Destinations: PHU QUOC, HOCHIMINH CITY, VIETNAM, ASIA Duration: 3 Days

price : USD0.00/PAX

It’s possibly said that Phu Quoc is the paradise island for those who love the natural beauty of long beaches with white sand and blue water as well as eye-catching seascapes. To explore the island fully and grab unforgettable experiences here, Phu Quoc Charm Island within 3 days 2 nights is definitely an ideal choice and also an excellent trip which you have probably never imagined before. Try thinking of the prospect that you spend your terrific days on phenomenal beaches and enjoy yourself with the incredible seascape at the horizon; it’s clear that everything perfect from the Creator seems to be gifted to this lovely island. With the 3 day and 2 night journey, start from paying a visit to local farms like Pepper Farm, National Park, Nguyen Trung Truc Temple to relaxing at imposing beaches.