DPlus Membership Program Policy

  1. From your first booking as our Member, you will be enjoyed Benefits for members without using points. Moreover, with your score from 150 points, your points can be redeemed rewards. One (1) Reward point equivalent to every VND 20.000 spent according to the total bill. Reward points are only accumulated for reservation made via the website www.dongtravel.com or booking that made directly with our consultant. For the third-party hotel bookings, the points only counted on extra services you book & pay directly to us during the trip.
  2. Individuals of at least 18 years old may register as a member for free, and each member will be given one membership number and account. After registration, your participation in the DPlus programme is valid for life. Member information will be automatically updated on the website www.dongtravel.com within 7 days from the registration date. 
  3. Members may only have one membership account. Should there be multiple accounts, all except one membership account (selected at random) will be deleted. 
  4. The Member has sole responsibility for deciding when to use his Rewards points and how many points to use. The first name and surname used for the booking must match those of the Membership Accounts holder, and the Membership Accounts holder must be staying at the hotel.
  5. Members may redeem Points via email with Membership Department prior to the trip start / or check in date.
  6. The member can book rooms and services for other persons. However, Points is only credited when these bookings is paid by member.
  7. Members may not use Points to exchange rewards for others, when not using the services. The exchange of rewards for others must be approved by Dong Travel.
  8. This programe shall not be applied in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or promotions applied at Dong Travel. Rewards will be shown by vouchers when redeeming points. The Reward voucher is no longer valid when the effective term on it is expired (the check out date). Lost reward voucher  can not be replaced. This  reward voucher can not be treated as cash. Photocopies or duplicates / torn reward voucher shall not be accepted or treated as valid. Maximum of 5 vouchers can be redeemed at one time.
  9. To enjoy the Rewards and Benefits from the program, you must notify the our consultant, sales or tour guide before  order the services. If you do not notify, you will not be accepted to offer DPlus Rewards and Benefits for the said booking.

  10. Benefit and rewards may not be offered immediately. Please, send an email to plus@alagonhotels.com for best arrangement 3 days prior.
  11. Whenever there is a change of personal particulars, it is the Member's sole responsibility to update their membership record in the Members' Portal or inform Membership Services in writing.
  12. Dong Travel reserves the right to adjust Points and Rewards as needed to reflect changing market conditions at its sole any time without notice.
  13. Dong Travel có quyền sửa đổi các quy định, hạn chế, quyền lợi của chương trình và các ưu đãi đặc biệt bất kỳ lúc nào mà không cần thông báo trước.

    Dates of enforcement : 1st, August 2019
    The terms and conditions of DPlus membership Program will apply from 1st, August 2019
    If you have any queries about the Rewards Program, send an email to dplus@dongtravel.com