Since operating, Dong Travel take in responsible travel as a core commitment, we grow together with our customers, host communities and local business partners, we fight against poverty, we strive for a better society and green/clean environment

* Against poverty
Beside charity to help the poor villagers, local students,...(1), Dong Travel also develop homestay long-term community-development projects which can help to generate more jobs and income (2) for local people to reduce the poverty. On top of that, we strive to hire locals and encourage the traveller eating at locally owned restaurants

* Better society
Beside children protection photography policy, prohibition of orphanage tourism and prohibition of non-educational visits to local schools as our Children Protection Policy, Dong Travel also respect our host communities and cultures and instils this attitude in our guides and tour planners and ensure our guests has clear and helpful cultural protocols to create true and inspiring interactions

* Better environment
Dong Travel work hard to ensure we always using the energy efficient trip routing, well-maintained vehicle with fuel efficiency, trying to offer alternative transportation such as walking tours, cycling, rickshaws and trains. Moreover, we are eliminating unnecessary waste and reducing consumption of energy and water at our offices and tours such as refilled bottle of water, paperless tours using technology and limit number of paper handout