportation.

Departing from  Hanoi: Recommend Hoang Long bus company with a fare of about 620,000 VND/one-way/bed and take nearly 26 hours to travel.

Departing from Saigon: Fares range from 180,000 - 230,000 VND/one way/bed with many car companies for you to choose, it will take about 7-8 hours.

4. Recommend cheap, good quality hotels and homestays near Nha Trang city center

4.1 Agnes Hotel Nha Trang

Agnes Nha Trang Hotel is located near the sea, so it is very convenient for traveling and participating in interesting outdoor activities. This is a 3-star standard hotel with luxurious interior, professional service attitude, especially here there are very delicious and quality breakfast dishes at very affordable prices.

Location: 19 Villa, Nha Trang city.

Price: From 500,000-700.000 VND/room 2 double/one night.

4.2 Trang Nhung Hotel

Trang Nhung Hotel is a suitable place to stay for travelers who want to save money and prefer a quiet place with few tourists.

Location: 381 Dien Bien Phu Street, Nha Trang City (Opposite the Northern Bus Station).

Price: 200,000 - 250,000 VND/single room.

         350.000 - 400.000 VND/ double room.

4.3 Libra Hotel

Libra Hotel is a 4-star hotel located near the sea with luxurious room furniture and professional service attitude. This will be the right place to stay for those who want to check-in virtual living at the hotel.

Location: No. 04 Hung Vuong Street, Nha Trang City.

Price: ranges from 500,000 - 2,000,000 VND/room.

4.4 Rigel Hotel

Rigel Hotel is a 4-star hotel with very affordable prices, but the interior and service quality are very professional, the staff is extremely friendly with customers. In addition, the hotel also serves delicious and complete buffet breakfast packages. However, the only minus point is that it is not very close to the sea, so you have to go a long distance if you do not use other means.

Location: 86/4 Tran Phu street, Nha Trang city.

Price: only from 500,000 VND/room.

4.5 Virgo Hotel

Virgo Hotel is a 5 star hotel with very nice and spacious comfortable room interior. Virgo is famous for the delicious buffet packages that make up the brand. Especially, you can rent a motorbike at the hotel to conveniently move to tourist destinations at a very affordable price. This will be a perfect choice for your trip.

Location: No. 9-41 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Nha Trang City

4.6 Vinpearl Nha Trang Hotel and Resort

Vinpearl Nha Trang hotel and resort will be the "value for money" choice for young people who love resort travel. This is an integrated area of accommodation, spa, luxury buffet and interesting entertainment area Vinpearl Land. From February 2021, the hotel is having a huge promotion for visitors. Please read the details to make the right choice for yourself.

5. Share travel experiences of entertainment places in Nha Trang

5.1 Cam Ranh Bay

Cam Ranh Beach
In recent years, Cam Ranh beach has become a destination for many tourists from all over the world, especially during holidays, weekends or on hot summer days. It is a charming place with the appearance of a series of large and luxurious resorts that are suitable for relaxation and relaxation after hard working days.

Location: Along the road from Nha Trang to Cam Ranh airport

Cam Ranh Bay - The beauty of the unspoiled deep-water bay stretches like a deep blue silk

Binh Ba

Binh Ba is famous for being the largest and freshest lobster barn in Nha Trang. There are a lot of elaborate and quality lobster farming spots here. Coming to Binh Ba Island, you will experience interesting outdoor activities such as diving to see the corals located right at the sea surface, so it is easy to see and touch with incredibly cheap service prices from only 40,000 VND.

Location:  Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa.

Experience scuba diving to see corals in Binh Ba

Binh Hung

Binh Hung is a small island located close to Binh Ba island, so it is very convenient to move back and forth between the two places. The sea water in Binh Hung is not too deep, the water is cool and clear, and the seafood dishes are caught daily by the people, so it is very fresh and delicious. To move to the island, you go to Kinh beach and rent a boat to the island with only 10,000 each turn. It's cheap, isn't it?

Location:  Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa.

Binh Hung - One of the 4 rough pearls of Tu Binh

Binh Tien

Binh Tien is a very beautiful beach, so far it still retains its wild features with white sand, clear blue water and cool temperate climate. Running along the shoreline is the soaring casuarina range with very interesting stacked rocks.

Binh Tien Beach - The island paradise "Little Maldives" of Vietnam

5.2 Nha Trang Bay

Hon Tam

Silkworm Island has a dreamy beauty with long white sand beaches and clear sea water, and the year-round cool climate is very suitable for tourism. There are many games here such as kayaking, beach volleyball, flyboard, water moto, diving, underwater walking and pearl diving…

However, Hon Tam belongs to the 5-star resort - resort of Merperle Group, so visitors have to buy tickets for 220,000 VND.

Merperle Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang

Hon Mun

Hon Mun is located quite far from the shore and nearly 10km from Cau Da port, it takes you more than 45 minutes to take the boat to the island. Hon Mun beach is short but has a very beautiful and poetic white sandy beach. Here, tourists are attracted by colorful coral reefs and many strange fish with thousands of different shapes and colors.

To see the coral reefs in a true and closest way, you should choose to scuba dive or walk under the sea. However, this service will be quite expensive compared to normal coral diving. Please consider it!

Admire Hon Mun Marine Reserve, Nha Trang

Mieu Island

Hon Mieu is located very close to the shore and is densely populated, famous for San beach and Tri Nguyen aquarium.

Bai San has very beautiful, cool clear water that is suitable for bathing and participating in outdoor activities. However, the feature of this beach is that there are many small pebbles, so when wading, it will be very painful. The entrance ticket price and the rental of a recliner is only from 50,000 VND, which is worth the experience. As for the Tri Nguyen aquarium, the entrance fee will be from only 120,000 VND.

Symbol of rustic beauty of Hon Mieu

Hon Mot

Hon Mot is the smallest island in Nha Trang Bay, about 9km from the shore. This place is not a tourist area too developed and crowded with tourists. The people on the island make a living mainly through fishing and aquaculture. Around the island, there are many colorful coral reefs and are often taken out by tour companies for diving. This will be an ideal place for those who do not like crowded and noisy tourist places.

The poetic and rustic beauty of Hon Mot Fishing Village, Nha Trang

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is an ideal place for tourists who love to explore the ocean floor with more than 80 types of corals, anemones and about 70 species of rare sea fish. Coming to Coral Bay, you feel like you are lost in a beautiful aquarium of unique fish and marine animals.

Coral Bay - Admire the beauty of colorful coral reefs

5.3 Van Phong Bay Area

Doc Let tourist area

Doc Let tourist area, also known as Doc Let, is famous for its surprisingly beautiful beaches. The sea water is clear and very clean and the long, smooth white sand beach does not sink, so it is easy to move to get beautiful pictures. In addition, the beach also has huts and restaurants along the beach which are very convenient for eating and resting.

Doc Let beach resort resort

5.4 Nha Phu Bay

Hoa Lan Stream tourist area

Hoa Lan Stream tourist area is famous for hundreds of beautiful and rare orchid species such as fairy orchids, dancers, squirrel tails, buffalo ears, chicken tails, cinnamon incense, .. Coming here, visitors will be at peace. I entered the cool and fresh natural space of the mountains and forests with many interesting activities such as monkey circus, elephant circus, ostrich riding, kayaking...

Tickets to visit Hoa Lan Island (including transportation fee, entrance fee, chair, mushroom tent, fresh water bath, circus show) is 220,000 for adults and 135,000 for children.

Location:  Located on Hon Meo peninsula in Ninh Phu commune, Ninh Hoa town (about 18km north of Nha Trang city)

Suoi Hoa Lan eco-tourism area - the perfect combination with natural scenery

5.5 Nha Trang city center area

Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang beach is located in the city center, so it is very convenient for moving and resting during the day. The sand here is not white and smooth like many other places, but the beach is very long, the sea water is clear and the coconut trees run straight. Nha Trang beach is quite closed, so there are not many big waves, you will enjoy a gentle beauty amidst the cool blue sky.

Location: Run along the central route of Tran Phu

Nha Trang Beach runs along Tran Phu Street

Hon Chong

Hon Chong is a place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists with its clear natural beauty and many layers of stacked rocks creating unique shapes.

The ticket price is very cheap, only 22,000 VND/person and visitors will be able to park the car for free.

The captivating beauty of Hon Chong Nha Trang

Nha Trang mud bath

Nha Trang has 3 famous mud baths attracting many domestic and foreign tourists such as: Thap Ba Spa at 15 Ngoc Son Street, I Resort Nha Trang at 19 Xuan Ngoc Street and Hundred Egg KDL. You can experience.

Nha Trang mud bath attracts many tourists both at home and abroad

Dam Market

Dam Market is the busiest market in Nha Trang, where you can find anything from clothes and shoes to famous specialties. You can come here to enjoy the local culinary culture and buy meaningful gifts for family and friends.

Dam Market Nha Trang - A tourist destination not to be missed

6. How to move in Nha Trang city

6.1 Motorcycle rental

Motorcycles are always the most suitable means of transportation in self-sufficient travel, both cheap and can travel at any time. Motorbike rental price is only from 100,000 to 150,000 / day.

Some reputable motorbike rental companies in Nha Trang you can refer to:

♦ Hai Phong travel company, Nha Trang

• Address: No. 96A Tran Phu Street

• Tel: 0969550460 - (0583) 500050

♦ VietDream motorbike rental company

• Address: No. 3B Hung Vuong Street

• Tel: 0935605963- 09009094478

♦ Nha Trang motorbike rental company

• Address: No. 14C Mac Dinh Chi Street

• Tel: 0989164817

6.2 Taxi

Taxi is a quite popular means of transport in Nha Trang, you can easily book a car at any time. Here are some major car companies and phone numbers, you can contact in advance to book a car:

Company name

Phone number

Taxi VinaSun

(058) 8 27 27 27

(0258)8 27 27 27

Thien An Taxi



Nha Trang Taxi

(058) 3.511.511


Taxi Vinh Tuan

(058) 3.529.529



6.3 Canoes, ships

Canoes and boats are means for you to travel large and small islands in Nha Trang. You should buy a return ticket if staying overnight on the island.

6.4 Buses

In Nha Trang, there are many buses and diverse routes with very cheap fares for each trip. You can just move and admire the scenery through the glass panes, so romantic, right, traveling by bus will give you many interesting experiences there.

Above are the travel experiences in Nha Trang that we have summarized. You can find out more details about other attractive tours at Dong Travel's Nha Trang Tour!